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  1. thanks for the fast replies!! Your method is working spot on!!!
  2. Hey! I was looking at the scene found here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/26032/ I want to control the width of my wire with a ramp vop. This scene was created with an older version of houdini. When I try to recreate it with the updated nodes, it does not work. The original (which you can see in my scene) uses a vopsop and the add attribute, both of which are obsolete according to the manual . I tried recreating with the new nodes, but it does not work. Could some one let me know what's going on? Thanks! edit: for some reason the attached scene crashed for me when I downloaded and opened it. However, if you open houdini first then open the project (as opposed to opening file directly) it seems to work. line.hipnc
  3. MPlay Crashing...

    Hi! For some odd reason after I create a flipbook, I click file>export>video for windows 64 bit, and that crashes. It started doing this when I updated to Houdini 16.5 from 16. Anyone have any ideas why this would happen? If I do video for windows 32 bit, it works. I used to be able to do for 64 bit in houdini 16. thanks
  4. Volume Visualization Plane Shifting [solved]

    I spent so long trying to figure it out and after posting here I somehow found the answer like 5 seconds later, lol. Its because I am using a gas resize field. If I disable it, the slice stays in the same spot perfectly!!
  5. Hey! Is this normal behavior? I am trying to visualize the velocity field of my pyro simulation, but the position of the plane on the y axis keeps shifting up and down which makes some frames look completely different because it is looking at a different y position of the sim. It makes it difficult to see if my velocity field is simulating correctly. Look at the two photos below, it seems like the velocity drastically changed, but its actually because the slice moved upwards and it is showing the velocity of a higher part of the sim. Is this normal? Thanks
  6. Pyro Problems

    Hey! I am simulating fire with pyro and I can't seem to get the shape I want. In short, my fire is lasting too long (not dissipating fast enough) and the licks in the fire are too big. It looks like the fire is being simmed at a larger space scale even though my scale is correct. I tried using gas dissipate on temperature to make the flames die faster, but it seems to get rid of some of the swirling motion. I see there is shredding, but it creates licks that are much too big. In maya, I had a space scale and then a setting called swirl. I could change the size of the swirl to get the correct lick size. What advice do you guys have? Thanks in advance
  7. Pyro error Houdini 16.5

    no one else noticed this : ( ?
  8. Hey, Anyone else notice that turning on open cl in pyro solver creates an error after updating to houdini 16.5? All you have to do is use one of pyro's presets on the shelf then turn on open cl. Is this a bug or is there actually something wrong? thanks
  9. Use a Pyro Sim to affect another Pyro Sim

    thanks : ) I think i needed to set velocity to "maximum" rather than add.
  10. Hi, I have two different pyro sims which I want to affect each other. Is it possible to use a source volume to import one of my sims so that it can affect another pyro sim? I tried doing this, but I could not get it working. One of my sims is cached, so preferably I would want to import that cached sim into my next sim to influence it. Thanks, Evan.
  11. Use a Pyro Sim to affect another Pyro Sim

    Any other ideas?
  12. Volume Light

    LOL Now I feel stupid. I forgot to turn off my directional light, so the plane was rendering gray and not black. I was using a luma key in nuke to get rid of the gray ground plane! Thanks : )
  13. Volume Light

    Hey all. I have an explosion and a volume light. You can see the effect of the volume light on the ground plane. My explosion is being composited and I need this light being created by the explosion to brighten up the ground so that it looks like the second image. What pass do I need to save this light information so I can use it in compositing? Basically, I want a pass of how the volume light affects the ground. Thanks in advance!
  14. Use a Pyro Sim to affect another Pyro Sim

    I was able to do that too. The problem is velocity is going way too fast. The affected simulation seems to be affected faster than the other sim is actually going, see what I mean? Seems like its being affected by the other sim x 3.
  15. Micro solver mask

