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  1. Active Value Group [solved]

    Thanks, that works!! the geometry will be interacting with fluids, thats why I had had fractured object. So, you cannot access a sop group in dops? How can the pieces show and not the group?
  2. Active Value Group [solved]

    Hey! I have what seems to be a simple problem. In my file, I have a simple voronoi shatter. I have made a group that I want to set the active value to 0 in the active value node in dops. However, my group doesn't show up in the active value node. How come the pieces show up but not my group? How can I use my group in the set active value node? Thanks activevalue.hipnc
  3. Add detail to fractured geo

    I eventually found all except one. The surface model shader node.
  4. Add detail to fractured geo

    I saw this tutorial. I have only been using Houdini mainly since 16. I don't see some of the nodes he uses and to my understanding shops are obsolete now? What would I use? Material builder?
  5. Hey, I would like to add some detail to the interior faces of my fractured geo. I have separate materials for the inside and out. I added a displacement noise to the inside shader. The only problem is that it breaks the edges. How can I get some detail like that on the faces without breaking the geometry? Thanks
  6. Controlling Focus Distance

    Thanks btw, I will see which solution works best for me!!!
  7. Hey, This is how I control the focus distance in Maya. I use a measure distance node, then use that distance to drive the focal distance so where ever I move the null, the scene is in focus. Can I do this in Houdini? Is there a measure distance node that can get the distance between two null objects? One null would be at camera's position and the other null where I want to focus. Thanks
  8. Motion Blur Fluid Source Particles

    I didnt realize this thread had re-opened. I already figured out how to do it. Throw in a timeblend sop before the trail sop. Gives correct particle trails
  9. glue + RBD solver

  10. glue + RBD solver

    Hey! Houdini's manual states this about the glue adjacent tool: This tool only works with the Bullet Solver. You can change the type of solver in the Solver Engine dropdown menu on the Rigid Body Solver. So here's my question. Is there any glue tool that works with the RBD solver then? Thanks
  11. Understanding Vex documentation

    I wasn't sure if I was just ignorant of if it is actually confusing.
  12. Hey, I have been reading the houdini manual section on vex. I must be understanding the documentation incorrectly. For instance, here is the syntax in the documentation for "if" statement: if (condition) statement_if_true [else statement_if_false] What I don't understand is that syntax doesn't work. If I write: if (@id < 60) force.y = 20 [else force.y = -20]; that does't actually work. I must write this: if (@id < 60) force.y = 20; else (force.y = -10); Writing it that way works. Why would it show the syntax the other way if it doesn't work? Thanks
  13. Emitting particles from roto'd actor

    I tried to find this video. I found a link to this video in a forum, but the link was broken. Thanks
  14. Hey, Let's say I have footage of an actor that is rotoscoped in either nuke or after effects. I need to emit particles only where the rotocoped actor is and also the particles need to have the color based off the footage. Where do I start? Thanks