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  1. Parenting at geometry level

    Hi, I'm trying to make a parametric folding cube template. How can I achieve the equivalent of parenting (scene level) at the geometry level ? My goal is to have 6 grids, one for each face of the cube, on a plane all next to each other (unfolded state), set the parents accordingly, then set each pivot, and eventually the angles, to have a folding template. I did it earlier with multiple bends but it's tedious and not flexible at all.
  2. Parenting at geometry level

    I just wanted to know if something similar to parenting existed in the same way at geo level. Apparently not. So I guess I can certainly do it with a hierarchy of objects.
  3. Houdini FX Version 16.5.268 Platform: Windows 10.0.10586 Operating System: Windows 7 Professional x64 Qt Version: 5.6.1 Number of Cores: 32 Physical Memory: 63.93 GB Number of Screens: 1 Screen 0: 2560 x 1440 at 0,0 Work Area 0: 2560 x 1400 at 0,0 OpenGL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Renderer: GeForce GTX 980 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 OpenGL Version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 378.66 OpenGL Shading Language: 4.50 NVIDIA Detected: NVidia Consumer 6144 MB 378.66.0.0 Instead of RGB handles pointing to the positive directions for each axis, Y is pointing towards negative Y, and Z is red and pointing towards negative Z
  4. How can I customize the look of the selected nodes ? The difference between a selected node and a non selected node is so subtle that it's useless in practice. Currently, it is yellow vs light gray; I'd love to have something big and which really stands out.. Also there seems to be a bug ( or a feature).. When you click in an empty space, the selected node get a new rose border..
  5. Hi, So I have this interior scene, with one distant light, and two openings. I like how the wall to the top left of the image is lit, but there is not enough light that goes to the back of the room, further away from the opening. I expected the bottom right of the picture to be more lit. So this is more or less the same floor plan of a place I lived in in the past, so I know how it felt in that room, and I definitely did not need a flashlight during daytime. Can you help me tweak the scene so that it looks more realistic ? Thanks room.hipnc
  6. Not sure how that concept (Filmic Blender) applies to Mantra though
  7. Does "more GI bounces" translates into a setting on a node ?
  8. Linux UI problems

    I'm evaluating 15.5 under Linux Mint and there are all sort of problems. Handles by default are incredibly small but this can be changed in Preferences, even though it should be by default at a reasonable size. Cameras won't work. By default it seems to create orthographic ones, but they are impossible to use; it throws a great amount of stack error, (references to near and far planes I believe) FEM doesn't work. it stops at 25% of tetrahedralize step, never to finish. A simple cube should takes a fraction of a second under Windows, so I guess he's stuck in a loop somewhere. Middle mouse button doesn't work. It's doing random things like setting a keyframe, setting nan, random values, and so on. I couldn't even try Mantra because cameras are impossible to set up. Right now I have a feeling Houdini under Linux is so broken. Do you use Linux, and which distribution are you using (assuming you don't have any of the aforementioned problems).
  9. Linux UI problems

    So this was actually a locale problem. After carefully reading the errors messages, it appears that during the installation (I couldn't find them in the .tar.gz) some files are created using the locale for the formatting, hence problems... For example a UI definition file contained range(0,001,10) instead range(0.001, 10) which is a syntax error in the DSL used in that file, and the rest of the file is dropped.. I'm glad it was nothing, I ordered a proper us-eng keyboard, which is also a great programming tool.
  10. Occasionally, I create objects that are a bit too large. For example, a default heightfield in H16 is 1000x1000 When you drop a camera from the persp view, you can't really move around the scene because the handle of the camera makes it move in increments of a few units with each mouse move. What is the right thing to do in this case ?
  11. Foot planting

    Hi, How to replicate this setup: At 0:37 I don't have the same joints . Where does his QuickRigCharacter joints come from ?
  12. Polyextrude along world Y vector

    Hi, I'm modeling a city like object, and I need to make it less flat. Right now this is a grid with several polyextrude nodes. Can you suggest me several methods to have the faces extrude along the world Y vector. The mountain node also changes the normals, so I guess I need to fix some of the normals after that node ? city.hipnc
  13. Linux UI problems

    No high DPI display (a good size Iiyama 2560 x 1440 but nothing really special) The driver is the one provided with a Mint package, so this is the manufacturer driver (most recent I could install). I've been using Houdini for a few weeks on Windows on the same computer, but I can't work without a proper shell and Unix tools, so I need to go back to Linux (which I'm using since the late 90's). I'm comfortable with the Houdini UI, I actually like it. I've been using it daily under Windows. I actually have lots of errors in the camera nodes, so this is not an instance of PEBKAC. I left Ubuntu when they switched to Unity and spent some time under OS X but I bought this workstation (HP Z820, dual E5-2670 with 64 GiB of RAM and a NVidia 980 Ti) with the intent to do some rendering on it, preferably with Houdini under Linux.. I will try other distributions tomorrow.
  14. At 2:11 what's upstream from merge_transitions is missing using the DOP generated by Houdini 15.5. Hence no collisions happen between the ball and each biped. Can someone tell me why this is happening, and how can I fix it ? Is there a more up to date tutorial for 15.5 ? ragdoll zombies.hipnc
  15. Crowds RBD Ragdoll for 15.5

    Thanks. I wasn't able to open your file properly, but I replicated the nodes upstream and it seems to work.
  16. Hi, I need to check if Houdini runs correctly under Linux on another partition of the same workstation hard drive. What do I need to do ? Is there a time limit to the apprentice license, can it be renewed ?
  17. Non procedurally flatten a curve

    I have created a curve, but I didn't realize some points were created outside of the XZ plane. How can I fix the curve so that I don't have for example, a transform node with scaleY=0 after the curve. I just want to non procedurally alter the points.
  18. I have a tower of boxes, tightly on top of each others. At the start of the simulation, boxes start to interpenetrate slightly, then when another object hits it, it releases a a spring. What is happening and how can I fix it ? tower.hipnc Here you can see the problem to the bottom left. The tower eventually leans to it left and falls.
  19. Solids interpenetrate at the start of simulation

    Thanks; around a 100+ substeps seem to solve my problems in this scene.
  20. How can I have a camera point to an object moving in a simulation ? More generally, how do I extract data from a simulation ?
  21. Solids interpenetrate at the start of simulation

    Can you make a file with a simple stack of 50x1x50 boxes stacked on top of each others, that won't fall by itself ? Even with boxes which are much more wide and deep than high, they fall like ice cubes in the wind. When I do that, this fails like that: Also some pieces go right through the ground plane.
  22. Solids interpenetrate at the start of simulation

    There are side effects when I decrease the sleeping time; objects freezing in the air for example. Not sure if it's the right solution, but in some cases the structure looks more stable.
  23. Hi, I'm looking for a way to play image sequences from a windows shell. I have mplayer installed, the mf:// selector works when invoked with mencoder, but I can't find a way to "mplayer mf://*.png" an image sequence; there are no error messages, not sure if it's a character escaping problem, or if the feature is not supported under Windows. Can you recommend a version of mplayer which works for this purpose, or any other method in command line ?
  24. Using environment light with light / sky env.map enabled and render light geometry enabled, I have a blue sky, but all the objects are lit with a blue light. Is this the expected result, and how can I have just the blue sky, without it lighting other objects ?
  25. Sky is lighting the objects

    ok that makes sense. But I'm losing the benefits of the environment light. So what's next ? I created a second environment light without sky env map to env light the scene. This does what I expected, ie. sky + env light. But does this mean that I will have to set the ligth mask each time to the correct value for each geo ?