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  1. Hello, I have following texture maps that are painted in Mari and saved out. Base color Epidermal Color map - Outer layer of skin Subdermal map - Deepest layer of skin Mid scatter map - This is layer where i painted veins Primary specular map - Dictates skinn general specularity Secondary Specular map - Dictates where are the oili areas in the face (As you may know skinn is in some areas more oily then others) Displacement map Those are the maps i have at the moment painted in Mari for my orc. And now trying to build shader for it in Houdini. Basic skinn shader if i use that i dont know how tobring in my maps. As atm it has those color options that dictates what color the skinn will be etc thus overriding my textures? If i dive inside skinn shader i have only 1 node what nodes to use there in order to bring in my texture maps and how to connect those? As i understand i can plugi in Base color Epidermal Color map to diffuse color But where to connect all others. And what node to use in order to bring those in? If i clikc "tab" and select "Textures" options what i get are: * Bump Texture Displacement Texture Normal texture Texture Vector Displacement Texture Note! My orc model has UDIM texture maps. Update: If i use Skinn shader that is inside houdini and i dive inside and create texture node (by pressing "tab"key >> selecting "Textures" >> Selecting "Texture" node) And i load in my UDIM Textures for base color and i connect output named as "clr" to Skinn shader node Duffuse color i get an error: https://youtu.be/qJJ9-PxvZcQ and in addition here u can see my question also:
  2. For some reason cant see move, scale and translate handles inside node
  3. How would you cut holes in to the mesh?

    I was trying to create a Swarm host model: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Swarm_Host_(Legacy_of_the_Void) Take base mesh in to zbrush (as it gives me more accurate shape) and then sculpt it. I will later retopo it. I have started to use modeling in many cases to get base shape and then take it to zbrush for full modeling Here is what i have created so far. https://tanel.artstation.com/
  4. Here is what i have: Idea is tho have rounded edges with sharper tips. Goal is to make base shake in houdini and later take it to zbrush. I did not want to take it instantly to zbrush as zbrush is not so accurate but modeling is. Later was thinking to extrude he surface so model has some thickness to it. And those sharp edges on botom (wave tips) they cant jave yust one vertex as it will cause problems later but needs to be sharper like a fat or blunt knife. How would you model this? Would you just add divisions on the model and then start bringing those verts down or would you use this method?
  5. Best way to slide verts along the existing path?

    Thank you i will take a look at it on evening when I get home from work. What i was trying to do was to create a half sphere cover like a mushroom. And then adjust edges and then make poly extrude from it to make it more "fatter"
  6. Hello, I have started to model one element (Picture attached). I am trying to model it and atm need to move specific points but maintain the over all the shape. Is there a simple way to move those points or i need to manually move those points?
  7. Best way to slide verts along the existing path?

