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  1. Thanks Alex! Unfortunately, I am not familiar with QT event system. Is it a separate package or it's built in in Houdini ? Update- Ok, after doing some research I think this what you have been refering to : http://doc.qt.io/qt-4.8/qobject.html#installEventFilter Still trying to figure out how to install it for Houdini
  2. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if there is anyway in Python to run a function only when the left mouse bottom being held down? Thanks,
  3. Thanks for the reply Alex! I have seen some tutorial on mouse chop, but I am limited to use python for this project. I am still new in python and not have enough knowledge about hdefereval module. I am going to do more research about it. Please let me know if you have any references. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, I am working on a python script that bakes the hand movement of geometry with mouse in the viewport over the time and creates keys on each frame. In other word, I want to move my object with mouse in the view port and get the Transform/Rotation/Scale keyed on each frame. Currently I am using hou.selectedNode() and the hou.parm() to access the specific parameters that I want to bake. Then I use a for loop to generate keyframe on each frame. Immediately after pushing the bake button it bakes the parameters value on the first frame for entire time line. I have tried using while loop with time.sleep() to wait for a bit after setting key on each frame, but it freeze the view port and I cant move my geometry. Is there anyway to make my code somehow that constantly check the new values of object parameters on each frame and allow me to work on the view port while it does its job in the background? Is this related to multi threading? Here is my for loop for f in timeline: setKey = hou.Keyframe() setKey.setFrame(f) setKey.setValue( keyValue[f] ) ParmList.setKeyframe(setKey) hou.setFrame(f) Thanks,
  5. Hi Anthony, Very nice work on your FEM animation! I have been trying add FEM to the wire solver result, but again whenever I add the FEM it loses its animation. Still figuring out how to work with target geometry, but I couldn't get it to work. Also, my second question is that, I have bunch of seeds that I want them to have interaction with my worms. Something like worms are crashing and eating the seeds. Do you think would be the best approach for that? I have attached my file here Worm_10.hipnc
  6. Thanks Matt! it seems works for different kind of deformation, but not path deformation. I think I'll use the wire solver method that Atom mentioned above, at least gives me closer result.
  7. Hi Matt, not sure about target mesh, is it same as Point deform node? I have tried adding rest position to my animated mesh, but when I transfer it to FEM simulation it lose the animation.
  8. Thank you so much man! I think this somehow could work.
  9. Thanks man, but if I add organic tissue to example it will lose its animation. Sorry if I didn't explain it clearly. My question is that how can I convert your example to FEM and still have it moving along the path.
  10. Thanks for reply! Yes, but in his setup the worm moves on a straight path. I wanna have a curvish path for each worm that I can have control over it. Like the reference that I have posted
  11. Hi Guys I am trying to make bunch of crawling earthworms using FEM in Houdini. This is my references : https://vimeo.com/53813166 I really need have control on path of each worm. My question is that how should I add path deformation to the simulation. I have tried to add it before tetrahedralizate node, but it affects on the geometry points. Thanks
  12. Thank so much guys for your help on this one. I end up controlling the smoke with Gas Dissipate, Gas Combustion, and Gas Disturbance nodes. It worked pretty good. Here is the result. Although, I am still not really happy with detail level of my smoke. Also, I am gonna work on the house destruction effect. Looking forward to hear your suggestions and feedback.
  13. Hi Guys, I just started learning about smoke simulation. I am trying to create a tornado simulation using smoke solver instead of Pyro. I followed the custom force tutorial from Ben Watts. The problem that I am facing is that when I start my simulation, after a while the smoke spread out and remains floating and it doesn't follow my velocity field. How can I get it to follow my velocity all the time, or is there anyway to kill the smoke based on their age? I have attached a quick preview and my hip file. Thanks, Preview.mp4 Tornado_test7.hiplc
  14. Great tips, I'll give it a shot. Thanks man!
  15. Thank you Adam for your reply! I have already rigged the petals using wires and animated them but the animation still does't feel organic and irregular. I guess, as you mentioned, still need to work a lot animation. I had a second thought to add soft body to petals, although I am not very familiar with soft bodies in Houdini.