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  1. Houdini stopped working

    Thanks a lot! I deleted the pref. folder and reinstalled, that fixed cheers!
  2. Hey guys, Suddenly my houdini stopped working, when I launch, nothing happens, only hkey.exe terminal with no text. I can see "houdini.exe" in the task manager but the program doesnt start, I'm on windows 10. Anyone had this issue? I already reinstalled houdini and my card drivers. Thanks
  3. Robots in Hip (hip)

    Hey magicians, I uploaded a video with some RD for hard surface stuff, you can check it here: Hip file is in the video description Cheers
  4. Detailed cloth?

    Thanks a lot for your help @yglemarec really appreciate it! I just saw the group method in your soft bodies files, as well as some attribute transfer stuff, really helpful Got lots to play, thanks again!
  5. Detailed cloth?

    Thanks a lot guys! I saw those softbodies tests @yglemarec but didnt know that there was a thread with hips, lots to analize and learn! thanks for the file too, checking now Here's a test I did yesterday, i was having issues to upres, will check that softbodie week 6 P.S: On the cloth constraint at DOPs there's a "points to constrain" where I can specify point numbers, what should I do if I have an attribute transfer that stores points, how can I put that value there? instead of manual numbers Cheers!
  6. Detailed cloth?

    Quick test, time to play with parameters, any tip will be great tho!
  7. Detailed cloth?

    Hey magicians, I saw a cool animation and I was wondering how to achieve this effect, is this made with cloth + constrains?, love the detailed look on the rugosity, any tip will be great! Thanks!
  8. [SOLVED] Grains > replace geo

    Thanks everybody for the help! didnt know that enable solver sop! Cheers!
  9. [SOLVED] Grains > replace geo

    Played a bit with @Atom setup, main issue was houdini getting slower at high frames so I made a proxy to collide (pile at the end will be static thankfully) P.S: How can I stop emiting geo at certain frame? I tried $FF < 200 at rbdpackedobject creation frame with no luck, maybe in the sop solver? P.S 2: I'll export this to cinema 4d to render, how can I export to texture each candy in say 5 colors with a logo on it? adding a uv texture sop? Cheers!
  10. [SOLVED] Grains > replace geo

    You saved my day!, this is exactly what I was trying to achieve, thanks a lot @Atom
  11. Hey magicians, Been fighting with this pile setup for a couple of days, I need to make a candy pile, I'm using grains but when I replace the geo there are some artifacts like the geo is inside the particle and leaves weird holes, anyone knows how this can be fixed? It need to be the more realistic way possible @f1480187 would love to hear your thoughts sensei Thanks pile3.hip
  12. Procedural robots

    Thanks @Sierra62 I did a video showing the process, you can check here: Right now I'm making another setup, the idea is to randomly generate shapes and then have some parameters to tweak Cheers!
  13. Sticky Splash?

    Hey magicians, I'm trying to takle an effect wich a Splash sort of come out of a screen, Any suggestions on what would be the Best way to approach something like this? Flip fluids with density driving by color? Particles to vdb with vortex? Thanks in advance
  14. Timelapse character concepts

    Some more stuff