    My hip file as attachment. How would you connect those? Can you make fast example? Sample.hiplc
  8. Mantra is default but it is slow when have poor CPU What other options are there? As i understand vray is not available for Houdini atm. Arnold render engine installation is worse then software installation from 80-s
  9. Hello, I downloaded and installed renderman for Houdini 16.5.268 Installed RenderMan-Installer 21.5.0 I also changed Houdini env file in: C:\Users\Tann\Documents\houdini16.5 # # Houdini Environment Settings # # The contents of this file are read into the environment # at startup. They will override any existing entries in # the environment. # # The syntax is one entry per line as follows: # VAR = VALUE # # Values may be quoted # VAR = "VALUE" # # Values may be empty # VAR = # # Example: # # HOUDINI_NO_SPLASH = 1 RMANTREE="/C:\Program Files\Pixar\RenderManProServer-21.5" PATH="$PATH:$RMANTREE/bin" C:\Program Files\Pixar\RenderManProServer-21.5 is where is renderman bin located. When i start Houdini i see RenderMan RIS tab and also render man lights etc When i click on RIS ROP it will create ris1 node in to "Out" path in houdini I have set up basic camera and renderman light but when i click on "Render to Mplay" i get an error: CreateProcess failed for 'prman'
  10. I wonder how easy it is to install. I have atm new Houdini 16.5.268
  11. Hello, I have decided to study more Houdini. As i want to expand my knowledge regarding Houdini and not limit myself only with shelf tools. VEX expressions what tutorials or educational materials would you recomend and in what order? Note (need only up to date tutorials as out of date tutorials where they use nodes that are obsolite etc will not help but only create more confusion). Also what tutorials to go over regarding wrangle nodes. Best regards Tanel
  12. Yes but i know myself i need to start from something more visual. I am no coder and programming languages i do not know. I was in university course for one week (Java) and all i did understand meani9ng of variebles ans some simle stuff but nothing else. At end of the course they were allready creating game i was liike möh what does this button does I do not understand often stuff if is written but if i see what it does and i can easily change it (aka pluging node to somwhere else) i thi nk i learn better
  13. I am more a visual learner. Never understand coding tried Java and failed badly. What do you think is it maybe then better to start with VOP-s? As i understand VOP is vex but node based method.
  14. Hello, I downloaded demo version of Octane. Installed stand alone version and now trying to install plugin. According to documentation they have: Installing Octane for Houdini The release archive contains everything you need to run OctaneRender™ for Houdini, including the Octane libraries, the plugin binaries, the menu shelf, HDAs, etc.. Compatible Houdini products The OctaneRender™ for Houdini build must match exactly your Houdini install to avoid problems. The OctaneRender™ for Houdini plugin requires Houdini Indie, Houdini FX or Houdini Education. While running in Houdini Indie, the plugin will limit the sequence rendering resolution to 1080p, and the scene export and cloud features will be disabled. Houdini Apprentice cannot run the Octane plugin as they lack support for third party renderers. Plugin Installation To install OctaneRender™ for Houdini, decompress the archive downloaded from the OctaneRender™ website and copy the resulting uncompressed files somewhere. Insert the OctaneRender™ plugin folder path to the houdini.env file. This file is created by Houdini after your first run. The location of this file vary per platform: Linux: ~/houdini15.5/ Windows: C:Documents and Settings<username>My Documentshoudini15.5 Mac OSX: ~/Library/Preferences/houdini/15.5/ On Linux and Mac OSX, append a single line to enable OctaneRender™ for the user: HOUDINI_PATH = /path/to/octane;& On Windows, you need to set the PATH to point to the scripts/bin as well: PATH = "C:/path/to/octane/bin;$PATH"HOUDINI_PATH = "C:/path/to/octane;&" You have to use forward slashes (“/”) on Windows instead of backslashes as path separators. And here is the question: My houdini is installed in path: C:\Users\Tann\Documents\houdini16.0 I placed the plugin i downloaded and extracted to this folder: C:\Users\Tann\Documents\Octane plugin\Octane_3.06.4.0_Houdini_16.0.633_demo_Win64 I have mine set like this. (the .env file) but it does not work.
  15. Hello, Due to the fact that i cant afford at the moment to buy faaster render engine for Houdini and mantra is too slow i decided to try take my animation from houdini in to maya. If i am not mistaken this is possible. I have Maya 2017 and Houdini 16 As Maya 2017 has Arnold render engine as default i will try to use that one. As far as i knoe Mantra is CPU render engine and Arnold is GPU based. But before that i need to understand how can i take my scene from Houdini to Maya. Anyone knows best way to do it? Or can reccomend a up to date tutorial?
  16. Trying to test out Redshift. Tho having an issue with it. https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/15421/ So recap what i did: 1. Downloaded Redshift demo version 2.5.32 from Redshift home page 2. Installed Redshift 2.5.32 3. Went to C:\Users\Tann\Documents\houdini16.0 4. Opened file named as “houdini.env” with notepad 5. Added at the end of it OUDINI_DSO_ERROR = 2 PATH = “C:/ProgramData/Redshift/bin;$PATH” HOUDINI_PATH = “C:/ProgramData/Redshift/Plugins/Houdini/16.0.705;&” 6. Saved the file (pressing save buton not save as) 7. Opened Houdini 8. Went in Houdini to “OUT” network 9. Pressed “Tab” key and typed in “Redshift” and search provides 0 result
  17. How to make my text glow.

