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  1. adding turbulence to flip sim

    In Flip is much better to control your forces or velocity through pop since they are pts, you can create your own forces or update velocity through POP VOP or POP Wrangle, or you can use the pop force, wind, etc.
  2. Access numpt at input 2 of wrangle

    you do not need to add @opinput if you gonna grab something from input 1 just do @numpt;
  3. Noise on all verts

    You do not need the for each there. You could use Chops but isn't need it, you can just use a noise in a VOP Sop. Wrangles and VOPs run through all the points, you could change this to prims, vertex, etc depending of your needs. Anyway here are 2 options one using CHops and the other one using VOPs VFX_LightningLoop_fix.hipnc
  4. keep uvs on flip anim

    Check this masterclass, Jeff talk about that here Around 1 hour and 20 min
  5. Emit RBD objects

    Im not exactly clear what you are asking. But I believe what you want is transfer v from the particles to the RBD is that correct? if so you can use the pack SOP to transfer the attribute, just add v there as well or any other attribute you might need from POPs. You are working with pts not with primitives in the popnet, so you dont need to promote anything.
  6. copystamp facing direction

    add a polyframe before your copy, check on bitangent add N.
  7. you can just specify the frame range on your ROP?? Also if you want flipbook just that frame range you can just right click on the flip book settings?? Or you can just offset the animation with a Time Wrap or a timeShift to start on frame 1, 1001 or whatever you want. Not sure if that is what you want
  8. Emit RBD objects

    %d is the specifier for an integer value, so sprintf("piece%d", i@id); means that %d will get replace by the id of each particle so piece1, piece2, piece3 ... and so on. That way you get unique names. Also you have %s (string) %f (float) and there is more but those are the most useful.
  9. Split Flap Display - Problem

    on your attribute create "myletter" you need to check "Local Variable" so you can use $MYLETTER. However I would recommend moving away from using local variables to attributes @myltter Check out the new series of Rohan Dalvi if you are new to houdini.
  10. Get Parameter value from created attribute.

    I haven't follow the whole thread but you are putting ";" colon at the end of the expression, with hscript expressions I believe you do not use ";" so your expression should be if(detail("/obj/geo1/attribpromote1","volume",0)<2,1,0) without the colon at the end,
  11. Primitive Normals?

    add a reverse Sop and your primitive 0. procedural_tube_uv.hip
  12. How could I render wire at Redshift ??

    you can create a polywire, or you could add the Redshift obj params and check "strands"
  13. If you want to group per point you can use a partition Sop, before the copy sop myGrp_`@ptnum` Not sure why you need that group then if you want bevel those edges? you can use the bevel SOP and check "ignore flat edges" if you do not want to bevel those parts. if you want to keep the grp after the copy sop, use the group copy.
  14. Grain RBD Active/Deactive

    is because your attribute create "active" is a float in the sop solver, change to an integer and it should work as you expect.
  15. Paint peeling effect-How to disappear fragments

    Have a look at this. It should give you a few pointers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHeFoy6hrIs
  16. activate particle when its born

    use attr transfer instead of a solver and the scatter using CD. particle_activate_on_first_FIX.hip
  17. Project very slow to open?

    it should be houdini.exe -n myfile.hip either with the powershell or cmd or something similar
  18. Project very slow to open?

    you can open Houdini in manual mode houdini -n file.hip That you will be one way to do it. Also you could just open the file and save the scene again at frame 1.
  19. Define a function in point wrangle

    If you are looking for something faster you might want to look at http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/pgfind.html or pcfind
  20. Using Bend in Houdini

    If you do not know anything about Houdini, Start with this series
  21. Bottle pour into glass.

    Take a look at this. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/53741/ Not exactly the same issue but it can give you some insights, but just looking at the .mov it looks like your scene scale is way too small.
  22. bullet expect @name not an index
  23. Just give each letter a @name and packed it, that's it, so if you use an assemble it should give you what you want, unless I'm missing something.
  24. copy to points

    it's pretty much the same, they just now in 16 forward split them up. I believe in 15.5 you have to turn on copy point attributes , which is off by default