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  1. Sounds good! Thanks for the help! - Shawn
  2. Still having issues with this... It seems like a bug to me... I need "Allow Vertex Splits" on one vertex but not on the rest... It seems like the bevel "loop" is not closed or something... Anyway this should work with in the PolyBevel SOP. - Shawn
  3. I don't seem to be able to see the same result on this but I'm not 100% that I fully understand the bug...
  4. Thanks for taking a look!! Weird_Bevel.zip
  5. Can someone please tell me why I can't get a even bevel on an edge? I have this imported geo from zbrush and I am getting weird uneven beveling... Basically I'm not getting a fixed distance in certain areas... Thanks for the help! - Shawn
  6. Thanks for the tip! - Shawn
  7. Where did the lookat functionality go for the lights in Houdini 16? And how do I achieve this functionality that existed in H15? Thanks pros! - Shawn
  8. Thanks! This is a great help to some flower petals I'm modeling - Shawn