    Hello, My text is animated moving from point a to point b. What is a good way to make text glow same time it moves. Test2.hiplc
  18. How to make my text glow.

    I need to understand how to create it in Houdini not in after effects. This is why i asked the question. If i have multiple objects in the scene. And i move light object from point a to point b you will see that light object to interact with other objects in the scene. But as i understand if i render it out separately (the moving object that should emit light) and composit it in after effects or nuke i wont get it to interact with other objects. Or... And what way whould you render out the clip from Houdini? As tif sequence or ...?
  19. How to make my text glow.

    After effects is compositing software yes you can use different effects but Houdini is used to create a Scene-s etc. Many times you create effects in houdini not in after effects. Game developement cinamatic stuff etc. After effects is usless regarding that
  20. Hello, I have Image that i want to attach to my plane. I have Grid object in Houdini: and i need to attach image to it. How to attach it in the way that i can rescale it and also not to lose image color or quality when rendering?
  21. So if i ant to move now the object i can add transform node behind material node? And what if i need next same object to be also animated same way but now next opne should occure at time frame 48 and then start mooving specific path. It seems not to work this way when i just dupliacte the nodes and then change the code and expressions as cant have displat flags same time on both object groups. I did also to create separate geo node (so that all have same nodegraph inside) and clöeared animation and changed "Attribute Wrangle" VEX expression to: float Alpha =1; //creates Alpha attribute and set it to 1. if (@Frame < 48) // if current frame is less than 48 { f@Alpha = 0; // set Alpha attribute to 0; } And also swich node input to $F > 48 Tried animation but cant get second object occur. Update! Got it working if i create seoarate node and on top level and just use that method but if i need or want to animate those both objects in same node how to do it. As that display flag issue. And hot to do it in the way that both move in same speed? Test.hiplc
  22. Hello, How to make object occure on specific time frame in Houdini? For example: i want to animate objects. And i need specific object occure in specific time frame How to do it? I can animate objects no problem but i need those to be occuring in specific time frames. Best regeards. ISUther
  23. The Jesper offered solution seem to work but need to investigate some more. I will get back to it shortly as i want to write down my questions correct way. One thing is not to undferstand something but other thing is asking the right question and forumalting question right way so people understand what i am asking. This is some times hard task as english not my native(so time to time i have to use google translate for specifc words. Never translate all text im not that stupid ). Atm trying to figure out how to move that transform tool (handles to move object) on center to the object not center to the world
  24. Note! I never done coding only tried to learn JAVA for one week in university and i failed Regarding Alpha I did google and found this info: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alpha mapping is a technique in 3D computer graphics where an image is mapped (assigned) to a 3D object, and designates certain areas of the object to be transparent or translucent. The transparency can vary in strength, based on the image texture, which can be greyscale, or the alpha channel of an RGBA image texture. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Does that apply also here? Or in here it feels like it is oposite. That when Alpha is set 1 (using = sign) Example: float Alpha =1; Atm i understand that this states that alpha is 1 But what is function of float? Float is = as object? (what ever that object is?) The part where you wrote if that statement i rememeber from JAVA also it dictades condition. So if at frame that is less then 10 f@alpha is zero so what is f? I also noticed that "swich" node has expression $F > 10 I am sorry i am dumb regarinbg vex and coding but trying to educate myself and learn. Also note that in file you provided and what i created (trying to copy what you have) both will render also object. Eaven when it shoudl be invisible. My goal is to animate object so at frame one to frame 10 (this is just an example) you cant see the object and then at frame 11 it will occure in one spot and start mooving in to anothet spot.
  25. Hello, Thank you for reply. But question regarding that node named as "Attribute Wrangle" It has also VEX expresion in it. I am fairly new in houdini and do not know much about coding or expresions. Can you provide insight what does this expression do? float Alpha =1; if (@Frame < 10) { f@Alpha = 0; } Thank you for trying to help me!!!