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  1. Many thanks for sharing your approach @mestela, it helps a lot understanding the basic idea. Since siming takes ages on my machine, is there any way to visualize the velocity streamers properly? I already tried adding a 'Volume Trail' to the current setup, but I don't get the streamers to display correctly. Why that's not built into the node itself?
  2. Agree with @marty. In case there are multiple assignments per variable (HOUDINI_PATH, PATH, etc.) only the entries of last one will registered properly (variable shadowing). If HOUDINI_PATH already has an entry, you can concatenate the paths separated by a semicolon(;) on Windows. Please note that even on a Windows machine forward slashes are required. Also make sure that all paths are valid and there is no white space between each path and the separator(;). Arnold, Redshift & Renderman example: # # Houdini Environment Settings - houdini.env # # ... PATH = "$PATH;C:/ProgramData/Redshift/bin;C:/Users/<USER_NAME>/htoa/htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705/htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705/scripts/bin;C:/Program Files/Pixar/RenderManProServer-21.5/bin;&" HOUDINI_PATH = "C:/ProgramData/Redshift/Plugins/Houdini/16.0.557;C:/Users/<USER_NAME>/htoa/htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705/htoa-2.1.3_rcca6014_houdini-16.0.705;&"
  3. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Indeed, many thanks @yglemarec - Obviously a bug in 16.0.600, I've just installed 16.0.705. and it works as expected... Cheers! Christian
  4. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Thanks for sharing @yglemarec! Unfortunately "torus+wrinckles+.hiplc" does not work for me as expected in Houdini 16.0.600. The torus object causes some nice wrinkles but does not stretch the cloth object as seen in your tests - I attached a screenshot to reflect that: I would appreciate any ideas how to make that work. Thanks again. Cheers, Christian