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  1. look at your substeps, increase them to default at least. (which is 10), Also make everything to the default, then start tweaking from there.
  2. the last 0 might be your issue, or it might be in the transform if you are applying something to it
  3. Bgeo is the way to go, unless you need cross-platform compatibility, if you need actual DOP data cache .sim files.
  4. What Alejandro did. you need each piece at {0,0,0} I thought that I saved a version with the transform on the .hip before I shared, thanks Alejandro.
  5. This is what I meant with a chramp, is just basically a ramp where you have more control over the shape. VFX_RootsTest_v2.hip
  6. you could a chramp in a wrangle to scale that is my first thought without looking at the file or something. Could you upload the .hip?
  7. you could use a foreach loop have an input attribute then each iteration blast by a random number. Here is an example. I think this is what you want If I understood you correctly. copy.fragments.to.particles.v2_FIX.hiplc
  8. yep iso offset is just the old school of doing that, VDB are newer and faster.
  9. you mean like this? point_deform_ex.hipnc
  10. you could use a SOP Solver. it will accumulate results.
  11. some of the videos are back by the way. https://vimeo.com/goprocedural
  12. Just kill your geo in Sops you can do it with the delete node (bounding box), you could do it in a wrangle. There is many ways to tackle this issue.
  13. Not sure what you want to do, but it should be like this. @P.x = setpointattrib(geoself(), "P", 0, 0.0, "set"); or @P.x += setpointattrib(geoself(), "P", 0, 0.0, "set");
  14. you just paste the link directly, the site does the rest
  15. Hopefully you do not mind @eetu Just so I do not create another thread about Siggraph Here are some of the presentations