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  1. Hey Mat, I created a motion vector with twixtor pro, here's a tutorial ( ) Wich get me something like the top image here Then I modified to get sharper colors like the bottom one, and imported that sequence to a grid with attrib from map. Used that to drive the vel of a pop network, is not a good result but I think may be a starting point Cheers
  2. Will love to know more about this stuff, been reading a lot and its driving me crazy. So far I created a motion vector with Twixtor Pro and imported to houdini, used the Cd to drive the velocity in pop, got some particles following the movement but not nearly close to that awesome video
  3. Sure thing! will post on finished stuff and tag you, will be on air on mid may so got a long road yet :D, first houdini paid job, super happy! cheers!
  4. Hey guys, I have a mocap data where I pluged scatter points on the player and calculated the ones on the floor for each step, what I need to do is an FX of the jump, only when the player jumps display trails or particles, any suggestions? ! Thanks!
  5. That did the trick, thanks @trzanko and @Atom !
  6. You can import directly the fbx downloaded from mixamo in houdini. Then make a geo node with object merge, select the fbx obj group path and rescale with a transform sop. You can use timeshift and attribute interpolate if you want to stick scattered points
  7. Nice!! Haven't seen that, checking now, seems like lot of great stuff to analize, and will come in handy for this project I'm working out. What I need to calculate or animate is just the jump height distance, can't figure out how to calculate and connect points between the player foot, and the ones that I transfered on the foor, I created 2 attributes for each one with $ID but not sure how to connect or measure, been reading and point clouds or vops could be the solution but didn't figure out yet, would love to share the hip but I can't due to NDA, its super simple setup though Will start checking that thread, thanks Atom!
  8. will try that, thanks Tighe!
  9. Almost, added a pop attract with the player and a trails, playing with the settings, super newbie with pop stuff
  10. Sup guys, anybody knows how to read houdini color attributes in octane for c4d? I tried exporting as alembic, that gave me a vertex color tag wich I plug into a vertex map on a material, but isn't working, the native c4d render seems to load it, any tips on this? Thanks!
  11. Thanks a lot! will do some experiments today, I always forgot the ch stuff for easier control, super newbie to vex, really appreciate Cheers!
  12. Diggin your packing stuff! How do you did the pscale thing? something like this? @pscale = sin( @P.x * 2 ); dont have houdini here to test, also how you define by distance? with a measure sop? Keep it up! Cheers
  13. Got it working, a small topo issue but this should work when the arms are properly sepparated, thanks!
  14. Sup guys, got a quick question, I've imported a fbx animation, then scattered with timeshift and attribute interpolate to maintian the position of the points, then I want to use a point deform but with a different mesh, is not working, is because the topology is different? is there a way to apply this? I want to model some stuff in zbrush and apply the rig of the fbx to the sculpted model Thanks in advance! Cheers
  15. Okay I give up, been reading houdini help, watching other tutorials, testing and failing, at least I learned how the pintoanim works and I now can stick points so they dont deform. As for the fbx walking animation with fem, either I get the fem falling, or the animation without fem moving, tried with creating a group of points with pintoanimation, result was a superdeformed mesh, changed that to primitves, the guy moved but without fem. Changed target stiffness to evernumber, either started to float on the air randomly or weird stuff. At least I made a weird animation haha
  16. Hey guys, I tried to import a fbx from mixamo (walking animation) and wanted to add some fem, but as soon as I add it the walk animation stops, there is a way to have both things? Thanks!
  17. Thanks @cudarsjanis , I will try that tomorrow in the studio, I got it working with the stiffnes but it went everywhere. My main goal here is have the man running, but add some jello like to make it weirder, to add more movement. Thanks both for the tips, will see if I can make it work properly tomorrow Cheers!
  18. GENIUS! thanks so much, finally got this working, cheers!
  19. Jesus @eetu I thought it was a fair simple setup until I get into the solver, crazy amount of knowledge dude, will have some weeks to study this process, thanks again!
  20. Thanks Janis, I dont know if im doing wrong but I went into the dop network and selected the animation fbx but keeps falling (because of fem) without taking the fbx animation, here is the scene and the fbx if you can check out would be great, thanks again fbx_to_fem.hipnc.hip running_inPlace_Mirrored.fbx
  21. You made my day man! will analize this scene now, thanks a lot for sharing, love this result
  22. Nobody got a clue?
  23. Hello community, Some months ago I asked how to achieve this kind of effect Blackpixel user at sidefx forums did an awesome job with a mantra shader, at that time I was just learning the basics so I get stuck trying to understand, here is the post if someone wants to check out ( https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/44970/ ) I'm uploading the file that blackpixel did, all in mantra with shader builder, now that I learn the basics of shader builder I'm trying to really understand what he did, here are my thoughts: So he take a worley noise (4 points) and split up to 5 fit ranges, one is set to the refraction, he multiplies 2 to get the displacement, then he does several multiply with colormix, is this to get the colours on the borders? I tried to do it myself from scratch (attaching the hip too) with a similar but not the same result, I started adding one by one to see what is doing but I can't figure out yet. My main cuestion is, from a designer point of view, lets say I want to create a shader that is black/milky (btw he isn't using SSS but it looks like), how should I think to say: this will be the plastic hole, this will be the border one, this will be the main surface, I guess he's doing all of that dividing the worley in fits right?, mantra is kinda scary yet so powerful. Sorry for the long read Cheers! worley_holes_blackpixel.hip worley_holes_caskal.hipnc