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  1. Hi guys I'm trying to simulate a falling glass filled with water at the moment of the impact rbd broken objest starts a strange behavior jumping and flying all around.(you can see in the attached video) Can anyone tell me how to fix it or tell me if the same problem has been treated in another thread. Thanks alot regards E. falling_glass.mov
  2. rbd strange behavior with flip fluid

    thanks for your reply. I just tried what you suggested me pieces are still boucing on the fluid surface. I don't understand why.
  3. Rolling debris

    Hi everybody, this is my first post. (I hope ·Effects· is the right place ) I'm trying a simulation fracturing object as Atom's video tutorial. (Font crumble with smoke and debris) I noticed that debris don't roll on the floor. How can i give them a smooth rolling effect? I hope some one of you can help me kind regards Pani.
  4. Atom's Link Page

    Thanks a lot! <3