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  1. Ragdolls explode

    Nothing, it is not displaying any guide geometry. That is weird, is there anything I missed setting it up? I built the collision layer and then I configured the joints, is there anything else I got to do?
  2. Ragdolls explode

    Hey thank you so much for reply. Yeah that's what I did and its fine. I'm not doing a partial ragdoll but I am not sure what a motor driven ragdoll is? I'm just trying to trigger the state. I've also tried to just set the ragdoll state to active in the normal walkstate (the walk is fine) but it always breaks.
  3. Ragdolls explode

    When my ragdoll state is triggered, my agents mesh explodes and breaks in the simulation in very disturbing ways. When setting up my collision layers and testing it outside of the dopnet, it seems to work fine. Does anyone have an idea why this is and what I have done wrong. I am using FBXs, but when testing with the Mocap characters from Houdini, it works fine. Thank you very much in advance.
  4. Crowd and Rigid Bodies

    Thank you so much! I can't believe I missed this
  5. Crowd and Rigid Bodies

    Hi there! I am trying to make my crowd interact with some rigids (have them walk into a box and make the box move on impact ect.) but the box is not actually moving. I made a collision layer but when I try and display it in the solver, there is nothing. It works in the example sideFX file (ragdoll one) and as far as I see, there are no differences. I would be super grateful if someone could give me a nodge into the right direction Thank you
  6. How would I go about altering the velocity/speed or heading of my DOP agents manually? Are these attributes read only? Is there a way I can directly customise them using a wrangle instead of updating target points and attracting my agents to them? I would like to add some random steering to my guys and I would like to have more control over their speed and add variation but I am not sure how to approach this. If anyone could help me with this, I would be very grateful Sorry for the edit, but I have another problem: I noticed that when playing my simulation for 30+ frames, some of my agents start randomly disappearing. It shouldn't be the life expectancy as its really high and there is no variance. There is nothing in my simulation deleting them and I really can't tell any difference between the ones going and the ones not affected. It doesn't happen at once, its more like a gradual thing. Has anyone encountered that?
  7. Intersection with primitive along vector

    Okay, I figured it out. It was because for some calculations the point was past the point of the dir vector, so it just returned 0 because I assume it wasn't 'long' enough. I multiplied it by 10 and it works fine now
  8. Intersection with primitive along vector

    Yeah, I used intersect() and it works fine but, I assumed that &p: int intersect(<geometry>geometry, vector orig, vector dir, vector &p, float &u, float &v) would write out the point of intersection between the ray and geometry. For me, it just copies @P (orig vector) giving me the points position as the intersection point which clearly doesn't make sense. Did I understand it wrong? edit: I changed the orig vector to something else and &p gives me the orig vector every time? The dir vector is (goal - orig)
  9. Intersection with primitive along vector

    Oh wait, my brain just didn't function for a second there. I realised I could just use intersect() to get the point.. Sorry about this
  10. Intersection with primitive along vector

    Hello Thank you very much! That is cool but I need to figure out how to do this in VEX as well as I need it further down the line in my code. Would you know how to approach this?
  11. I have two points and I am trying to figure out if there is a primitive "between" them (just if a straight line from A to B will intersect with it) but I am slightly stuck. I attempted this by calculating the distance between them and the distance along vector AB to the intersection and comparing the two values. But I can't seem to calculate the second. I have been using xyzdist() but I am not sure about how to approach the "along the vector" side of this as (as far as I understood it), xyzdist() just gives me the closest intersection without regarding a direction vector? Is there any function I could use for this? I would appreciate any help Thank you!
  12. VEX attribute not updating?

    Hey thank you so much! I used an array and then just updated them in the end and it works fine now. Thank you again!
  13. Hello, I am writing some code and I noticed something weird. I am using a detail wrangle and some loops. Inside one loop, I use setpointattrib() to update a point attribute and then, I read the updated value back using getattrib() to use it for a condition further down the line. I noticed that, even after updating my attribute in one iteration of the loop, it will still read in the default value it was set to before, not the new value, I set it to. Can anyone explain to me why this is? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you
  14. Agents get stuck in place after trigger

    Thank you so much for your reply I fixed this by setting the velocity to a really small number instead of 0 for when they stop. The walk was driven by a seek node. I could still make a scene file if you believe that the problem has a different cause and my way is not the ideal solution?
  15. I am doing a crowd sim and after triggering my agents to stand (from walking) and back, they swap perfectly fine but get stuck in place. I set the speed for the standing state to 0 but assumed it would change back once in the walking state again? I bet I am just missing something but it got me stuck and I would appreciate some help. Thank you in advance