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  1. Flip displacement (soooo long)

    Thanks for your answers. The "Render polygons as subdivision (mantra)" box is unchecked on my objects. My flip mesh is about 2Millions polygons. Maybe It's just normal for mantra, but to tweak shading and lighting it's a bit tricky ...
  2. Hello, I have a flip mesh with 2Millions polygons and I want to add an ocean spectrum to it in displacement. But why it takes like 20 mins to "create the displacement geometrie" and take 13Go of RAM in mantra ?? It's not really easy to tweak the shader with this time of preparation .... I'm beginner with mantra, Arnold is much faster to do this, so I think I'm doing something bad ... (I use the spectrum and the ocean surface shader from houdini 16) Someone can help me ? Thank you ! PS: sorry for my English
  3. Flip rendering

    Yes I watched it, but he doesn't say anything about the shader of the water
  4. Flip rendering

    up Someone Please ?
  5. Flip rendering

    Hello everyone, I'm beginner in water simulation and I would like some tips if it's possible. For the simulation part, I'm not in trouble for the moment, but the rendering it's another thing. I'm trying to make an ocean flip simulation of a submarine going out of water, for the ocean shader, I have something pretty good now with ocean spectra and the ocean shader of houdini 16. The problem is the whitewater, for the ocean surface (the flip mesh) I don't know how to do the white part like in the sreenshot, is it particles, or tweaking the shader with velocity or vorticity, but which parameter in the shader (refraction?) ? And for the foam, spray, bubbles , I have to render simple particles or do another thing? Thank's for your help, I want to learn water, it's very fun to do! I let the breakdown of the screenshot here
  6. Fake Water for RBD

    This is my first test on a pretty simple setup. I did it with some pop nodes so it's not heavy like a flip solver. I'm not really happy with the floating parts, but maybe I will forget them because if there is no water where they are floating in the final sim it will be weird... Tell me what you think of this. =) FakeWaterTest01.mov
  7. Fake Water for RBD

    Hello everyone, I'm doing Ice falling in water, it's a fractured packed object with bullet solver. I want to make a force field in a area to fake water contact (slow down the fractures and maybe some fracture come back to the surface and float). And I will do the water next with the rbd cache. I tried to add a flip solver to the DOP but it seem not working well with packed object (and I have to keep it for activation). If someone have a suggestion I put a test scene here. Thank you for your help IceWater.hip
  8. Hi everyone , I have a little trouble with somes volumes. I render a volume in arnold and I wan't to change the density with a volume vop custom noise in shading. The problem is that I can't read the result of this noise in arnold shading level. I know I can read houdini geometrie attribute in arnold with "user_data_float/rgb/string" node, but I can't read a "bind" from a volume vop... Here a simple scene of what I try to do Thanks for your help ExampleScene.hipnc
  9. Hello, I have some trouble with lines . I have to create lines between 2 differents scatters with differents number of points. With scatter like this: Obviously one point of the small scatter (up) is the start of multiple lines, but I can't reach that... I can do it with the same number of point on each scatter, it looks like that : Someone can help me please? PS: sorry for my english, I hope it's understandable...
  10. Volume normal pass

    Hello, I have to do some clouds, they are lit by lightning above and inside the clouds. So I would like to relight them in comp with nuke. I'm rendering on arnold, (arnold volume + volume collector) but it doesn't want to build a normal and position AOV Same for Zdepth. I saw this guy can do it : But i don't understand how , and is it possible on arnold ?? Can someone explain me how can I do that ? Thank you Ps : sorry for my english