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  1. "Up into the Light" 2560x1600 - makes for a great wallpaper (if I say so myself). :-) Nitpicking: It seems Redshift could use some work on the convergence of it's noise patterns. Even with (insane) 8492 samples and an error-threshold of 0.00025 the DOF is still pretty grainy, although the defocus is not very strong. I rendered this at 4000x2500 originally where it's even more pronounced. It feels the same when using RS's progressive rendermode - where Thea Render clears up noise pretty quickly, RS never seems to get anywhere in that mode. For stills, I often prefer progressive rendering since I can simply let it cook until it looks good... Cheers, Tom
  2. The Houdini node view explained - what it really is all about: Unbelievable :-) Cheers, Tom
  3. "The Ring" This is fun :-) Starting with a circle I created this entire object with about 7 of my threaders... Rendered in Redshift (BTW. The "glow" comes from using DOF with a "Power" of 0.1 - interesting setting that...). Cheers, Tom
  4. "The Crown" Again further enhancing the threader with adjustable spread, phase offset, random radius variation, radius envelope, random thread thickness variation... Rendered in Redshift, DOF in camera with bokeh-image. Cheers, Tom
  5. "Twisted" More work on my custom threader... Rendered in Redshift. Cheers, Tom
  6. Yeah, I saw some of his experiments that start out REALLY interesting looking, almost like a fetus, but most of the time at one point they get overwhelmed by the overall growth (almost like cancer). Would be fascinating to dive into ways to stop that and keep refining those shapes. Basically what nature does after the initial "everything grows" phase where growth becomes limited to detail and intricate features... Otherwise we would probably all be huge blobs or amoebas... ;-) Maybe having a fixed amount of nutrients available and concentrate them on very specific parts? Refinement as goal, not general growth? Cheers, Tom
  7. "Morpho" Played with the file from Activate today, replacing the random nutrition distribution with a noise function for a more diverse structure and rendered with Octane... Cheers, Tom
  8. "Dark Knit" Worked on my own strand multiplication tool for a while and did a closeup: Cheers, Tom
  9. Played with this a bit today and it's quite fascinating. The main code is a bit over my head but I changed the nutritient building from random values to using noise to get less even distribution and played with some octane rendering: Thanks for the file and cheers! Tom
  10. Hey, sorry for the short notice - just got the news that there will be a Berlin Houdini User Meeting today: Everybody welcome, no matter the experience with Houdini - old hands as well as people starting out or even being just curious about Houdini. Looking forward to see you tonight! :-) Cheers, Tom
  11. "Toms Knitting" ... And of course I did the latest Entagma tutorial too ;-) I wasn't really happy about the very involved boolean solution though, so I came up with a much faster and simpler one. It's meant for rectangular UV patches only though. The alternative weaving style was contributed by Konstantin Magnus on Vimeo, for the strand multiplication I used the great Aelib tools. Cheers, Tom
  12. "Radial Audio" Two tests to see if I could finally grok chops for Audio. Those could really really really use some love, the potential for great stuff is there but in it's current form it's rather clumsy and feels totally outdated. Inspired by the great work of Simon Russel, also with Houdini and some of Gmunks projects with radial systems. Cheers, Tom
  13. "Glowing Lights" A test with Redshifts displacement in Houdini Core: Cheers, Tom
  14. "Structures 3" One more in the series, trying a different way to create the basis for the voronoi in Core: Again, rendered in Octane. The "medium" created a lot of render errors, fireflies and extreme noise, so I treated the result in PS & Lightroom and made the flaws into an integral part of the result. The "grit" actually turned out nice! ;-) Encountered more bugs in that polyextrude node, not only with the local transform but also when doing insets with a local attribute controlling it. I hope to pinpoint it better to report to support... Cheers, Tom
  15. "Structures 2" Houdini 16, Octane 3, Lightroom/Photoshop. Cheers, Tom