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  1. Matariel export to Unity with FBX

    Just to add my $0.02, I have recently been trying to get Houdini to replace Substance Designer so it could be used as a complete one-stop-shop, and came the following conclusions: 1) You need to bake the textures and import them into Unity in order to build a Material. They won't transfer within the .FBX. 2) Houdini won't bake the correct Metal/Smoothness texture as it's encoded in Unity with metal in red and smoothness in alpha. In order to get that you need to modify the Principle Shader for each Houdini material. I built a custom shelf tool to do this and it worked pretty well. 3) To add edge-wear effects and other effects you need to modify the material and it's much harder to do than using SD. So I gave up. I now just bake a color id map (unlit basecolor) for use with a Substance using primary colours. SD can bake additional maps and this allows much more "post production" modification even within Unity (depending on how much you expose from your Substance).
  2. Hi there, I would like to bake all the textures of my game assets for use in Unity where the smoothness is baked into the metal map alpha channel. I cannot see from the Bake Textures ROP node how to do this? Do I need to create/use a non-standard shader for this? Here is the test geo from Houdini (note rough blue material): and this is what it looks like in Unity (note shiny blue material): Here is the project. I am using Houdini Indie 16.0.578 under Windows 10.
  3. OK, I think I've solved it by hacking the Principle shader.
  4. Help understanding a shader

    Still there? If you move those VOP nodes into a top-level Material Node (/mat for example) you should be able to drag each VOP node onto the render view and Houdini will create a temporary shader so you can visualize what each VOP does. I am no shader expert, that's for sure, but each of those nodes does a single job and in order to understand you will have to experiment.
  5. I am also interested in this topic. Looking at this Houdini Tutorial video, it's just a matter of creating another geometry node which ends with a group called "collision_geo". I have yet to try this out myself, but will do so shortly and update.