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  1. hey, I'm working on a little effect like the impact of magic hammer on the ground which is doing deformation. In attachment there is an mp4 file from diffrent cameras to show what I have at this moment. There is no DOP / RBD simulation right now inside so I deform all this stuff using wrangler and pointdeform for transfering deformation on my geometry from voronoi. There is also hip file in this zip file uploaded so you can see exactly what is going on. I'm stuck at this moment because when I'm trying bullet simullation it looks bad and lot of pieces falling down event if I have ground plane in my dop which is close to the bottom of the ground geometry. Maybe someone of you did something similar effect and can give me some tips how can I improve it? Its pretty hard to find any references for this impact. Hope you can help me guys or show the best way for it. Dust and debris should be the easiest thing so the main problem is in ground deformation and interact with my hammer. ps. have problems with adding files here so in below is the link with zip which including mp4,hip,cache and it cost only 14/15mb so dont worry Attachment: https://we.tl/0qtqQavieE
  2. wow, thank you guys for this useful informations! Everything is super cool but if I think correct, this techniques are done during the rendering so in my case I need to export this to VDB and render in Maya arnold so I think my detail have to be in volume.
  3. Here is how it looks like in viewport. My volume have: 280,908,108 voxel count and in pyro it have division size like 0.0025 and still cant get detail in this simulation. Any chance to get help form you guys?
  4. saw this tutorial and it is cool in my opinion for one individual element like in this cas cigarette smoke but for kind of fog/dust on the ground unfortunately nope so I think i need the other way but maybe I'am wrong
  5. I'm trying to achieve kind of small layer of fog on the ground which will interract with moving object but the main problem for me is to achieve small curl detail with this smoke. Changing voxel size in pyro can't give me this and turbulence or sharpen force. Someone have solution how can i achieve much move detail like this on reference: Shutterstock I have no idea how should I create it. In attachment there is simply scene file. ps. can't upload file here on website so here is link with file: WeTransfer
  6. Ok so for example lets take one of three parts of this effect: Pimterest Here is one part reference of this effect from the first post so the problem is how can I emit this kind of shape for example from weapon? I know how to add particles and other stuff but the main proboblem for me is this kind of shape which is effect of moving/shoting weapon.
  7. Im thinking for few days how can I start with this kind of effect: Pinterest I was trying with animating noise on the shape and emit particles from it to get something similar but it looks so bad. There is no topics about this kind of effects so maybe someone here can give me so tips or did something similar? It shouldn't be longer than 1 second.
  8. Hey, did someone of you guys here create kind of dust effect on the sword surface like this one on this movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxDtKNN0Wtc Start watching at 0:24 so you will see what I'm talking about. I'm tring with simply particles emitt form few points on the surface but still it look like something organic not like a smoke. I'am a litle new in houdini to sorry for this kind of questions but trying to create it for two days. Hope you can help me a little and give some useful tips which show me best way for this effect.
  9. I'm trying to figure out how to get extra detail for close up shots with ground cracking. Currently I have base of my crack simulation base on curv and I would like to achieve extra detail like on photos and movies below.. https://vimeo.com/160013117 https://youtu.be/HJrKLmzX-0s I know that I can add in houdini edge displacement but can I make something more which will push up this detail?
  10. What is the best way to create and controll animation of fracturing on object? I would like to destroy for example house from left to right or any other object. I should play with gradient in VoP or there is better option for this kind of job?
  11. Here is screen from Houdini wher I've draw some lines. Black arrow show in which way I would like to emitt my particles and this red cross show where I would like to delete them. Use delete node and make some expression for delete or what should I do ?
  12. Juraj your .hip was realy useful but now have problem when car is not moving in straight line. Sometimes my car have to turn a little right and left. Is it possible to make this effect static withou this tire rotation and just attach it to my car. Because now I have to create really long plane for distributing particles and this is not comfortable when I import 10 cars whic are not in the 0 position.
  13. so adding pop force I can get direction which I would like to achieve ?
  14. hey, I have again problem with one topic with Pyro. I would like to achieve something like this effect on this tutorial for FumeFX: FUMEFX TUTORIAL What is the best solution to simulate my smoke in diffrent direction than up ? When I creat billowy smoke on my object it going up.
  15. thank you so much Juraj. This is amazing starting point I think. Now I will brind my car rig to this scene i try with it. Hope it will be easy to setup for moving car and going lef/right. I will attach it for the car tire with rivet maybe.