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  1. Twist Problem

    Hi, I am trying to create a rope that I can deform by using a curve. The problem is the twist node only really works if the rope is straight. As soon as I blend my line to my custom curve, the twist gets thrown off. What is a work around? thanks rope.hipnc
  2. Twist Problem

    Yep, this is very helpful~ thanks again!
  3. Twist Problem

    I don't really understand what you did but I got it to work using wire deform/capture. It doesn't work as well, tho. Did you make that path_frame asset?
  4. Twist Problem

    Thanks! wow I am a bit lost but I will keep looking into this! What do you mean by path deformer?
  5. Particles from RBD object

    I can post an example if you want me to, but I started doing this thing where I delete Geometry based off the velocity it is moving. That way when its not moving or before it breaks, the geometry is deleted so that nothing is emitted. One the geometry breaks and starts moving, it becomes "un-deleted" so that it can start emitting smoke or particles.
  6. Slow down particles ?

    Yea, its on the outside of it.
  7. Hey, This is how I control the focus distance in Maya. I use a measure distance node, then use that distance to drive the focal distance so where ever I move the null, the scene is in focus. Can I do this in Houdini? Is there a measure distance node that can get the distance between two null objects? One null would be at camera's position and the other null where I want to focus. Thanks
  8. implicit cast

    Thanks again : )
  9. implicit cast

    Hi, What would a better way of writing this be to get rid of the implicit cast warning? if (@P.y < ch('pthreshold') || abs(@v.xyz) < ch('vthreshold')) removepoint(0,@ptnum); I want the absolute value of velocity x,y and z to = my vthreshold value. I get the implicit cast warning because the vthreshold is only a float and not a vector. Any help would be appreciated. As you may know, the expression works as it is now, I just want to get rid of the warning by writing it properly. Thanks
  10. implicit cast

    thanks : )
  11. Slow down particles ?

    The dopnet also has a scale time
  12. Pyro Collisions

    Thanks : ) I never knew what the CFL condition was for until now.
  13. Pyro Collisions

    Hi, I am dealing with some pyro collision problems. I have an explosion that is penetrating the roof collision shape. Part of the trouble is that the collision is fairly thin and the pyro sim is moving fast. I can make the collisions perfect by setting the substeps to a ridiculously high number, such as 10. What is a better way to deal with my problem other than high substeps? As you can see, most of the fire is colliding, but some seems to seep through. Thanks
  14. Unexpected field force behavior

    Hey, I have a sim of a roof being exploded. The tube you see is providing velocity to push the chunks outward. I am using a field force and I am using velocity from my tube as the force attribute. For some reason, the field force only affects small chunks, as outlined in the photo. If I go to my packed object (the roof) I can change the density from 1000 to like 1, then finally all chunks are affected. That creates another problem because the smaller pieces move like 20x faster than the larger chunks. I suppose I could use @speedmax or a pop speed limit. My main concern why does the density affect field forces velocity being added? Why is it soooo extreme (because the smaller chunks are not that much smaller). I tried treat as wind in my field force, but that does not help either. Is there a better way of doing what I am trying to accomplish? Thanks
  15. How to view heightfield collision

    thanks for the answers!
  16. How to view heightfield collision

    Hey, I am using a heightfield as a collision. However, when I try to view the collision by turning on show guide geometry, nothing shows. Is this normal? I want to point out that the collision works, I just cant see it. thanks
  17. Weird Grid Showing in Large Renders

    Thanks : ), unfortunately still only the solution I can find is adjusting shading quality. I really do want to know what is causing it tho.
  18. Hi I am using a texture that I got from a height field output node. For simplicity's sake I removed my terrain shader and simply assigned a principled shader with texture displacement enabled. You can't really notice this unless the grid is really large (which it needs to be for me), but these grid lines appear in the render for some reason. They are not the edges/ resolution of the grid being deformed. I did notice that if I go to obj level and change the shading quality to a high enough value, the grid eventually disappears. Why is this? Whats weird is that these grids dont appear if I render the heightfield directly. Thaknks
  19. Using Patterns In Houdini

    I eventually figured it out. Its actually adding a different float value for each point. If use the print vop you can see its generating a float value for each point.
  20. Hi, Could someone help me understand how this works? The Bias in the color mix is looking for a number value, how can just a number value provided by the amount cause these dot patterns? For instance, if I just type in a value, it just blends between the colors by fading, as expected. What exactly is coming out of the amount that causes the pattern to work? Thanks
  21. Hi, I set up a some displacement in a material builder network. I think I set it up correctly. When ever I change and parameter on my noise, it does not update in the ipr. I have to manually click render every change. Is this correct behavior? thanks material.hiplc
  22. UV's on grain sims

    Hey! I have a shot of a flower pushing up dirt and growing. I used the sandbox grain preset with my ground geometry. I am trying to figure out the best way to create uv's, because I need to texture the dirt. I converted my particles to vdb then to geometry. I noticed that after the grain source was created it also dropped a rest node. How can I utilize that rest node later on? I know i need to use it to keep the texture in place, because the mesh will be deforming. I have attached a scene mimicking my actual scene. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks dirt_uv.hipnc
  23. spray particles acting weird

    Yea, I have just been messing around with depth and iso surface, only thing that seems to fix it.