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  1. Hi Tanto, Thanks for your answer. So I did what you said and it's working on the first frame. Now, the problem comes from the advection I guess. The colors seams to folow the turbulence but not perfectly. Anyone has an idea ?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to pass the color from polygon to VDB, transform the VDB then apply the color back to polygon but I don't know how to do. I tryed to use "VDB advect points" but I can't figure out how it's working and if it's the right solution. Charles VDB_color_uv.hipnc
  3. set and get persistant attibute

    Hi Atom, thanks for your answer, My issue was to increment only on time when it's selected and not every frames. Then increment again only if the bounding box leaves and come back. Charles
  4. set and get persistant attibute

    I find out how to increment the value the way I want using the sop solver. But I'm still interested in a clener way to do it, like using an array for the selected points. Because the Wrangle get generate each frame, the best solution to keep an array seems to be with Python. Charles increment_value_new_selection.hiplc
  5. Hi, I'm trying to increment a point attibute value over time in vex. A basic exemple would be to animate a group node to increment a counter each time it select points. Then, emitt particles if the points have been selected 3 times, or be able to know if a point has already been selected before. So I tryed to do a setpointattrib to a node that is not time dependent, but it doesn't seem to work. Is there a way to do it in vex ? Thanks, Charles
  6. H16; POP is missing attribute.

    Hi, You didn't have any particles emitting, so you couln't see any attributes. To see your particles attibutes, put a null after your Popnetwork. Here is your seen. disintegration_v.2_modif.hip
  7. Hi there, I'm trying to build an particle asset to use in C4D. I want the particles to get the velocity of my object. It's working fine in Houdini, but when I import the asset in C4D, the particles are emitted on the object even it's moving, but it's not computing the velocity. Is anyone know if it can be done ? Thanks, Charles
  8. I succed to scale my objects in unabling "rest" in the Deformation tab of the solid object. It seem to lose it's softness but I'l try to mess around with the settings.
  9. Thanks, it's working ! So now I have another problem. I want to control the POSITION and the SCALE of my objects. So far, I succed to attract them, but I don't know how could I scale them. I would like them to be really small at the begining and big at the end of the animation. Thanks again Sean Charles Multiple_object_FEM.hipnc
  10. Hi, I would like to use FEM (or soft body) on multiple objects. Basically, I used the copy SOP to copy objects on points. If I use the FEM after the copy SOP, they are merged together. The sollution was probably on this post but the link doesn't work anymore : Thanks, Charles
  11. Houdini Help example files?

    Hi, I'm sorry if my question is stupid but I don't see how to remove the preferences folder. Thanks
  12. Soft spheres FEM in copy SOP

    Thanks for your help man !!! I finally succeed to do it ! One of my main problems what the "solidembed" nod and and the fact that some spheres where intersecting before the tetrahedralize. The "tetrasurface" was useful to smooth the mesh. Thanks again Anthony spheres_FEM.hipnc
  13. Soft spheres FEM in copy SOP

    Hi, I would like to recreate the exemple I posted below with the squeezed spheres. I duplicated spheres with a copy Sop but I can't figure out how to apply properly the Fem. I used the piece attribute but it's not working as I expect. Someone as an idea ? Thanks Charles spheres_FEM.hipnc
  14. I'm really interessted about this as well. I'm trying to use FiniteElement with copy sop or Particles, but I can't find the right set up. I really hop that someone will answer !
  15. Hi, I'm trying to create an effect where the fractured pieces of a geometry get transform into spheres, then collide with each others. I want the elements to be soft. Then I want them to fly away. I tried to use FEM fractured solid object, but I couln't set it properly. Should I use Organic Tissu in my For Each loop or looking for another solution ? Thanks fracture_to_spheres.hip