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  1. Hey @ParticleSkull just for the sake of completeness, you can setup the targetP attribute like this: I tested quickly with your scene and the results are exactly the same from what I could see
  2. You can also use a v@targetP attribute, search for "targetP" here, it's in the Pin section
  3. You can use the expression function bbox to get measures of some bounding box. You can point the first argument to whatever other node your want Personally, since I find myself doing this all the time, I usually put a bound qL from qlib and then I just copy the reference, it seems more organized to me. If you want all 3 measurements for whatever reason, this is specially faster Like this
  4. There are many ways to do it More details would be useful. If you just want to scatter them in a grid you can make a grid SOP, change it to points only and use a copy SOP to copy your buildings to the grid. For having multiple buildings, you can use stamping
  5. Sorry if this isn't what you meant, but once you have the list of nodes you can check them with a loop similar to this: for node in LIST_OF_NODES_FROM_GLOB: print(node.type().instances()) it will print a list of all nodes that are the same type as the current node
  6. What about clipping the sphere in the middle and then using the mirror sop to mirror it? Like this
  7. There are several ways of doing it This one in particular uses the point number to control the width The polywire is the default one, just put "$WIDTH" in the "wire radius" option. The function "npoints" just returns the amount of points in some geometry, in this case, the first input (designated by the 0 there). The "(float)" part is just because Houdini wasn't being nice with the division without it
  8. Do you mean this?
  9. You mean this? If you mean importing an already made animation of some kind, you can use the channel CHOP to import the animation and a shift node to offset its start
  10. Hello, everyone A simple question, it's basically the title. By "increase" I mean increase by a lot. Everything the same, just turning on "Use deforming geometry" increases the sim from 60 frames in around 8 hours to 7 frames in the same time From what I could see it really takes a long time in the "creating collision mask" (or something of the sort) step. I have the VDB of the colliding object already cached in a SSD. So, is this normal? Also, a side-question, when you use a static object in DOPs, does it use the Bullet Solver or the RBD solver by default? I'm sure I saw this question here before, but unfortunately I can't find it
  11. On 15.5.607 going to File -> Import -> Geometry works
  12. If you are asking why this doesn't work, I have no clue, however is you select the "creases" in the subdivide SOP it apparently does work, see here Also, if you set the "creaseweight" attr. in a vertice wrangler it also works with your previously selected edges. Although it seems changing the value in the wrangler doesn't change anything (that is, 0.1 and 10000 looks the same), it's like it's either on or off
  13. I don't remember exactly what they are doing in the tutorial, but is this what you want? I didn't change anything besides the wiring
  14. You mean like this? odf_inside_frac.hipnc
  15. python

    In case someone wonders this in the future You can use hython.exe in the /bin/ folder as the interpreter. In my case I was using Sublime so I created a build to the interpreter and that's all you need to do. hou will be available. Then you can execute the script with hython with a .bat file or whatever