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  1. Quad Sphere ?

    use a platonic and subdivide ....
  2. obj movement along the path (curve)

    You need to have the obj at {0,0,0} before you do the constraint, here is a fix version test_FIX.hiplc
  3. Not sure if I get you but on the blast node you can check "delete non selected" or you could use the splt sop as well, if this is what you are looking for
  4. Create attribute if Run Over = Detail

    You gotta look at detail tab, you are looking at points.
  5. POP Replicate not working

    Pop replicate use streams to choose what particle is gonna split, so if you want to create recursive particles you need to create a new stream, change the stream of your pop source with a new name and match that into your pop replicate stream name, or just match the pop source stream.
  6. Particles Attract to geometry

    I don't know how your network looks like so I coundnt tell you, if you post your .hip I could help. the attribute that the poproximity creates you should be able to see it outside DOP network unless you delete it.
  7. Attribute interpolate plus in the scatter sourceprim and sourceprimuv needs to be on. Here is fix version. scatter_point_jumping_FIX.hiplc
  8. White dots in render

    I do not use Mantra personally, but this is a good thread to read they were dealing with some of the same issues.
  9. Particles Attract to geometry

    You could use the pop proximity that will give you an attribute @nearestdist where then you could use popstream and do something like ingroup = @nearestdist >.1; then in that pop stream you can do anything that you want for example you can add a pop attract to get the particles attach to your geo. There is a few Master Classes around
  10. Offset Carve SOP Growth

    You can use the carve and time offset inside a for each and use the metadata to offset each prim. Here is an example. CarveOffset.hipnc
  11. Fracturing/art direction question

    You can add a connectivity sop and for example put them through a for each loop and scatter points and add a voronoi. Or you can keep using the boolean with a copy to pts as well. Take a look at this masterclasses too.
  12. Houdini indie it allows you to render 4K since version 16.5.378 just in case and before that was 1080P for animations, stills was unlimited. More info here https://www.sidefx.com/community/production-build-update-165378/
  13. adding turbulence to flip sim

    In Flip is much better to control your forces or velocity through pop since they are pts, you can create your own forces or update velocity through POP VOP or POP Wrangle, or you can use the pop force, wind, etc.
  14. Access numpt at input 2 of wrangle

    you do not need to add @opinput if you gonna grab something from input 1 just do @numpt;