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  1. Disconnect from Edges

    They dont get disconnected. Maybe I'm confused by your question? Is this what you want?
  2. Disconnect from Edges

    Promote the grp to pts then Fuse unique on the "edgetodisconnect" grp.
  3. if you are in Redshift you can try either a Mesh Light or RS_Incandescent material, with GI enabled.
  4. über slow

    Same Here, actually just navigating overall, feels super slow.
  5. You do not need that expression. You just have to put the grp name on the "constr" you can see if you middle click on gravity even before the constrain u can see the grp name. HTH.
  6. that is what he wants, stop emitting at a certain frame.
  7. add an enabled solver $SF<=200 About exporting to C4D, you can export UVs and do the shading in C4D. But not 100% sure how C4D will handle it. I know that they added color vertex in 19 so you could look into that as well.
  8. You want to use the dop import, and just specify the pop object Renderproblem_Fix.hip
  9. What about just using a ramp to shape the points. it will give you way more control. You use a wrangle like this float shape = @ptnum / float(@numpt); @width = chramp("myramp", shape) / 10; or you can also put a UV texture, with attrib class to pts and in a wrangle float shape = @uv.z; @width = chramp("myramp", shape) / 10; rampPts.hip
  10. What's up with the different editions of a GPU?

  11. Particle PROBS

    Press D on the view port and un check display sprites
  12. 16.5 drums

    yep https://www.sidefx.com/products/whats-new-165/ Even though on the download page still showing v 16.0.673, even if I clean up my cache, etc Now working. THX
  13. yep just connect the Render flag to your volume here is a quick example and make sure that you have a light contributing the volume as well as having the obj properties enable and having volume turn on. SkyCloud.hip
  14. How to deform animated geometry

    Depending on what kind of effect you want you either use the attr interpolate or the point deform here is a simple example Deform_ex.hipnc
  15. Very cool Kirill! Are you still at EEP ??
  16. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Thank so much for putting these files. Great work as well!
  17. Yes you heard it right.
  18. Houdini 16.5 Sneak Peek

    Launch Event in Toronto
  19. my guess is that he is using the alshader and arnold 4. Which isnt supported anymore since Arnold 5 pretty much covers that. Now I do not use Arnold much / or almost never. But for what I heard if you are using Arnold 5 you can still install the Alshader for compatible issues, but I also might be way off here. http://www.anderslanglands.com/alshaders/index.html
  20. Are you talking about the tilde "`" key thingy? if that is the case that still work to add or remove pts. Remember to select the grp node then in the view-port press enter then the tilde key, that will disconnect the connection upstream temporarily then add/remove pts, press enter to confirm your selection.
  21. in the delete node ... Delete by expression @attribute>.5
  22. Targeting specific GPU's for rendering?

    Yes, you can, Just uncheck the one that you do not want to use and restart Houdini.
  23. Also Make sure you have enough res on your "Target Texture Size" by default is 1024 you might have to increase that, depending on your geo.