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  1. Hey, I need to simulate some curves that will be used on a groom in maya. 1500 curves to be exact. I exported the curves from maya to an alembic cache. I loaded the curves in houdini. How ever, for some reason the performance was really slow causing the viewport to lag. So I saved the curves out as a bgeo and re-imported them. However, it is still very slow (orbiting camera in viewport/doing any operation in viewport). What can I do to speed things up? Could it be slow because houdini is reading from a file and the curves are not actually part of the scene file? Thanks
  2. What do you mean by collision mesh? It's just the mesh created by the particle fluid surface node. If I move the mesh down, then the thin areas of water go completely below the ground.
  3. Anyone have a solution for this?
  4. Hey, I have a rigid body sim going on. For some odd reason, If I slow down the sim to low values on the scale time of the dop network, it breaks the sim and causes it to sim wrong. Usually, when I adjust the scale time it does not affect the look of the sim, just how fast it is moving. Whats going on here? Thanks
  5. Hey, Is it possible to kill particles using popkill in conjunction with pop proximity? I have particles following a curve using a popcurve force. I want particles that stray too far from the curve to die. Thanks
  6. Hi, I am new to texture baking. For some reason I keep getting this error. Any one know why? Thanks
  7. Hah, thanks!!!
  8. Found the problem, i needed to have seed attribute turned on. Thanks for the help : )
  9. For some reason once the particles start dying the random size starts freaking out and changes scale every frame, sigh.
  10. I found another way of doing it, just using and attribute random. I had never seen that node before, but it seems to work.
  11. hmm... that doesnt seem to fix it: connecting p to random causes the scale to change as the particle is moving through space
  12. I am trying to get random particle scale. In my source_particles, I created a attribute vop and added the attribute pscale. I have a constant and a random being multiplied together. The random node is giving every particle the same scale instead of different values, I think.y rando.hipnc
  13. Thanks, I got it working : )
  14. Thanks for the responses, I will test them out.
  15. Question about particle scale. All I did was create a location particle emitter. Then I converted the particles using the vdb from particles. Here is the question: What is the best way to control the scale of each particle, and what is determining the scale it is outputting to the vdb node? See how big the particles appear to be in the vdb picture? Thanks