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  1. Foreach, multiple outputs

    How did you get it working guys ? I guess something wrong with dependencies if I just duplicate the output. But how to manage it ?
  2. It's really serious hip file goddamn! Thanks Noobini for that. Had to post the sample scene right away.Sorry.
  3. Thanks for this! Yes this is what I'm struggling with now. I have more complex scene, but I made a simple scheme in this hip file, just in case if there is any tricky thing to work it out. All I want to get is random distance on every iteration for the attribtransfer. FLoop_attribtransfer.hip
  4. It's much appreciated ikoon! I'm trying to feed that value to distance value in attribute transfer (thresholddist parameter) with no luck, how to properly hook it up in that approach ? So every iteration the distance is randomly different in that range. Thanks.
  5. Hi Is there a way to get a random value in ForEachLoop (say between 1 and 0) using iteration number in the loop as a seed for it ?
  6. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    What about progress bar of cooking somewhere under timeline ?
  7. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Geometry connectivity option in Attribute Transfer ? Without doing tricky VEX , loops and other boring stuff.
  8. HelLo Can you guys help me with some simple thing. I have hundreds of object with same topology like shown on the picture. I need to find automatically edge number 2 and 4, loop it, and delete then (which can be done with dissolve sop later) But the question is how to test those 5 edges to find the right ones ? So now I can select the point 0 cuz it's the only point shares 5 edges. My idea is to use FindShortestPath in LoopForEach, sort the points(if the Sort sop gonna work same way for every object within given topology) and connecting then 0 to 2 and 0 to 4. But even if I found the edges this way, how to loop then the selection in VEX ? Thank you.
  9. Variable cloth stiffness?

    Does anyone know where are those control attributes now in H16 ? Testing my old files from H15 and they are just not working anymore, also they took it of from the new documentation ? BTW found the new updated cloth object in H16 just horrible, unpredictable and uncontrollable comparing to H15. Why is that happened, may be just not to update something that just worked fine ?
  10. Mini Houdini for iOS?

    Nothing to test with that functionality you talking about. Put it down and take some rest from H! while out of workstation =)
  11. More likely to Autodesk, that makes no sense )
  12. Had a lot of shit with Houdini->Alembic->3dsmax too. So FBX export will save your time. And then if you really need alembic at the end just reexport it in alembic from 3dsmax, so max will eat it with no issue after this.
  13. Hi Can anyone help to understand how to make that thing with UVs in Houdini? 1. So I have just one single object and UV mapping. 2. I'm cloning the entire object with same UV. 3. I'm getting the new UV layout for that numbers of objects. 4 I want kinda bake the entire texture and repeat it onto each clone (subobject). In other words I need to make an unique UV offset for each clone but bring the original texture and then bake it into new texture for that new UV layout. Is this sounds tricky or could be done with a few standard nodes ? I think that I'm missing something and could be ready just in some combination with transferring P by UV, unwrap for each, and then render to texture, but how to wire that up... PS I'm getting the model from other 3d package, where the cloned geometry with same UVs is already exist, so i'm usin the copy node here just to make that simple example.. Thanks.
  14. Hi Can you guys give me an idea of cheap way to reproduce a fading trails inside a volumes ? Can't find anything useful in simple trail sop like numbers of copies or something to work with in vop. I understand it's simply multiplying function or dividing number of copies by number of each , but can't get anything working at this moment. VolTrail.hipnc
  15. Hi Can we make so simple skinning in Houdini like in Maya or 3dsmax with simple skin wrap deformers ? So no any bones or manual adjustments , just place the body correspondingly with transforming object and voila ? Something new in H16 about it ?