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  1. umm, the result is not right..
  2. I solved it by F1's help, thanks activation> (strcmp(prims("../../IN_coll", 0, "name"), "density") == 0) || (strcmp(prims("../../IN_coll", 0, "name"), "surface") == 0)
  3. that's great. I will test it out, thanks!
  4. Oh, I am sorry too that I just knew there are TWO expressions, "prim" and "prims" !! I completely misunderstood them. Thank you, f1, so much for providing a sample file. I am checking it out right now!
  5. Hi, I am looking for auto-activation for source volume node in DOP based on an input object(VDB, houdiniSDF). This is because sim is broken, if the sourceVolume set to collision and there is no SDF primitive(@name=density or surface). So far, I tried 2 methods, but not working. A - use expression in activation, but something not right. B - use enableSolver, but probably it needs to place inside of the sourceVolume. If anyone has better ideas, please let me know, thanks sourceVolumeActivation.hipnc
  6. Where can I find the node "Target Deformation" in Dopnetwork ?
  7. actually code should be : (strcmp(prim("/path/to/operator", 0, "name", 0), "density") == 0) || (strcmp(prim("/path/to/operator", 0, "name", 0), "surface") == 0) However, this method won't work because prim does not return density name but will return actual density value. I need to figure out different way.
  8. thanks, then I just remember the simple syntax!
  9. I have a question about houdini cloth. I am looking for nCloth feature 'paint input mesh attract'. Basically I paint influences on mesh then attach an animated mesh which has same topology as nCloth's one. When siming it, nCloth mesh tries to follow the animated mesh as closely as possible. Non-influence vertexes are fully dynamics. Do we have a similar function in Houdini16?
  10. hi, I always use this removepoint vex as example; removepoint(geoself(), @ptnum) I just wonder if we have any other situations not to write 'geoself()' or '0' ? In other words, do we have different use of this VEX, instead of removing incoming points/particle?(I believe @ptnum is always like that, not other @XXXX, right?)
  11. hi, I have a question about filecache node. Basically I want to construct folders - project folder - HIP folder (save hip file here) - geo folder (cache here) I think 'project set' set $JOBS a file path, then we can use $JOB to make relative path. However, I try to skip that process because I don't like so much, also most productions don't use it. Then I use this expression in file cache node > geometry file `strreplace("$HIP/geo/$OS.bgeo.sc", "HIP/", "")` It seems to be working well, but I wonder if anyone knows a smarter way, let me know.
  12. Hi, I am looking for expression to automatically activate source volume node in DOP by input object(VDB, houdiniSDF). This is because sim is broken, if the sourceVolume set to collision but there is no SDF primitive. my idea is that the inside of the node, sourcevolume > SOP solver(source_density)>objectMerge(fetch_density). After this node, I add primitiveWrangle: if(@name == "density" || @name == "surface") f@activeSwitch =1; then I made float parameter(activation), and paste expression. prim(".", "activeSwitch", 0) After that, I plan to paste the parameter value to sourcevolume>activation. Then it should automatically set activation ON/OFF. The wrangleVEX is working but prim's expression is not working. How can I fix it??
  13. F1, thanks for your quick reply. Whole codes are changed and I can understand 70%. That's ok, and I tried your code and working well. I would like to ask for two things, When typing comment and hitting 'enter key', it executes as cancel, but prefer to execute as 'ok'. Then I changed to default_choice=1 Is that correct approach? Second questions, Actually I want to sometimes add comment words, not always. For instance, sometimes name "fx_dest_vocity_v051.04.comment.hip" or "fx_dest_vocity_v051.04.hip" Then I tried to change your code, but messed up. (sometime it loses last two digit numbers in a condition...) Could you add the feature that I can save a file with blank text?
  14. Hi, I am a very beginner of coding and looking for a custom save shell by python. This time, especially I'd like to ask for how to replace ".comment." part. Example file is "fx_dest_vocity_v051.04.comment.hip" and a procedure is : 1 - click shelf dock 2 - show a popUpWindow and type a comment 3 - click the popUpWindow, close it, and a script replaces "comment" part and new file name is saved, for example, "fx_dest_vocity_v051.04.vel2xfaster.hip" my best guess is; fileName = hou.hipFile.basename() ## for instance, file name is "fx_dest_vocity_v051.04.comment.hip" hou.ui.displayMessage("type comments", variable ) ## save comment hou.ui.displayMessage.close result = re.search( "([0-9]{2})\.???????\.hip", fileName ) ## get comment part newFileName = fileName.replace( result.group(1), variable ) hou.hipFile.save(newFileName) ## new file name "fx_dest_vocity_v051.04.vel2xfaster.hip" I know it's so many broken lines, so if someone helps to rewrite it, it would be great, thanks!
  15. Thanks, John!! that wrangle is even simpler and better because it does not require center value like a measure sop node. And I succeeded to create compile version of measure volume.