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  1. Thanks Richard! haha yes the director loves the details
  2. Thanks sensei! means a lot!
  3. Hey guys, I worked on the simulations for this spot, it was my first serious houdini project, hope you like it
  4. @ikoon my man! Thanks a lot! Shotout to @eetu for sharing too. Cheers!
  5. Hey magicians! I just saw a wonderful L-System sample video by Danndx and I wonder how a setup like this could be achieved? I love procedural growth / pattern stuff, seems he used a solver and some vex, any tips on how to achieve similar stuff? Thanks! Cheers!
  6. Thank you! Will give a shot!
  7. @ch3 thanks for the info!, about the rest field, how do I add that manually? rest sop has nothing to do with it, right?, I readed that when you do a pyro sim the rest stuff can be added checking a box, but how do I add manually in the sop context, ie: if I create my own vdb? About volume vop, I understand the half of the stuff but will play with Houdini until I get there, thanks again for the direction! Cheers
  8. Figured out, not sure if this is the best option but seems to work, scattered points and used a point cloud, I'm glad I finally understood the point cloud stuff Hip attached in case someone finds useful Cheers! voldensed.hip
  9. @f1480187 @Atom @eetu any of the wizards got a clue on this? Cheers
  10. Hello magicians, I saw a great image by Lee Griggs the other day and I tried to replicate, here is the original effect He did it with Arnold (i think in maya), by projecting a texture into a volume density, here is some explanation https://support.solidangle.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=55710284 I didnt know how to project a texture into density, so I projected a texture, the deleted by color and converted that into vdb > fog, but that way I don't get any depth, any ideas? I've read about a rest field that does something like UV on volumes but cant figure out how Here are my attempts: Hip file attached, Cheers! volnoise3.hip
  11. Thanks for the useful info @f1480187 , you are a great teacher! Cheers!
  12. Thanks for the tips guys! There it goes again @f1480187 with those handy vex snippets, still afraid to make the jump myself. Awesome tip in the spikes question by @atom been strugling with those a lot. Got a couple of questions: 1) f1 you made the noise with a wrangle to drive the scale, it will be the same if I do the noise via VOP and export as an attribute to read them later in the primitive scale sop? 2) When I do noises they dont have that jiggly/woobly smooth effect, what is driving those in your wrangles? if im correct the paramenter in vops is roughness but still these seem smoother 3) On the geo part, polys seem to have different vertex count (or maybe is my eye and all are 5 with small splits), I tried with voronoi, changing the pscale size and driving the scatter by curvature to get randomness but didnt get to that, best result I had is with a paint spray sop, any ideas on this? I did a "cheat" version myself by doing the base mesh in houdini and using a cinema4d morph with falloff to drive the animation, and I thought these can be done in Houdini with a vdb morph inside a solver, my question is, there is a way to drive the vdb morph with a falloff? (like an attribute transfer) Sorry if im being picky here, I get crazy when I think I can do something and I'm stuck in the middle Thanks again! Cheers!
  13. Hello magicians, Been trying to tackle an effect from ManvsMachine with no luck, here is the effect (black voronoi at begginig) I'm having issues to control de inset (or thickness attribute) with a attribute transfer, I dont know if they do this way or with a noise, but I'm not able to make the voronoi caps small with that smooth effect. Also the shapes there seems to be not only a voronoi fracture but more uniform, I tried a voronoi based in curvature and with a paint sop, here is what I have so far: Attached are my files, any tip would be great, thanks! @f1480187 tagging the master here. hypervenom_test01.hip hypervenom_test02.hip
  14. Hello magicians, I've been struggling with this all the morning, reading on forums and trying different stuff (att transfer, att promote, att interpolate, p deform) with no luck. I'm studying a file done by Ian Farnsworth , a awesome growth effect done with vdbs and curvature/gradient calculation. Now I'm trying to add a texture that sticks on the deformed sim, coming from a solver sop, but the texture doesnt stick. it keeps on the same space, I need to do this in order to texture properly in C4d (octane) http://i.imgur.com/mPryDKP.gifv File by Ian: http://fx-td.com/content/misc/recursive_growth_v2.hiplc Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Hey @trojanfoe thanks for the tip, that will make things much easier to understand, will give a try now, cheers!