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  1. Recompute topology after projection on a plane

    boolean is not doing that?
  2. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    i would love that when you load an alembic file it put the point where the pivot was, not only on the centroid or at the origin
  3. How to avoid double walls created by convertVDB

    i tried this road but i'm stuck: i am trying to find the borders of the mesh with an attribute (I tried with the curvature and with another silly method, both gives the same results in this case) and primitiveSplit them so in my mind i would have the big face on one side, the faces at the borders, and the other side of the mesh. The problem is that this method is very dirty and i would need to create a clean seam line. Once you can separate the 2 big faces you can choose the one you prefer based on some parameters (like occlusion maybe?) and reproject it more or less in the position where the original scattered points were. The problem is to find a cleaner border edge to use to split the prims. maybe there is a good way to find the borders of the original scattered points, I usually count how many neighbours in a radius and use a treshold to filter those particles.. but is not always great, and use those border points to create a line, then extrude and boolean the mesh to split it. I attach the file if you want to have a look... :/ I'm pretty sure there must be some mathy way of finding those features. findBorders.hipnc
  4. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    what's that? there are 2 nodes in cop to do vop operations, is this what you are looking for? http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/cop2/vopcop2gen.html http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/cop2/vopcop2filter.html you can do it easily with a couple of nodes, or i think there is a tool in the game shelf that is being developed, that does that. space + o toggles perspective and ortho
  5. Deform Bend Camera Ray?

    i don't think you can bend a ray in houdini, because i remember i've read somewhere that someone was trying to bend a refracted ray inside of an object of varying density, or something like that, and was not possible. I was doing tests ages ago to see if it was possible to control the direction of a ray passing through a volume, so sampling the volume in steps maybe and sending new rays.. but i've never got that far and i knew from the beginning it would have been super slow. what you can do is maybe using a lens shader, you can explicitly set the starting point and the direction of the ray for every pixel you want to sample. they will still be straight rays, but you can focus them where you need. I think this idea is what the mantra bake is doing under the hood: for every pixel set the position and direction of the camera and run throught the object. so you can maybe find the pos and dir in some way, even running a particle sim like StepbyStepVFX suggested,and using the last bits of the particles position and directions before they collide maybe. I can't remember how all of this plays with multisampling tho, i guess it just interpolate between positions in the sub pixels.
  6. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    what do you have in mind?
  7. Gradient Falloff Volume

    In a volume vop, you can use the distance between the position of eaach voxel to the point you want.
  8. Find Adjacent Faces

    I tried with the idea of using centroids as you suggested and it seems it works. I've stored the number of the coplanar face on each primitive. faces.hipnc
  9. Find Adjacent Faces

    not exactly what you need, but this might give you some ideas ..
  10. There are a bunch of others videos on youtube, even tutorials on how scanimate is working.
  11. feedback loop in COPS

    same here, it seems loop cop doesn't like vop filter nodes. If you use a color correct node for example it works. Also, I was trying to access the iteration number with the local var $AI but it seems it always returns zero.
  12. render wireframe with wren and apply glow and fx in post isn't a better option? https://www.redgiant.com/universe-tools/vhs/ https://www.redgiant.com/universe/universe-tools/
  13. Hello, here is my reasoning. Maybe you should think if you want to get an open shape or watertight. If you want watertight polyfill should just fill all borders as it does by default. if you want to get an open shape and close only what we humans perceive as holes, maybe you can do it thinking in terms of area. So in your example you might want to exclude the larger area. Perimeter is not valid in my opinion because you can have a very complex hole with a huge perimeter, enclosed by a square. Area makes intuitively more sense to me. The way I did is polyfill all, isolate the new polygons, find the larger chunk of polygons and remove it, merge it with original shape. I'd like to see better ways to do this, I feel I used too many nodes to find what I needed. polyfill_Menoz.hipnc
  14. you can try the unload flag perhaps.