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  1. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

    Hi Follyx, wow thats looks cool actually! Will download for sure. Can anyone verify if something was wrong with my initial setup? I really wanna find out about my active/inactive issue..
  2. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

    Hi sepu! Thanks for posting - this looks nice! I just looked at the file. So the active/inactive works in this layout... does that mean that there was something wrong with the "RBD Object" in my setup? Its not like i want to use "RBD Object" but i still would like to know what i did wrong or if it is some sort of bug. All the best!
  3. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

    Was there something wrong with the way i set up active/inactive?
  4. Having issue with RBD-SIM - active/inactive

    Hi - thanks for the quick answer! Somehow i cannot download the file hen clicking on it. Error code: 2S328/1
  5. Hello people, pardon me, i know this must seem super basic but somehow my RBD-Sim does not work properly. I wanted to have a sphere affect a a simple prefractured box. To avoid having the box fall down upon itself i selected a few bottom pieces and set them as "i@active = 0;" But in the sim - now nothing reacts to my sphere. I have double checked and the active shows up correctly in the spreadsheet in the sim. Since this is hard to explain i have attached the file. I hope someone can take a look. It is a very basic setup. I guess this is some weird bug or i am missing something super obvious (sorry, still new to RBDs) All the best! rbd_active.hiplc
  6. Combining RBDs/Constraints

    Sorry, i hope double posting is alright! Actually the constraints on Matts site are exactly what i had in mind. The only difference would be having the same kind of setup, but with the boxes being able to fracture!
  7. Combining RBDs/Constraints

    Sorry, you are right. In this case i shouldve said glue constraint (that holds pre facture together). So what i want to do is have bunch of prefactured "glued" cubes next each other connected with a spring constraint. With a single geo i could not have the spring constraint between them.. thats why i would need at least two. Sorry for the confusion! It sucks that i am not home now! EDIT: Thanks for the link, Matt! I think i checked your page but i guess i missed something important (as always)
  8. Combining RBDs/Constraints

    Hi Varishtraheja, thank you for your message. I cannot send i file right now since i am at work! But i will do one tonight. The thing is basically that i dont know how to apply two constraints to one object. So say i have for cubes lined up i would like to have them connected/constrainted to run a springconstraint. But i also want to voronoi each individual cube. Really weird to explain it is best to just put together a file i guess Will do so in a few hours!
  9. Combining RBDs/Constraints

    Hey Guys, so i have been getting more and more into Rigids recently after steering clear of them for the longest time. Its actually quite cool but i am still taking baby steps and the sims are rather simple. I have been going over the different constraints and i am getting a good feeling for them. I wanted to take it a step further and kinda combine/mix these and ran into some problems. What i was trying to do was this: Copy a bunch of boxes with some distance between them (via copy sop) and have them "connected" via a spring constraint. Now i would also like to try to have the boxes voronoi fractured as well. So that i could basically have them swing around with the spring constraint and then be destroyed if the hit a solid object. I hope i am making sense. At the moment i am only able to do one of the two - but i would like to combine them. Could someone guide me how i would need to go about that. All the best!