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  1. Animated loop in particles?

    Thanks guys! didnt know about that make loop tool, really helpful!
  2. Hey magicians! I wonder how can i replace particles with animated geo looping over time? Here is a example video Any tip to drive looping geo by particles or how to achieve something similar will be great Thanks!
  3. sine / cosine on circle?

    Hey @Noobini thanks for the files! learn a lot, those attribute expressions r some nice tricks! As for your cousin idea, thats what I had on mind but I didn't know that skin node I was struggling with sweep and loft for hours, thanks a bunch!
  4. sine / cosine on circle?

    can't agree more
  5. sine / cosine on circle?

    that gif was my first try to make something like matt posted awesome way to solve the issue with groups, thanks! that setup is a beauty matt, thanks a lot! im playing with it, everytime I saw these wrangles I try to get into vex, I got so frustrated by not writing a line correctly that I close houdini I've been all day struggling with this cornetto, tried sub-d modeling, vdbs, zbrush, and the client is being so picky I want to quit the job, he just told me that a friend did the shape in 10 min within 3d max... Thanks guys, will keep working on this shit Cheers
  6. sine / cosine on circle?

  7. Hey magicians, Been fighting with an icecream for some days now, main issue is that I can't create the curve-countercurve / wavy part on top, first I tried manually with zbrush and get feedback that should be more prolix, like in the references then I tried making some basic shapes and vdb stuff in houdini but I still cant achieve the look, maybe with some sin/cosine stuff on a circle? I'm getting crazy Some references @f1480187 please save my day wizard Cheers
  8. Hey magicians, I'm trying to render millions of particles, I'm using a method I saw in Peter Quint videos using the wedge rop, my issue is when I load lots of instances, pc gets super slow. PQ recommends to use packed disc primitive to avoid this, but when I use, I can't read attributes other than P on the instance redshift, so I can't apply things like motion blur. Any recommendations to solve this? Thanks!
  9. Redshift sand sparks?

    @Atom that was my first thought, I wasn't sure if was rendered or some compositing stuff, now you mention that workflow could work. @Matt_K never tried that, will give a shot and post some gifs later Thanks for the tips guys, much appreciated!
  10. Hey magicians, I'm new to redshift, I'm trying to generate some sort of glossy particles to add some sexyness, but I can't get the desired result. What I tried is making 2 instances, 1 with the full point cloud, and the other with the glossy ones, but I can't make them to pop like the references. References: } What I have so far: Thanks!
  11. Master! thanks a lot! works like a charm
  12. Thanks Vitor!, I tried that but I get the volume filled, I used negate and looks good but when I drive the particles looks weird Maybe I didn't explained correctly, what I'm trying to do is in escense be able to drive the velocity of the particles with my own shapes (in the example an A), so I can have more artistic control over the particles, here's an example Thanks!
  13. Hey magicians, I'm learning about velocities on particles, I made a shape that drives the velocity, but the particles are going diagonal instead of straight (the actual shape animation is just a vertical movement). I can't figure out whats driving this, I don't have any forces, any help will be great. Hip attached Thanks! particles.hip
  14. Particle blow effect?

    Talked with the author, he gave me this article (I translated with google), it has some nice info http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/aL72NA03SGn4jCs27f_lgA
  15. Particle blow effect?

    Hey magicians, Just saw this fantastic spot by Lewis Orton and I was wondering how to achieve this effect where the particles are calm and explode up (sec 0:9 and 0:22), I tried with a ripple sop to drive the particles but the effect is very poor (and particles go up and down instead of up only, tried vector to float here with no luck) Any tip to get me on direction will be really helpful! Thanks!