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  1. Jitter based on age

    That is what I initially did, I did not like how the it was looking : ( I did get something decent looking tho : )
  2. Hey all: I have a particle simulation with particles shooting outward from the origin. I am using the particle replicate to emit particles from particles. Here is the problem, I want the particles close together at the top but further away toward the bottom like the photos shown below. My Idea was to do a point jitter based of the age of the particle, so that new particles will have no jitter while old particles will have jitter. Would it be possible to accomplish that using vex in an attribute wrangle? Or could it been done in a point VOP with a slider to adjust jitter by age? Or is there a better way to have the older particles move out further outward? than using point jitter? explosion001.hipnc
  3. Rendering IFD files

    I finally got it working!! I had to open the directory in the command prompt then run >>>>>for %i in (*.*) do mantra -f %i<<<<< it looked like this: cd /path/ for %i in (*.*) do mantra -f %i
  4. Rendering IFD files

    Alright, thanks for the help!!!!!
  5. Rendering IFD files

    All I am trying to do is manually send my render to multiple computers. Where I go to school, I am the only person that uses houdini, so we only have two licenses, which comes with 20 mantra tokens. If I render the IFDs using command line, I can render on multiple computers (up to 20) at once. I can't just go to each computer and open houdini and start the render, because I only have two licenses. Even if I use render to disk in background, it still uses my non-commercial license, which means I would only be able to have two computer rendering at once. After I contacted sidefx, they said "To avoid Houdini holding a license while rendering, the proper procedure is to render the ifd to disk and the submit the written ifd to mantra." So that is what I am trying to do. edit[we are using windows 10]
  6. Rendering IFD files

    I got it working, thanks!. One question still, if I want to render 30 frames, when I create my IFD file would I type ocean.$F.ifd? Or are all frames contained in one IFD file?
  7. Rendering IFD files

    How does that work? How does "mantra.exe -f ifdfile.ifd" work? How does that tell where my IFD file is located?
  8. Rendering IFD files

    Ok, I see how to open the command line tools, but what do I do from there? I watched a few tutorial, but nothing seemed to make sense. What is the first step after opening the command line tools? Also, does it use my mantra node's render settings? Or do I manually have to input the settings? How do I point to the idf file I created? Thanks
  9. Hi, How do you render a IFD file in the mantra node? I know how to create it by enabling disk file in the driver. Once the IFD is created what do I do? I am trying to render to disk. I read the manual and I did not really see how to render and IFD in mantra node. Thanks, Evan
  10. Make individual object not receive shadows

    I did that but it didn't work
  11. How can I make one object not receive shadows? I am using a shadow matte material on the ground to occlude some geometry. The problem is I only want the shadow matte to occlude some geometry, not occlude and receive shadow. In maya there is a setting called receive shadow. How can I do that?
  12. in my actual scene the shattered peices are emitting smoke. I do not care about collisions.
  13. That makes sense. If you use a fractured object instead of packed object, that weird geo doesn't show.
  14. How can the lump be the rbd object? Turn on display geometry on the RDB packed object, and you will see the correct sphere show and shatter. The reason that I turned off display geometry is so you can see it the lumpy mess behind it. Everything works fine, its just that weird geo shows.