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  1. Hi guys! I have a particle simulation of a tornado, that drives a smoke sim. But when i render it create (for the particles far away from the others) blobby looks. even if i increase the division size , it only read the particles more detached, so more blobby. instead if i increase the sample distance it lose all the details.. and I would like to have something more "detailed", fluid. (I still have to add some more noise..) Can you help me and maybe give me some suggestion on how to proceed ? Thank you!
  2. Yeah it works! thank you
  3. I wanted to do a camera movement happening at frame 100 (the sim is 240frames long) but i want the simulation to stop at frame 100 for 24 frames (so it'll hold untill the camera returns to his place at frame 124). Do you have any idea of how i can do that? Thank you
  4. does any of you went to the escape studios? I've been wondering if that could be a good school for learning houdini the fact is that I've been studying houdini for some time now, but i feel I lack in some basics things that is hard to find on the internet by my own instead of just asking a teacher. Do you thinks it's worth to try and find a course that fits me like this - 1 month of fx-, or it's possible to learn it by myself maybe in a bit longer time? Thank you!
  5. Hi guys, I'm trying to render something out of mantra and make a comp in nuke, do you know how i can render in the exr also the channel for the specular/reflection/diffuse? thank you
  6. I though caching out the particles (for example) will took off the time dipendent cook but even if that's not that (i've been trying to cache out every particles i have) still when i'm trying to play one simulation node it slows down A LOT because it cooks file that arent in that node, but in another one that is not even visible, and i have no idea why and how to avoid this problem
  7. Hi guys! I've made a sim with particles but I would like to keep them rotate in circle for some seconds and then use their inherit velocity. how i can keep them rotating? i've been trying to add angular velocity with cos ($T * 180) ty = sin ($T * 180) this expression, but doesnt seem to work. any suggestions? thanks!
  8. Hi guys, I've been playing around with the constraint and I can't make work the cone twist or the hard constraint.. The geometry starts flipping around before the ball hits the wall does anybody know why? Here's my example file, thanks.. constraint.hipnc
  9. the problem was i didn't typed the point after the texture name. It's so weird that it was showing in the viewport and not in the render anyway Thank you so much by the way, you saved me from a lot of headache!
  10. you're right sorry, Here is my hip with the model and the textures.. I changed the name in the UDIM extension as %(UDIM)d or it wouldn't read them
  11. with a random material it's rendering, and the weird thing is that in the viewport is showing the textures in the right place, and in the render view.. just nothing! :/ I've checked Use map and Udim filename expansion in the mantra surface :/ but yet nothing, if i render with a baketexture it's showing only black and white textures :/
  12. I've tried with a mantra surface, is that wrong? :/
  13. Hi guys! I did a model on maya and the texture in mari and i'm trying to shade it in mantra, but if i plug the UDIM textures in the material i can see the texture in the viewport but not in the render view :/ does somebody knows why and can help me? thank you
  14. Hi guys, i animated a sphere with keyframes falling into the ground and i want the ground to broke when the sphere arrives to it. how i can import this animated obj inside the dop? if i check create animated static object it doesnt move and i dont get why thank you