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  1. get dop hitpath data in vex

    I can't get it...
  2. get dop hitpath data in vex

    sorry but I am really a vex noob...! how do you think I can use it?
  3. get dop hitpath data in vex

    by the way you solved half of the problem! I forgot to merge the dop_import node with the object merge to keep the data! but stiil wrapping my head around on how to get the number of the group from a string attribute...
  4. get dop hitpath data in vex

    Hi atom thanks for your answer. But I think I exposed my problem in a wrong way....! The set up I have needs to remain inside the dop net. So far I could get the data in the dop net (using a solver inside it) but I can't understand how to get the data from the "Geometry" attributes inside dops. In particular using the "hitpath" attribute since it is a string containing a group number.
  5. get dop hitpath data in vex

    Hi guys. I am trying to set some attributes based on my hitpath id's. The original scene was using a flip fluid and a gas collision detect,... by the way I'm uploading a scene file with a pop net set up for speed reasons. In the file scene I have uploaded I have created a pop network with a collision detect and a sopsolver to fetch the attribute data from the dop geometry. I do not understand how to get the right data from the hitpath attribute to set my "colliderid" attribute. It seems to be a group as well and I am wrapping my head around it! Another thing I noticed, it is that the geometry spreadsheet doesn't seem to show the correct feedback of the hitted points...they seem to be not enough...I am doing something wrong? cheers paolo hitpath.hipnc

    Ok, I've found the issue. In the opengl "Scene Path" I was selecting a node inside my onj path instead of selecting directly the full obj path directory.
  7. Hi guys! I have a scene were I have a rop network that is caching out a sim. After that I would like to automatically made a flipbook out of it... how can I do that? I was tryng out the opengl rop but it doesn't seem to work, all frames are black. thank you
  8. affect rbd object by pop wind in dops?

    oh I see! Thanks a lot Sepu!
  9. Hi guys! I have a scene where I want to control an attribute at sop level to control a pop wind inside dops. Here there's a description of my setup: First, I am using an attribute transfer to set my attribute called "popforce" to my packed geo from 0 to 1 over time. after that, in a dop network I am using a wind pop force in conjunction with a bullet solver and a multisolver. In the rbd object I have activated the option "create deforming active object" to transfer the attribute inside the dop net, so far so good, now I can see my attribute getting changed in the "Geometry" inside dops. At this point I thought I could use an point expression inside the activation field of my pop wind in this way (the attribute name is "popforce") : `point("../rbdpackedobject1/geometry/",$PT,"popforce",0)` But it's not working is there any typo or am I doing something wrong? Thank you! popforce+bullet.hipnc
  10. Poly's UV to VDB transfer edge problem

    searching better on the forum I found this https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/30235/?page=1 trying to understand how does it works!
  11. Poly's UV to VDB transfer edge problem

    by the way if anyone can give me some suggestion about a good workflow to follow as I mentioned before, is welcome!
  12. Hi guys! I have recently done a model of a procedural tank. I noticed that sometimes I get some bad faces on my geo due to the complexity of the model, so for a procedural texturing workflow I have just discovered that I can transfer my uv's to vdb volumes. In the file I have uploaded I am just using a cube with a bevel, but when I transfer the uv's on the hi poly converted volume I got some errors on seams... How can I fix this? Also, If you can give me any infos or suggestion about a smart workflow to keep in mind when doing some hard surface modelling keeping the structure procedurally right for uv's and texture? I have always when it comes to subdivide some pieces of geometry! I had a look around but I am a little bit confused...!! Thank you! vdb_uvs.hipncvdb_uvs.hipnc vdb_uvs.hipnc
  13. hole on a face primitive?

    oh! tanks sepu!
  14. hole on a face primitive?

    Hi there! It seems pretty stupid as a question... but, is there any smart way to get an hole on a face primitive? (I have attached an image example) I had a look at this method vimeo.com/187363418 but it's not what I wanted, I need a clean circular hole. I tried the hole sop but it doesn't work very well, same thing for the bool. Scaling the radius of the circle with the hole sop, the edges on the surface are changing continuously... same thing using a tube with a boole. or something like this Thank you!
  15. dop import not matching with low res sim

    Thanks a lot Dam!