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  1. Hi, I am simming a milk like liquid: when it drops on the floor I don't want to bounce, so I sit bounce/forward bounce to 0.1 on both liquid and walls, HOWEVER if the liquid hits a vertical wall, it will stick instead of sliding down??? I've tried to reduce collision velocity to 0.1, but that did not work (logically, setting collision velocity to 0 and enable slide on collision SHOULD make it work as I want, but for some reasons it does not) Thanks,
  2. Vdb grups?

    how do you make the vdb in the first place, meaning do you create a mesh then convert it to vdb? I think it would make your life easier if you control each vdb individually the combine then if needed. But again, that all depends on how you create your vdbs in the first place...
  3. Polyextrude question

    you can use volume extrude which has extrude direction
  4. 2 ocean foam questions

    just an update if someone is reading! 1-did not use intersection to instantiate waves! used distance from rocks to create particles then feed into foam solver 2-increased anti-aliasing samples in viewport to eliminate jittery behavior
  5. HELP - About smoke sim emit from rbd sim

    break down the problem into small pieces! ignore rbd sim for now and focus on smoke. There are many tutorials on smoke sim (just go to youtube.com and type "pyro tutorial houdini") and you will find tons. just get good at smoke sim, then learn rbd after...
  6. 2 ocean foam questions

    hi, I am using using ocean spectrum + ocean foam (solver mode), to sim ocean foam, however, I have two problems/questions: 1 - I want to produce foam near rocks and see shore(i.e. there rocks in the middle of the sea), what's the best way to do that? I have not tested it yet, but I think the right way is to use rocks/sea intersection points to instantiate ocean spectrum? but I am afraid it will look random waves rather than waves bouncing off rocks? 2 - the foam particles are too jittery, i.e. the appear/disappear very fast? I've tried to lower draft to 0.01 to prevent particles from moving with the ocean, lowered min density to 0 so no particles would be killed, increased particles life to 2 seconds but all that did not help. Thanks
  7. creation of dust at the impact of the steps

    you need to smoke for that. just create a pyro smoke src around the foot when it touches the ground and emit for one frame and let it evolve naturally. The most important thing is to set your initial smoke velocity direction right. good luck
  8. Thank you! that works
  9. Hi, I have RBD Packed Fragment simulation (i.e. one RBD packed primitive with multiple pieces). How do you I apply force per fragment? If I use "Wind Force", I don't know how to change it per point? I've use POP forces but that does not seem to work as excepted. Thanks,
  10. Hi, Inside a DOP network, I can create either SOP Solver or Geometry Wrangler. Couple questions: a ) Why SOP solver does not have "previous" input the same way it has in when it gets created in SOP level b ) Seems to me like a Geometry wrangler is just a subset of SOP Solver, i.e. inside the SOP Solver you can still wrangle and change points/primitives attributes? So is just a redundant node OR does it do something special?
  11. Hi, I have a car animation jumping off a cliff, and I want to create debris sim for that (must be RBD as debris land on the ground and should keep rolling across the car path). The car animation is not realistic: i.e. it falls very fast and does many maneuvers on its way down. The challenge here is that no RBD debris simulation would match the car movements ( i.e. there would be always noticeable difference between the car and debris). My question: What's the best way to deal with such situation? I can try to add wind/forces/initial velocity to match the car animation but this would take for ever? Is there a better idea? Is it possible to control the RBD simulation to partially match the animation? Thanks,
  12. car debris?

    Thanks! I like your idea of mixing pops and rbds! actually some parts will be rolling on the ground, to it would be easier to use rbds, but some will be just flying around so pops would be good for them. Actually the car is not crashing, it lands and keeps going, I am sure I have seen this kind of shot before in actions movies, but I don't remember any ... Anyways, thanks for your ideas/feedback
  13. car debris?

    Hi, I need to sim debris for a car jumping off a cliff (then it lands on the ground). I am wondering: would it be easier to do it using RBDs or POPS? I think POPs are easier, but somehow limited when it comes to bouncing off the ground (not sure!?) and shape collision (just particle radius is used and not the actual geo). On the other hand, RBDs are more generic and accurate but I think they might be difficult to control (i.e. explosive animation, too much rotation,...). What do you guys think: RBDs or POPs? Another question: does any one have a good reference for such a shot? Thanks
  14. Quaternion questions

    Thanks a lot your help is really appreciated...