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  1. spray particles acting weird

    Yea, I have just been messing around with depth and iso surface, only thing that seems to fix it.
  2. Flip fluid fill

    the problem is with your collision geometry. on the first extrude node you need to turn on output back. if you look at the cylinder the bottom is open. After fixing that it worked for me.
  3. Flip fluid fill

    could you post your scene?
  4. spray particles acting weird

    Hi, In my flip sim, I used the white water shelf tool to add foam, spray, and bubbles to my sim. The foam and the bubbles are functioning as I would expect, but the spray has strange behavior. It seems to be confused to as to whether or not a particle should be foam or spray. This results in spray particles getting stuck and not moving for a bit. When the particles become spray, they go from white to green. The faulty particles go from white to green, then back to white and back to green. It looks like they pile up against the floor (starting around frame 30), as show in the photo. I saw that someone had the same problem here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/45041/?page=1#post-201381 The fix the guy posted at the bottom did not work for me. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks spray.hipnc
  5. Pyro velocity field question

    Are you talking about the gas damp microsolver? This is what I use to add drag to pyro sims.
  6. adding turbulence to flip sim

    I see. I tried pop forces before, but I accidentally plugged them into the volume velocity rather than the particle velocity. Thanks for the suggestion!!
  7. adding turbulence to flip sim

    Hey! What is wrong with my setup? I am just trying to use a source volume node to add turbulence to my sim. However, I can't get it to work! Any help would be amazing. Thanks, flip.hipnc
  8. Add emitter to existing flip sim [solved]

    Thanks! I tried doing this, but I must have made a mistake somewhere along the way because I couldn't get it working. Thanks!
  9. Hey! In my scene (I think it may only work with 16.5) how could I use the sphere in my scene to be an additional flip emitter? The idea is to keep adding water to the top bowl. I want to use the top sphere as an flip fluid emitter. How would I set that up? Is it possible to have to flip objects going into one solver? Thanks water.hipnc
  10. lightning growth

    Thanks! I was able to incorporate that method into the digital asset itself, so I put the animation controls in the asset.
  11. Y ramp volume vop

    I am using 16.5
  12. lightning growth

    Thanks, I ll take a look at this
  13. Y ramp volume vop

    No, when you render it you can see the falloff isnot accurate.
  14. Y ramp volume vop

    I know I posted this problem a while back, but it would nice to figure out : (
  15. lightning growth

    unfortunately that does not work because some of the lightning branches are going down. The branch ends appear before the origin does.