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  1. hum.. I think I did just that in the setup I sent. Maybe it got messed up cause I was in a older version at the office. Glad it worked !!!
  2. yep, when you are in packed rbd you need to work on points! Which is kinda sweet since you can use all the POP nodes and do alot of magic! When working with constraints make sure to work on primitives tho!
  3. Hi ant! Glad to see you around here again! I usually create a bounding group of the points I want to make static and inactive. I then create an active attribute on those group points. @active = 0; Active.hiplc
  4. There's a dualrest VOP that does that automatically, just pipe the output to the uvs
  5. It happened to me 2 moths ago. After some testing I discovered what was causing the corrupt files. When I was closing houdini and saving, I'd force close the houdini app. That caused me to corrupt the file. Happened aswell when houdini crashed on a huge sim and I force closed it. Search the backups
  6. I never pay attention to the new production builds and its lame that I dont.. I updated it and now it works fine! Thanks!
  7. Goodmorning everyone! So, my problem is t he following. Everytime Im building a scene, no matter if complicated or simple, my mantra output comes out black. If I open a fresh Houdini scene. Place a box, light, camera and the same mantraROP it renders just fine. However if I make even a simple billowy smoke preset the render comes out black. Any ideas? Houdini 16.0.504 Indie
  8. Idk if it helps... but have you tried using the grain solver with the strand mode?
  9. I usualy set a low grid scale when simulation those kinds of effects. Something like 1.7 gives me a nice result. Also I use splashy kernel with a very low velocity smoothing. You're approach looks really good! I'd do a cross product of the ships normals and pipe that into a vel field.
  10. @AtomI can't remember the model for it.. But it is a standard gaming board. Most of the boards support up to 64gb of ram nowadays, going for 128gb board requires more investiment as far as I know, and with that its prob worth going for a xeon with ECC memory
  11. You should download qLib. They have a rolling debris node for that. You can get it done with matrices and cross products aswell.
  12. Hi atom! I'm running a 64gb ddr4 with an overclocked i7 i7 6950x + gttx 1070. Its crazy fast on all kind of sims, my xeon workstation at work beats it on the render side tho. Allan mckay posted a podcast on that a week ago, you should definitely listen to it! Will answer most of your questions! Good luck! http://www.allanmckay.com/80/
  13. Increasing the stochastic samples to something like 12 reduces alot of my render noise. You should give that a try aswell. Also for my volume quality I set it to about 0.1 and my shadow quality ti 0.5
  14. Did you assign the proper pyro Shader?