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  1. Nice man, looks kinda funky )
  2. Cheers guys for all your nice replies
  3. This setup is for individual "hero" feathers.
  4. You setup this absolutely right. And also you can use multiple bends, multiple clumps, multiple turbulences. You can layer things easily. First of all, strands and quill are different outputs. It was an intentional choice and if you want to render them together, yep you have to merge them first. Secondly, to see strands in viewport you need to change some parameters on scene level.
  5. Yes, everything is open. You can tweak it, or whatever you want
  6. Cheers guys
  7. Thx man
  8. I want to share a little tool I made for grooming feathers. Its a set of 6 nodes, one base node and 5 modifiers. Super easy to use. Just connect them and.. there you go - you got yourself a pretty little feather. You can layer modifiers as many as you want. Any feedback is super appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8v05sgdlo5erh0b/AADSfadqkxgPOBVeaGr2O49Oa?dl=0