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  1. Sticky Splash?

    Hey magicians, I'm trying to takle an effect wich a Splash sort of come out of a screen, Any suggestions on what would be the Best way to approach something like this? Flip fluids with density driving by color? Particles to vdb with vortex? Thanks in advance
  2. Timelapse character concepts

    Some more stuff
  3. The boxer

    Hey magicians, Wanted to share a personal study, this one isnt Houdini related (yet, I'm thinking about adding hair and rig within H16), feedback always welcome
  4. Procedural robots

    Hey magicians, sharing some procedural concepts, all the first setup comes from a decahedron, you change that shape and get another character completely different, the second one is more focus on get a proper functionality, still messing with the shape language
  5. Organic Modeling

    Always nice to read you sensei.
  6. Sharing my tutorials

    Hey magicians, Wanted to share some Houdini tutoriales I did You can find them here: https://caskaldesign.com/tutorials/ Cheers!
  7. ASUS Zenbook 4K Cinematic

    Thanks Richard! haha yes the director loves the details
  8. ASUS Zenbook 4K Cinematic

    Thanks sensei! means a lot!
  9. ASUS Zenbook 4K Cinematic

    Hey guys, I worked on the simulations for this spot, it was my first serious houdini project, hope you like it
  10. L-System pattern question

    @ikoon my man! Thanks a lot! Shotout to @eetu for sharing too. Cheers!
  11. Hey magicians! I just saw a wonderful L-System sample video by Danndx and I wonder how a setup like this could be achieved? I love procedural growth / pattern stuff, seems he used a solver and some vex, any tips on how to achieve similar stuff? Thanks! Cheers!
  12. Volume density from texture?

    Thank you! Will give a shot!
  13. Volume density from texture?

    @ch3 thanks for the info!, about the rest field, how do I add that manually? rest sop has nothing to do with it, right?, I readed that when you do a pyro sim the rest stuff can be added checking a box, but how do I add manually in the sop context, ie: if I create my own vdb? About volume vop, I understand the half of the stuff but will play with Houdini until I get there, thanks again for the direction! Cheers
  14. Volume density from texture?

    Figured out, not sure if this is the best option but seems to work, scattered points and used a point cloud, I'm glad I finally understood the point cloud stuff Hip attached in case someone finds useful Cheers! voldensed.hip