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  1. you can just use the same scatter to add more points to your geo. Im not sure if I understand completely your question. It might be helpful to upload your .hip
  2. no problem 0 just means, number of points of the first input geo -1 is because point numbers start at 0 and not 1 so you need subtract by one, you can middle click on the param and see it for yourself
  3. you just need to add the npoints(0)-1 to the start, here is the HIP delete_largest_point_num_FIX.hip
  4. You mean the compile blocks? the yellow stuff, the main advantage is that it is multithreaded you can read more here http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/compile Also Sidefx just release a master class on this topic
  5. Hey Atom like this it would be set up in the new for loop compile blocks... test_rand01.hip
  6. you need to use the "Guide Deform" in order to have your hair follow your animated obj. Basically you should have you Guide groom > Guide Deform > Hair Gen. If you want to simulate you will want to add the Guide Sim. you can set up everything with the shelf tools as well. Watch the master classes that will help a lot.
  7. in Houdini is call "Target Deformation" you can manipulate with attributes or painting just as Maya.
  8. VDB from particles > Convert VDB VDB from particles > VDB Reshape (erode) > VDB Smooth > VDB Resahpe (dilate) > Convert VDB (polygons) on the vdb from particle play with the voxel size and point radius scale then you can apply Ray if you want to get closer, etc
  9. well if you post the .hip file I can help you. Because it works just fine in this side. Also update to 2.5 builds as well
  10. You need to lock your OBJ in order to upload with the .hip
  11. post your file if you can. but make sure that you have the lights that you want to contribute to the volume to 1, Also what are you mapping into the scatter and emission?
  12. dir is declared as a vector right, so you need to change it to Type : Marker Style : vector Add what kind of Attribute you want to visualize, P, N, etc or it can be your own attribute as well, which in this case is dir. As you can see the visualize node allows to look at thing in different ways. Depending of your needs you will change that.