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  1. Hey @trojanfoe thanks for the tip, that will make things much easier to understand, will give a try now, cheers!
  2. Hello community, Some months ago I asked how to achieve this kind of effect Blackpixel user at sidefx forums did an awesome job with a mantra shader, at that time I was just learning the basics so I get stuck trying to understand, here is the post if someone wants to check out ( https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/44970/ ) I'm uploading the file that blackpixel did, all in mantra with shader builder, now that I learn the basics of shader builder I'm trying to really understand what he did, here are my thoughts: So he take a worley noise (4 points) and split up to 5 fit ranges, one is set to the refraction, he multiplies 2 to get the displacement, then he does several multiply with colormix, is this to get the colours on the borders? I tried to do it myself from scratch (attaching the hip too) with a similar but not the same result, I started adding one by one to see what is doing but I can't figure out yet. My main cuestion is, from a designer point of view, lets say I want to create a shader that is black/milky (btw he isn't using SSS but it looks like), how should I think to say: this will be the plastic hole, this will be the border one, this will be the main surface, I guess he's doing all of that dividing the worley in fits right?, mantra is kinda scary yet so powerful. Sorry for the long read Cheers! worley_holes_blackpixel.hip worley_holes_caskal.hipnc
  3. Hey magicians, I've been trying to do some pattern stuff inspired by Ehsan Parizi, but I can't get my head on how to do it. Here are some Ehsan examples And this is what I did so far lol I know this is probably not the best way, im stuck to rotate them in certain axis like he did, any tips on how to create this different types of patterns will be really helpful. Attached is my file. Thanks! gridtest.hip
  4. Time to sleep http://i.imgur.com/H74Wb75.gifv http://i.imgur.com/RCW486L.gifv
  5. Some progress but not there yet
  6. Thanks a lot Atom!, didn't know Matt was updating the wiki, lots to check!
  7. Hey magicians, I just saw a great animation by Diego Diapolo and there were some effects that blow my mind, I wonder how can they be achieved, is this wire solver? or can be made within pops?, also the green thing, is fem? any tips will be very appreciated here are some gifs: http://i.imgur.com/ResVXoy.gifv http://i.imgur.com/h92G1CR.gifv http://i.imgur.com/HGn8i0U.gifv And here is the entire animation (great one): Thanks in advance Cheers!
  8. Hello magicians, I'm stuck in a R&D for a client, been trying to do a particle behavior for 5 days without success. Heres a video gif of the latest client ref: http://i.imgur.com/dvtTkL1.gifv Also attached is some early image references the client sent but I would like to focus on the gif one. Here is a gif with some of my RDs, I tried advecting particles from pyro, doing a pop network with curve forces and some more stuff, the behavior the client wants is some sort of flock/swarm like a monster that chase a person. http://i.imgur.com/Bs9kFbK.gifv Thanks in advance Cheers!
  9. Hey magicians, I'm trying to make a mushroom asset just to practice, wanted to share to ask for some feedback. Couple of questions: 1) Right now is kinda slow because of the resolution, is better to work on a slower mesh and at the final add a subdivide?, or maybe work with vdbs? 2) If I want to make for example, different kind of inner noise designs and have a dropdown, how do I do that? what should I pick in the parameter interface and how I link the end result of each design noise? 3) Right now the numbers on the parameters are kinda weird, should I start using fit range nodes on vops? Here are some samples, this is my first try at modeling and making an asset so any advice on optimizing and make it better is more than welcome, still a work in progress, want to make adaptable to all kind of mushrooms (in a future I would like to animate a growth, should I be carring of that now? or at the end of having all the stuff? Thanks to @konstantin magnus for the hip on how to make the gills Thanks! Mushroom_Asset.hip
  10. Wow @konstantin magnus thats a awesome idea and loving the results, will test that now, how do you divide the uv between the cap and the stick? just playing with uv projection settings? Thanks!
