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  1. Holy! I've been looking at the file for the past hour or so, learned alot while jumping back and foward through the nodes, thanks for the file and the tips!
  2. I tried scattering points on my original geometry and promoting my uv to point level. I then attrib transfer those attributes(Cd and uv) to my pops rest position, seems to do the trick!
  3. How'd you guys tackle something like this ? https://gyazo.com/98672355cb67ebd126b55f50311ecbae I'm kinda close with pops but still kinda hard to get the fluid look.
  4. Hello fellow artists! I'm currently working on a commercial and they asked me to create some sort of dissipation effect on a dancer's skirt. I was able to create the dissipation effect, but I'm struggling in how to get the texture of the of the cloth after meshing the particles. I was trying to get it done with the zero gravity tutorial found here but with not that much luck. I can't share the scene files I'm working on but I made a quick one with basic settings and tests. untitled.hip
  5. Thats because the car is a static deforming object. You need to make it a rigid body for it to be affected by that.
  6. I managed to open ur project! See if this works Fracture_Foreach.hiplc
  7. I'm still on h15.5 since 16 was buggy for me so I can't open ur file. You can do the modeling, then use a connectivitySOP to create an attribute for each not connected prim. Do a foreach subnet for each class and use the stamp inside that to drive the seed. See if you can open this file I made. Fracture_Foreach.hip
  8. Instead of having ramped the targetstiffness from 0 at the feet to 1 near his waist I did a noise. So some parts start to crumble as the others just follow the geometry
  9. I went through and added some AA noise, did a fit range and mult it by the stifeness, Im getting exelent results! Also did another wrangle so it would colapse if @targetstifness was < 0.3 . I guess I'll be playing with this all night!
  10. Went through the file, pretty cleaver! I guess I still have a long way to go inside houdini. Thanks matt!
  11. I didn't manage to pull this off I tried like 10 different approaches and all of them didn't work as I wanted. I could stick them as scattered points and add a copySOP to make them grain like then doing a RBD sim, but I couldn't get that particle to particle interaction without heavy compute time... I asked it on /r/houdini and some pretty cleaver solutions came through, will give it a try when I have more time!
  12. I don't have houdini with me right now. But Im pretty sure that nodes gives you the same results as the volumeTrail SOP
  13. Damn, that acctually looks really good! Mind sharing the starting file?
  14. How many particles do you have? I usually add droplets and then add some expand and erode on the VDB mesh to make it smother.
  15. Wow, It was what I was looking for! Thank you so much!