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  1. Background image

    Why you dont you use the background image on the camera? If you have you sequence loaded into COPs is gonna read the sequence just fine. then in your BG of the camera you bring the COP network op:`opinputpath("../cop2net1/OUT_SH080",0)` Also make sure to make your timeline the match the sequence number, so if you start tracking at 1001, just set up your timeline correctly before bring the track info. (You do not have to, but it just easier)
  2. affect rbd object by pop wind in dops?

    you gotta use pop wrangle or pop vop to bring that attribute/data from SOPs into DOPs then you can use it with Vex inside DOPs. popforce+bullet_FIX.hipnc
  3. Pyro Export

    Vdb will be your best bet ... the aiVolume should give at least the bbox. Vray / RS can shows you a preview on the VP, maybe there is a way to do the same in Arnold, but not sure how. The other way that you could have a preview is to get the vdb from Besha (Soup) in Maya.
  4. Pyro Export

    what render are you using to render in Maya?
  5. /mat context node clutter

    You gotta use the "Redshift_Material" output like this
  6. /mat context node clutter

    you dont have to put it inside RS_material_builder at all, the option is there if you want to do that. Just like the "material_builder". I do not use the RS_material_Builder almost never now that Im in Mat context. You can do everything that you want in the Mat context without the builder.
  7. /mat context node clutter

    Redshift support the MAT context completely now, usually redshift materials and textures they have a prefix RS so if you start typing RS when you press the tab you will see all of the redshift materials, etc. The only one that doesnt have a prefix is the "wireframe" which Im sure is just a mistake. Not sure about Arnold.
  8. Drag by Proximity -Particles

    You can always use the pop proximity if you are having difficulties to understand the vex code. Right now target variable is just saying that is 1 unit up in Y if you want to you obj there, you can use the point function. The fit function is just taking whatever output you are getting from the dist variable and shift them to the new values between 0 and 1, in this case (0,1), if that makes sense. Looking at the spreadsheet will help you understand what is going. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/fit
  9. Here is another version if you want to have a look, using a metaball as a force to explode, look inside the Sop Solver in DOPs to see the set up, you can also play with the strength of the force in SOPs. rbd_active_FIX.hipnc
  10. save each class seperately

    Not in the computer right now but in the delete node should be $F-1 (since is just pretty much an id for prims or pts) (if you havent changed anything before) if not you can re name the @ in wrangle i@class + 1
  11. Yep we do the same, so far is working great.
  12. remove the attribute by VEX

    you can delete attribute with the "attribute delete" or the "Clean" SOPs.
  13. get prim normal

    You can use the prim function instead if that isnt working. vector norm; norm = prim(0, "N", 0);
  14. Active Value Group [solved]

    yes, you can in a SOP Solver
  15. Active Value Group [solved]

    Here is a working version. You should be using rbdpackobject instead. It will be way faster than the old system. Then on the passive grp and promote to points because the active attribute is point attrb. Then in wrangle Im just giving an active to all pieces then just checking for the grp name passive if is equal to 1 to make them non active. There is other way as well to do this, like for example doing in in DOPs inside a Sop Solver. activevalue_FIX.hipnc
  16. group create

    use the group expression instead or a wrangle.
  17. Change color in VOPS

    Mmm Just add a param and change to color, unless you want something completely different. You can even use the Color SOP for something that simple. change_red_to_blue_vops.hip
  18. Houdini Particles to Maya Redshift

    The Rop has a tab call archive, check that and make sure that you render the whole sequence, if you want to make sure that you are just saving the particles go the object tab use the force objects. or just select the particles and and check "Export only selected objects"
  19. Houdini Particles to Maya Redshift

    You should be able to transfer the particles as a redshift proxy.
  20. Add detail to fractured geo

    What are the nodes that you are missing from the tutorial?. You'll be using Material builder. you can still use SHOPs if you want to, but they are being deprecated .
  21. Controlling Focus Distance

    Have a look at this, Adrian provided an example here. Also if you want take a look at the vtorigin function
  22. Pyro Clustering Tutorial

    Hey Marty, Redshift does support merged volumes btw and now also support SOP Material as well in version 2.5.27 [Houdini] Support of volume materials defined at SOP level using the shop_materialpath primitive attribute. Each volume group can have its own material.
  23. Beginner scene reconstruction question

    Yes, you can do it but Houdini doesnt have a 3D tracker like C4D, but you can import you track data into houdini. Then if you want to create geo from the points you could use the "PointcloudIso", "vdbFromParticles", "triangulate2D" to make all other kind of fancy stuff you have the connect adjacent pieces SOP to make those lines connect like the video that you showed. When you get more comfy with Houdini you can build in Vex as well if you wish. That should get you started.
  24. Even Number Delete

    you can do is again with the modulus function here is an example. you should show up a screenshot how your groups are builds. Check your spreadsheet when you open the file, I created a group for each sphere with the partition SOP then I use the enumerate SOP to give some some kind of ID to the groups then in the wrangle I just do if(i@index % 2) { i@idx = 1; } to check odd and even, after that in the delete sop you do @idx==0 to delete your even Groups/Prims. deletebyModulus.hip
  25. Even Number Delete

    you could either use the group_range SOP or use the module function even % 2 = 0 odd % 2 = 1