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  1. hi ryan I need to render deep image pass for volume can explain or send small hip for proses of how to generate deep camera map for volumes. I hav no idea about deep render pass.
  2. hi, I need to render volume with deep render with camera deep map please tell the whole prossec how to render deep render pass for volume.i got Houdini help but I don't understand please help
  3. Hi, using grain solver for snow pile source from geo,but when i convert geo into scatter for increasing amount of particles ,solver doesn't work.is it support converted geo into scatter ?
  4. Hi , while making snow pile particles stacking fine with collision when convert in to volumerastrizepoint using vdb for snow .volume jittering i adjust values but not working, here the setting for volumerastrizepoint vdb:- voxel size 0.02 volumerastrizepoint :- sample per voxel: 10 Density scale 20 exterior pad :0.005