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  1. https://www.spareroom.co.uk/ Take a look here, a part from that you can ask HR if they are aware if someone in the studio is coming or leaving his flat, it might be that the studio has an intranet where they share these kind of info.
  2. it's because you have open surfaces, try to create a vdb from a tube with no caps, it doesn't work. you need really low res for vdb to fill holes. you need to work a bit on the tree geometry to clean it and close it. booleans might help.
  3. you could generate the final shape with uvs first, then modify that geometry, moving the points around and blasting and fading in parts of geomety as it grows. you could use the l system (which I don't like to use because it's not intuitive to use especially if other people needs to use the setup or modify it, and the same thing can be accomplished with other methods) to drive some attributes on the final geometry that you'll deform / fade. if the l system grows and change the position of the branches over time, which I guess happens, you should try to separate the growth process from the deformation.
  4. i'd like to have a way to scroll the menus with mouse wheel or arrows or maybe middle click somehow, instead of having to open the menu every time.
  5. you could use volume break as well if you need to cut geometry.
  6. IT WORKS!! I missed that select groups or connected geometry on the bar on the top. thank you!
  7. that's exactly what I want. I tried again, and this works only if i make my selection though the box, If I select from the viewport directly It gives me points, even with that filter active. let me try the latest version..
  8. Well, the hip file is meant as an example to show the use of the pattern in the group field. What I want is that when I delete a pattern of points of prims specified in the "group and attribute list" box, it will use that syntax in the group field of the blast node. I am using the blast example, but can be really any operation. Anyway if you change the point order or number after the Id is created you can still blast the same points with the pattern without doing anything. that's the idea of having an Id. I'll submit this as RFE to sidefx, as it seems there is no way of doing what I want out of the box. maybe in H16!
  9. let's try with an hip example file that shows the 2 ways i am referring to. I am referring to using a pattern in the group field of a node, it's pretty useful! read in the second half of the page, where it talks about patterns. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/groups basicBlast.hip
  10. i just want that when i delete something from the viewport, instead of using the point number, it uses the syntax @attribute=10 for example, and not just the points numbers, because those can change.
  11. I don't want to blast some points in the group. I want to blast the entire group, but i want the string filter to blast it, not the point list. when i write @myattribute=15 in the blast node group field, it deletes all the points that have "myattribute" = to 15. which is what i want. If i open the "group and attribute list", the box in the viewport, I can type the same thing or just the name of the attribute, @myattribute, and it will divide every different value for my attribute in a separate "virtual" group. I can then do my selection based on this filtering, and in the right click menu I see "copy group name", which is the value of my attribute, but i can only copy one by one, not the whole current selction. That list is what i need. There's another entry in the right click menu, "copy selection as string", which returns me the list of point numbers from the current group selection. I would like something that returns me the filtered attribute (@myattribute), and the list of the selected groups. something like @myattribute=10,15,80 Another example could be, when I import an alembic geometry and I want to clean and separate some parts by the path attribute( by its original hierarchy) to keep it procedural, I usually do @path=*Leg in a blast node. But I don't always know what is the path of all the parts, and i don't really care. I could just select them in viewport, blast and keep working. But i want to put in the blast the @path=.... or i will loose the procedurality. So I always have to blast and isolate what i need first, then go in the spreadsheet to find out what is the path string value I need, and use that to write my expression in the blast node. I think it's an info that is already there, but there's no a direct way to access it, or I can't find it.
  12. hello, I'm pretty sure someone already asked this question but I cannot find the answer. let's try with a practical example. Is there a way to select some points in the viewport, and delete them, but not by their point number, but by some attriibute group. like @index=10-35 I can alreafy filter in the viewport the groups of attributes i want, with that search box in top right, but once i press delete I only get a list of point numbers in the blast node group field. I'd like to get the filtered groups i am selecting from the viewport to be directly put in the group field of my blast node. I know i can maybe convert it later, but it's not always a handy solution, sometimes i want to delete some points by id which are in a special branch of my sop network, because it makes it easier to filter and see only what i want for example, and delete the same points on antoher branch of the network. I just need to get the same id, It seems the functionality is there but I can't find a way to use it.
  13. thanks! So proprietary solver, distributed sim. I wonder what that proprietary solver allowed them to achieve, what are it's strength? Speed? better fluid algorithms? What is reasonable to think they needed in particular for this show, that required writing a new solver instead of using one of the others solutions on the market?
  14. hello, anyone has some info on how they managed to do so many shots with water simulations in moana? they all seems pretty detailed sims, i wonder how did they handled the disk space and iterations time for the simulations. houdini was used? I didn't find may info on google
  15. i think for the smooth to work the radius of the brush needs to be as big as the area you want to smooth. I don't think you can just smooth the positon of 1 single point, you need to cover an area large enough for the brush to reach more than one point. Actually I think I've already posted something about this on odforce, or maybe i've seubmitted an rfe...