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  1. Overscan in houdini 15.5

    ahhh, I've discovered how to add it to my Mantra Rendering properties : ) http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/props/mantra.html And now it's applied I have the handy tip when I hover over it, which tells me the values relate to pixels. Sweet! I'm loving learning houdini : )
  2. Overscan in houdini 15.5

    Hi, Ben you say vm_overscan worked successfully once you had checked the output image, but I can't find any documentation about how/where to apply it. Could you describe how/where you applied vm_overscan, please? Thanks, Olly : )
  3. Houdini Submit To Deadline

    Hey Vitor, Thanks so much for your reply, very useful thank-you, most appreciated. So, zero in limits is good. Ignore imputs makes sense to have ON, unless the cache writing is organised carefully. Ah yes, it comes down to workflow preference as to whether a render node should copy scene locally or not (I remember from old Softimage days there are pro and cons to this). I use $JOB instead of $HIP everywhere, so I guess that would be ok. Olly : )
  4. Greetings! To anyone using Deadline for rendering Mantra, could you advise what your successfull workflow is, please? I have a couple of questions about the HoudiniSubmitToDeadline parameters that I can't find definitions for in any docs. This url is the most useful: https://docs.thinkboxsoftware.com/products/deadline/10.0/1_User Manual/manual/app-houdini.html Q1 - machine limit & Mantra Threads defaults are 0. Do I need to change this value, or is zero ok? Q2 - "Submit Houdini Scene" is OFF by default. Is this correct? Q3 - "Ignore Inputs" is ON by default. Which inputs is it referring to?? It's currently only rendering successfully if I DONT generate .ifds first, which is obviously not correct. I am ticking on "DiskFile" in the Driver tab of /out/mantra1 Disk file = $JOB/ifds/$HIPNAME/mantra_$F4.ifd Shared Temp storage = $HIP/ifds/storage Local Temp storage = $HOUDINI_TEMP_DIR/ifds/storage I launch Render->SubmitHoudiniToDeadline Pool = 3d group = None ROP to Render = Choose = /out/mantra1 Under MantraExport Submit DependentMantraStandalone Job is checked ON Pool = 3d group = None 2 tasks are submitted, which is normal. First task generates .ifds again (I think this can be avoided by select SkipFilesThatExist in /out/mantra1 IMAGES tab Second task is supposed to write .exrs but fails. Yes, the folder is writeable. Pipeline are looking into the error: INFO: Process exit code: 1 2018-01-05 17:14:03: 0: An exception occurred: Error: Renderer returned non-zero error code, 1. Check the log for more. 2018-01-05 17:14:03: at Deadline.Plugins.PluginWrapper.RenderTasks Any pointers gratefully received. Many thanks, Olly : )