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  1. Granular Sheet - Can't Rip the Mesh

    I thought of turning up the divisions on my sphere, but the sphere is only stand-in test geo. you know how the amount of points from the grain source is different than your original geo? I wanted a way of creating primitives along those points from the grain source, like triangulate 2d, just in 3d space. That way if I change the resolution of the sim, my mesh with also get and updated. Also, I can't get the number of points to match from my original topology to what the grainsource created. thanks
  2. Granular Sheet - Can't Rip the Mesh

    Is there a way to do this without using triangulate 2d? My mesh is a sphere so triangulate 2d wont work : (
  3. Emission from cached geo opposed to animated

    I believe I have had similar problem and I fixed it using time blend.
  4. CloudFX to Pyro

    If your scene file has cached geometry in it you need to either upload that file or lock the node, otherwise the scene is empty. I think its referencing a file on your desktop. Can't you justyour cloud it a pyro source but add no velocity. You can set source to copy so you density doesn't keep adding up over time. When ever you want your clouds to be dynamic just animate what ever velocity you want to turn on.
  5. Pyro Emit Smoke Problem

    That doesn't work for my setup because I have smoke trails in the same pyro container that appear early on.
  6. Pyro Emit Smoke Problem

    Hi, I have an explosion, but I cant seem to get the look I want. I want the initial blast to just be transparent fire then as it cools down become smoke. I turned on create dense smoke and adjusted the heat cut off so that smoke is only created once it reaches a certain "coolness". However, that heat cutoff function doesn't seem to work. It always emits smoke, it doesn't seem to wait for the heat to cool down before it creates smoke. As a result, there is wayyy tooo much smoke early on. So much that when you render it the smoke is over powering the fire. What can I do to just have flames then smoke as the fire cools? Here is a good example: https://vimeo.com/156039861 Thanks explosion002.hipnc
  7. rendering ifd windows cmd prompt

    You need to do a loop. I had this same problem. This what I did for mine to work: 1. type in the letter of your drive followed by a colon 2. use "cd" to change your directory 3. Type in “for %i in (*.*) do mantra -f %i” here is my forum post figuring this out:
  8. Pyro Emit Smoke Problem

    hmm, my problem is I can't get transparent fire then dense smoke. The smoke seems to overpower the transparent flames. I can either get the fire looking good or the smoke, but not both at the same time. If I get the fire looking good, the smoke is too transparent. If I get the smoke looking good, it covers the fire.
  9. Pyro Emit Smoke Problem

    any ideas, still having this problem : (
  10. Hello : ) I have a particle simulation with particles that die fairly quickly. I used a time blend then trail sop to replicate the particles. The problem is that the particles start to overlap once they start dying, as seen in the photo. This causes a problem later on in the pipeline for me. So I use a fuse sop to try to consolidate all the points occupying the same position into one particle. For some reason, I cannot get the fuse sop to work on these points. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Does fuse not work if the points are not connected? thanks in advance. points.hip
  11. Fuse not working? [solved]

    Well, I eventually figured out how to solve this problem fairly easily. Use add sop >>>> polygons >>>>> by group >>>> Add >>> by attribute > id. Then I use the fuse node. Next just add delete sop and delete everything but select keep points : )
  12. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    Hey, I have been struggling to get a nice swirling motion in slower moving pyro smoke simulations. In Maya fluids I had an option called swirl witch worked beautifully. I found an old post addressing this issue, but it seems to have died before arriving at a good solution: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/23132-smoke-swirl-vorticity-with-smoke-solver/ Here is a simulation I did in Maya using the swirl attribute. https://youtu.be/Ifd6FJ2oHIc In houdini I have been using disturbance but I don't seem to get the results I want. Disturbance doesn't really seem to add swirl but more turbulent detail. For example, look at this sim I found on vimeo. You can see the disturbance start overpower the simulation towards the end, it doesn't really add a swirling motion. https://vimeo.com/220668349 What is a good Idea to get nice swirls? Thanks
  13. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    All good answers- The vorticles seem to be closest to for me, but motion-wise Ill have to mess around to get something as nice as the swirl attribute.
  14. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    MVP : ) thanks
  15. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    the patterns caused by all these nodes seem to be turbulence patterns not circular swirl motion
  16. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    I tried messing around with that setting, but it did not seem to do too much. Ill try it again tho.
  17. Mixing Pyro Colors

    I had one more question, why can't I use any of the inputs on the pyro shader? For instances, if I make a constant change it to color and plug it into the smoke color nothing happens.
  18. Hi, I have been working to create a pyro simulation with multiple colors. I did this by giving my particles different colors then in my fluid source node use the attribute Cd in velocity volumes. I use that as a vector field in dops. This method works, but if I want to change the color I have to re-sim the whole thing. Is there anyway to modify the Cd attribute colors after the simulation? I just seems like there must be an easier/better way to get multiple colors in a pyro simulation. It seems like I should be able to set to colors like red and blue and simulate that. Then at render I can modify the Cd colors to what I need. Or is re simulation something that just needs to be done? It just doesn't seem art direct-able if I have to re sim every time I need to fix the colors. thanks in advance. explosion.hiplc
  19. Mixing Pyro Colors

    I found if I add a volume vop (after dop i/o) I can access the Cd and change the color
  20. Mixing Pyro Colors

    Thanks, ill look into this
  21. Vector Field & Gas resize

    Hi, I am trying to add different colors to my pyro simulation. I have a vector field for the color. How can I make it adjust the size of my vector field to match my main pyro container? My main pyro container has a gas resize fluid dynamic node. How to I make the vector field adjust with the gas resize fluid dynamic? Thanks explosion.hiplc
  22. Vector Field & Gas resize

    Haha I am dumb : ) thanks
  23. Vector Field & Gas resize

    Gotcha, I added a gas resize field and that did the trick. thanks : )
  24. Vector Field & Gas resize

    I am not sure where to plugin the gas match field, but I plugged it into the pre-solve. When I match it to the density it creates a new problem. The color vector fields stops matching pyro. The first photo you can see it did resize the container to match, but there is a problem with the vector field. thanks btw : )
  25. Explosion Trail

    Hi, What is a good way to get good looking tendrils/explosion trails like in the photo. Everytime I attempt this look, my sim just winds up mushrooming out and I can't get the motion I want. Here is the full video of the reference: https://youtu.be/obmbR4lP6Ws I have tried many things. I tried emitting from particles and used the trail sop to create a trail of particles, I have tried emitting from just a few particles, I tried geometry, but I can't seem to get the look that I want. Here is another sim that I did where you can see motion is not that great. https://vimeo.com/262084530 Thanks