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  1. Normals/Shading Issue

    @f1480187 You're right it wasn't fully artifact free. That does make sense about the random surface positions and insetting does help too. A great point to be aware of. I really appreciate you clearing that up and giving examples:) The sphere is looking nice now!
  2. Normals/Shading Issue

    @3dome Wow that solution work pretty perfectly. Thanks so much. I'll have to look more into the science behind that neighborcount function, also the fuse node is new to me as well. All good stuff. Yeah the cusping is preferred. Thanks again for the help! @f1480187 I see what you are saying. After 3domes fix the light didn't need to be moved after all. Thanks for the suggestions though:)
  3. Normals/Shading Issue

    Thanks@3dome That is probably it. I'm kind of a newb to houdini, a fix like that seems a bit over my head at the moment. Can you point me in the right direction of getting rid of the unnecessary edges?
  4. Normals/Shading Issue

    @DaJuice Thanks for the suggestion. That did help. It didn't fully fix it but it's much closer. I attached the scene file. The spline that is used to cut the sphere will eventually move I think which may cause problems but for now just getting it working in still form is what I'm after. SphereBoole_EdgeProblem.hiplc
  5. Normals/Shading Issue

    I'm having trouble figuring out this phong/normals issue. The picture shows it best but I extruded a shell to give it some depth. On the edge I pointed the normals where I thought they needed to be but I'm still getting a weird shading issue. I'm not sure whats causing it. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks AJ
  6. I'm pretty new to Houdini and i've seen the "Active" attribute come up a few times in tutorials. I searched but couldn't nail down exactly why and where this comes from in Houdini. I get that it seems to pertain to DOPS and Glue constraints but I wasn't really clear on it all. I've seen people create it in sops and use it later in dops to activate things. My questions are: Is the "active" attribute a native attribute that nodes in DOPS looks for? Does it control all dynamics/force/glue or can you specify? Really any general info on it is appreciated! Thanks!