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  1. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    thank you guys , i'm allways surprised and pleased to receive such comments ++
  2. Finite Element Method - Tets Catching on Geometry

    Hello, you can use a grain solver instead of the FEM solver. i'm attaching an .Hip file to show you and a video test. if you don't know how grain solver works in the hip, you can watch this video from sidefx (minute 43): to summerize, you define a "backbone" group of points in your sop + you create a popwrangle in your dop to animate your "backbone". have a good weekend PenetrationTest_Grain (1).hiplc cocomber.mov
  3. Inflate with SOP solver

    Hello, i don't know how to calculate your new inflation, but look at your modified file : - i delete your multisolver and use rest/traget parameter instead. and befor that, i add a transform sop and animate the scale of your sphere. - one more thing : i use the default cloth parameter and change the bend model ("strong") + decrease drag force (0.1) to get a more bouncy result. ++ cloth_sop_inflate_01+.hiplc
  4. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    You 're doing so much for the community that no need to thanks me. On the other hand i should thank you hundred of time for your cgwiki. Take your time, the .hip will stay there
  5. increment every 20th frame in a sort

    have you try $F/20 ?
  6. Happy 10th Birthday Od[force]

    Happy birthday and thank you Odforce : it was a brillant idea to create this forum for all the Houdini lovers !
  7. Detailed cloth?

    - You can create a point group sop and replace your manual numbers in the dop by taping your group name. - an other method to constraint your points is to define a @pintoanimation attribute =1 in a wrangle sop ( and @pintoanimation=0 for the non constraint points) - and the last method to have more flexible control, is to write this in a wrangle sop for instance : @targetstrength= @Cd.r * 1000000; in the cloth object/deformation/target strength, write the value "1" because this number will be multiplied by the @targetstrentgh value. (note : i use @Cd.r from an attribe transfert) ++
  8. Detailed cloth?

    here is a quick test + hip : 1 - ray sop 2- cloth solver with NO collision + NO gravity 3- blend sop + smooth sop wrrinkles-00.hiplc
  9. Detailed cloth?

    Hello Caskal, maybe you can watch this : ( same pink color ) or you can look at this thread : there are somme hip to make wrinkles. (related to "softbody week 6" video)
  10. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Hey Stankostupar and Particuleskull, happy to see you both on this thread ! I have no efficient answer for the moment, but it's an interesting question and i will work on it ... see u ++
  11. Some DOPs RnD

    beautifull render ! and thanks for the breackdown!
  12. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Hello, here you can download my files from softbody week-6 : You can use my files for your jobs or just for fun/learn/make tutorial/ whar ever . It's free BUT Keep in mind i am not a professionnal, so pay attention : i'm quite sure my way to work is not the best way to work in production/studio. cheers ! Yohann upres-shirt.hiplc balloon-v2.hiplc baloons-grain solver.hiplc upres-attribtransfer.hiplc upres-curvature.hiplc
  13. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Here you can download my files from softbody week-5 : cloth-fem solid-fem hybrid.hiplc pizza.hiplc spider.hiplc spoon bubble-v2.hiplc springs-wiressolver.hiplc
  14. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Hello, here you can download latests files from sofbody-week 4. 61-slice rdb rotation.hipnc 60-slice x4.hipnc 61-slice rbd translation.hipnc
  15. Dealing with FEM + Static Body

    Hello, by raising your sphere division, your sim is more accurate but i takes more time to compute... and sometimes, the result is still not perfect ... and it seems you are in this case. if i were you, i would keep your sim as it is , and after that, i would make some adjustements with sop point nodes to reduce overlapping. bellow 2 variations of the same method. have fun with your muffin ! ++ testme-sop adjustements-ok++.hipnc