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  1. Hey,I am new to ocean simulations in houdini. I have a beach tank that I would like to render only the foam. The reason why is we are rendering everything else in Maya, including the water mesh. Does anyone know of of a tutorial or can anyone point in the right direction to rendering a “white water pass” correctly so it can be composited on the water render? Thanks
  2. Hi, How can I adjust the density of the flames in a pyro render? Right now, I have smokeless flames, and the flames are not dense enough. You know how you can change the density of the smoke? Cant you do the same thing for the flames? In visualization of the smoke object, I can make the flames appear more dense in the viewport by going to pyro's visualization go to emission then scale it up. You can see the results below. How can I do that in the shader, though? The flames are just to thin and transparent. The only thing I see is the fire intensity scale, but it makes it brighter not more dense. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Thanks for you input!! Super wierd. I don't understand why those settings don't work, lol.
  4. Hey! I believe my problem is simple, so hopefully someone can help. The attached file is a pyro simulation. It runs fine, right? I want a higher res sim, so I go to the smoke object and set the resolution from .08 to .06, and some how it stops working!! If you go to the visualization, you can see that the fuel is there, but somehow there is no heat or temp or anything. What's going on here? How does changing the resolution stop the sim from working? Thanks flame_test.zip
  5. Hi, I have a box converted to a volume. Using a volume vop and noise I made some clouds. Here is the problem, I want a lot of clouds. So i go to my original box and scale it up. Since i scaled my box now i need to increase resolution. However, I cant increase the resolution high enough to get the clouds looking good when they are near the camera. I would need a ridiculously high amount of voxels to do that. Even 58 million voxels isn't high enough. Here is what I dont understand, I can do a similar thing in Maya. I can make non-dynamic texture based clouds. Here is what I like about Maya: When doing texture based clouds, I can use low resolution (small amount of voxels) but still get high quality clouds because the opacity of the volume is being textured by a high quality noise pattern. Look at the 2 viewport photos. Both the high resolution and low resolution (bottom two photos) produce basically the same render (top photo). How can I do some thing like that in houdini? In houdini, it seems like the resolution of the noise is dependent on the voxel resolution, where as in maya I can have low voxel resolution, but high quality noise and get good render. Any thoughts? Thanks
  6. I disabled ram cache too. It seems to be using more ram than i am telling it to use.
  7. Hey, I was trying to save a compressed cache of my beach simulation. Over time, my ram kept filling up untill houdini crashed (not very far in). My work stations at school have 64 gigs and I have seen vimeo/youtube videos of people getting twice my resolution with half my ram. Also, why would my ram keep filling up if I am caching to disk and not ram? Does it actually cache directly to disk or cache each frame to ram then move it to disk, thus filling up ram? Thanks.
  8. Hey! I am trying to use particles as a source for pyro. For some reason the motion blur (from fluid source node) is not working as it should. I added a trail sop (to see what it would look like) and I am getting weird results. The first photo is with out the trail sop. Next photo is with it on. Clearly something is not right. You can see the same effect by viewing fuel as a slice and blurring it. What am I doing wrong? The particles were cached with velocity attribute. I also included the scene. thanks particleblur.zip
  9. I will check this out, thanks mate
  10. Hey friends: When I used maya, there was an option called "smooth" that I used in maya fluids. You know how voxels are boxes, so "box" like artifacting can appear. Smooth would render the corners and smooth squarish look that the voxels had, getting ride of the voxel-like appearance. Is there a way to do something like that in mantra? Thanks
  11. I found the problem. View port limits the resolution on 3d textures, and I did not realize it. So I was cranking up high values. After turn off texture limit, I can actually see my clouds fine.
  12. Also, how can I keep the clouds from being flat on the top.
  13. Hey, I am trying to use a volume vop to create a ramp that controls the y density of my volume, so I can have it fade off. If you look at the volume vop in my scene, you can see that it kinda works. There seems to be a problem with the fall off. Any suggestions? clouds4.hiplc
  14. Hey, What is a good way for creating large masses of clouds? I tried using the regular cloud node, but it seems really slow. At large scales it seems to run too slow to have a high enough resolution. I am trying to do something similar to this, just covering a bigger area. Any suggestions?
  15. What if I have transformations at sop level (a transform node animated) how do i get that animation to object level?