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  1. Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I had an alembic cache of a human, and I needed the points to freeze once a gradient on the surface reached a value above 0. Transferring the P attribute from the First output to the PrevFrame did it. Thanks man!
  2. I think I may have worded this confusingly. What I mean to say is, how do you retain deforming geo within the SOP solver while still respecting the last frame time offset it offers?
  3. any ideas how to update the alembic INSIDE of the solver?????????
  4. Thanks so much for your reply dude! so to update the anim INSIDE of the solver, is that a matter of bringing the alembic importer inside the solver? or is there a way to update the animation from the outside alembic node INSIDE of the solver node?
  5. Hi Guys! when I input an alembic file into a solver input, I lose the animation after the fact. Is this a known issue between alembic and the solver node? or am I missing something? (more likely)