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  1. Thank you tim, I spent most of the day yesterday trying to accomplish those few lines of VEX.
  2. I built this simple outline effect which works pretty well. Better than I would have expected. However its slow to update in the viewport. Can any of you show me how to rewrite the point sop normal expressions (origin("","../../cam1", "TX")-$TX) into VEX code? That's where the normals are oriented toward the camera. VEX would speed this up a ton but I can't figure out the right vex. I also can't figure out how to delete only primitives who's normals are oriented towards the camera. quick outline5.hip
  3. Mr.

    Thanks Edward, you provided the key I needed to fix it. When I had the capturing in the same subnet as the rig everything got scrambled. Fixing was as simple as moving the nodes where the capturing occurred and pasting them outside of that subnet. It makes sense now that its fixed: I never want capturing to be moved or scaled once its set, particularly if the capture weights are based on distance from the bones, like it is here. Only the rig should be moved. Painted capture weights might not have this problem.
  4. Mr.

    No-one knows how to scale a rigged character in houdini?
  5. Mr.

    Hi, I'm new here, and to Houdini. I've modeled a simple character and rigged him but I can't translate or scale him except by his root null otherwise his skin goes crazy. I've attached the HIP file. I'm sure the fix is simple but its eluding me. Any help is appreciated. after scaling: guy 3d for od force.hip Thanks.