    Hi again, I have an explosion being sourced by particles. I have a gas dissipate micro solver to make the fuel dissipate faster because too much fuel is lingering after the explosion. However, I also have another source of fuel which is for the fire that keeps burning after the explosion has ended. My problem is that I only want the fuel from my particles to dissipate and not my fire fuel. Can I somehow limit the gas dissipation to only affect one of my fuel sources while my other fuel source remains untouched? Thanks in advance! Edit: Should the fire be a separate pyro solver? If so, how can two pyro solver affect eachother?
  16. Gas Disturbance vs Gas Turbulence [solved]

    Thanks, you are a genius! For gas turbulence, setting threshold to 0 did not work but any negative values work. Also, I should have known to check the check box for field is vector!!! Thanks again
  17. Hi, In my pyro sim, I just want to add some velocity in the container before my smoke begins emitting. I could do this by creating a box and using fluid source and adding curl noise. I did not really like the results, so I decided to try something else. I tried adding a gas turbulence and turned on the velocity visualizer. However, gas turbulence doesn't seem to affect the container until density enters the container. I tried gas disturbance. Disturbance did add velocity to the container, but I noticed the field set to disturb was "temperature". I changed the field to disturb to velocity and it stopped working. Why does the temp field work but not velocity? Why doesn't the gas turbulence not add velocity until density enter the simulation? Thanks
  18. Pyro Viewport Lighting Problem

    @marty Ah! so it is a bug then. I thought I might be doing something wrong. @djiki Your fix worked for me!!! Well, this is what Sidefx said: Hello Evan,It is because there are no lights in DOPs. DOPnets are in their own world, devoid of lights, cameras, etc. You need to look at them as objects or SOPs in order to see the scene lighting.We have an RFE in place for this (#63105)
  19. Hi, Not sure what is going on here, but if you create a dopnet inside a geometry node, scene lights wont affect pyro in the viewport. If you back out of the dopnet, then you can see the light affecting pyro. However, if your dopnet is at object level lights will affect pyro. Why can't my dopnet be inside a geometry node and have the scene lights affect pyro so I can see whats going on? Photo 1 is inside the dop net. Phpto 2 is inside the geometry node but outside the dopnet. Thanks smoketho.hipnc
  20. Pyro Emit Smoke Problem

    Hi, I have an explosion, but I cant seem to get the look I want. I want the initial blast to just be transparent fire then as it cools down become smoke. I turned on create dense smoke and adjusted the heat cut off so that smoke is only created once it reaches a certain "coolness". However, that heat cutoff function doesn't seem to work. It always emits smoke, it doesn't seem to wait for the heat to cool down before it creates smoke. As a result, there is wayyy tooo much smoke early on. So much that when you render it the smoke is over powering the fire. What can I do to just have flames then smoke as the fire cools? Here is a good example: https://vimeo.com/156039861 Thanks explosion002.hipnc
  21. Hey, When you use the render button in the toolbox, then click view:Mantra, what render node is it using? It definitely isn't using my render node. It renders from the perspective view as expected but its at some weird resolution and not my render node's settings. It renders at 640 x 465, lol. What node is it using and how do i edit it?
  22. What render node is being used?

    It was not using the mantra ipr node. I know it because my ipr node had changes to the settings that drastically changed the image. Rendering using the view:mantra did not reflect my settings. I also tried deleted my ipr node so the only node was my render_engine node, and it still did the same thing. It clearly was not using any of my nodes. My camera was 720p. Neither render nodes were overriding the cameras resolution. edit: To clarify what I meant, I am rendering water. If I don't have enough pixel samples, parts of the water render black. In my IPR and my other render node, I turned up the pixel samples and it fixed the problem. However, when I render using view:mantra, the black dots appeared again because it was not using any of my render nodes in which I had turned up the pixel samples. That's how I know it was not using my nodes. Also, the resolution is not the same.
  23. How can I make one object not receive shadows? I am using a shadow matte material on the ground to occlude some geometry. The problem is I only want the shadow matte to occlude some geometry, not occlude and receive shadow. In maya there is a setting called receive shadow. How can I do that?
  24. Noise as Texture?

    Ill give that a shot
  25. Noise as Texture?

    Hi, Is there a simple way to use noise as a texture for the principled shader? It's looking for a string file path. In Maya, you can create a noise texture, which creates a texture and placement node. You can connect it to the color of the material. How would you do this in houdini?