  11. Here is some further modeling practice, I wasn't considering much of the asset at this point since I wanted to practice how to make certain elements, I guess for an asset VDBs should be avoided, I'm right? Btw, glad to see the forum back, I noticed I've been addicted to it these days when it didnt worked
  12. Thanks for the feedback stickman! will work on that!
  13. Thanks @stickman , I agree on your feedback, will work on that, thanks again!
  14. Thanks @konstantin magnus . I agree about the specific stuff, noticed that when I added some parameters that should be better to have them sort of globaly. Good idea about startingut from scratch, got some new methods I want to try. Did a reference, there are so many types that I would try to generalize as you said, apart from that, is there any way for example, to have in the interface parameter a dropdown with: Cap Type (a list of 5 different types) and when you choose one of them, a parameter list appear like make it taller, smaller, noisier?
  15. Sorry forgot to attach the file Mushroom_Asset_v2.hip
  16. Here is the asset with some corrections: Changelog : Added global deformer Global details Particular detail Noise options for the veil Added colour (just for fun, I'll render in Octane for C4D) Fixed inner cap subdivision Fixed hair direction Replaced wireframe with polywire with less divs. Added random pscale to dots Changed some parameter names (I was being repetitive) and also added some subfolders. Used the "lock" option with parameters I think that work so I don't destroy the mushroom just in case, had some weird issues (I guess because of scales) when doing the setup, sometimes displacement went crazy. Questions: 1) In terms of organization (this is for me, but to learn in case I did some of this for work) what is better to use, network box with colors? or subnetworks? 2) Dumb question, how do I set the ramp parameter to be vertical instead of horizontal? (solved, plugged a uv coords > t) 3) I added "detail" to each object, but I would like to add an "total detail" for the entire object, problem is if I put the each object detail and max, and then add on top of that the global detail will go nuts, should I use some vex here with conditions? 4) Is there a way, in the parameter interface, lets say I specify a range from 0 to 0.25 locked, but I want to be shown in the interface as 0-1, tried with fit range wich helped but still not figure out how to manage this in some parts like a primitive default properties 5) For "enable / disable" options I used a switch node, I noticed there is a "Toggle" option in the parameter interface but dont know how to link to the enable/disable stuff 6) What would be the best way to simulate the Veil break? tried with a ripple and deformers with no luck 7) Last but not least, there are TONS different types of shrooms, I think that the setup could work for the ones I attached in this ref, but there are others that are like caps only growing on a tree that would need a new setup. As for the ones on my ref, I wanted to ask should I make a copy of the mushroom asset and work on it? (that would be the cheap way) or modify te current setup so I can pick different styles of inside cap patterns with ie: a switch? that would be a good excercise I think, let me know what you think about the references please, pretty excited with my first hda, although the 0.02931 numbers on the setup are driving me nuts
  17. First of all that hip is awesome, just checked and had some ideas for the mushrooms, love the patterns on the cap, quite a setup!. About the wireframe always forgot wich one is fast but I've done some tests were one is faster than the other, I guess I choose the wrong one. Never used the Soft Peak but will check the help and see what I can come up with, thanks again! @f1480187 Will post the polished setup later, first time using houdini for this kind of stuff and I can already see the time-saving tool that will be when creating a garden later on. Cheers!
  18. Thanks @SteveNi , will add some detail parameters, also the bend idea is great, thanks for the tips. About the noise what I meant is have a dropdown with names so I can select different types of pre-made inner structures, or different styles of caps, I think I can go with a switch but a dropdown will look sexier, thanks!
  19. Hey community, first of all thanks everybody for all the help, couldn't have learned this soft without this forum. Here is some art I did with Houdini, feedback is always welcome.
  20. Sorry for the quality
  21. @f1480187 just checked the file, glad to learn a method to make hexagon grids without the qlib, I always used the divide sop but without clean results. I also have a new favorite sop, the primitive never used before and already got some nice ideas to explore it, thanks again for the setup!