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  1. In the dopnet, I forget to change the type to vector in the gas disturb > disturb_vectorfield > Control_field node of the microsolvers. It's working better now. You pushed the values of the gas_disturb Control Range, which make their influences stronger. Still in the gas_disurb nodes, you tweaked the block size values. You also added the density mask in velocity of the source_volume. In the Polywire > fluidsource / scalar volumes you've changed the out feather length in SDF from geometry and tweaked down all the values of the motion blur tab. In fluidsource / velocity volumes / stamp point you reduced it of half. Do i miss something? Thank you for those fixes ! I appreciate.
  2. Yes, I sourced the Torus to make it obvious and simple but actually it is the point to add this to the Goldleaf "node recipe". I've cleaned it a little bit and added some Microsolver, just for fun . And thanx for the link page by the way, i saw your answer and i'll go check the page sometimes. ap_fast_emitter_velocity_v002.hipnc
  3. I can understand why you try to avoid Sub Steps, it has a computation cost! Goldleaf solution is pretty smart. May be you can also add a Trail node in your Geometry volume source, and set its result type to "Compute Velocity". So you'll can advect your geometry movement to the volume. I'm not sure that it will totally fill the gaps but it should help with a low computation cost. I made a very small setup with the Goldleaf file. In the Dopnet, you can compare when you source with the velocity or without the velocity. fast_emitter_velocity.hipnc
  4. Most of the time, when i have this kind of troubles with particles or volumes, it's due to missing Sub Steps. When a movement is too fast, increasing Sub Steps on the dopnet or on the popnet>simulation helps to smooth the animation. But of course, as you say, a smooth source is better.
  5. Maybe you can try with Vex attributes: @cent.x ; @cent.y ; @cent.z instead of $CEX ; $CEY ; $CEZ I hope this will help.
  6. Thanks a lot, very useful, i hope you'll keep it up!
  7. In Alejandro Files, AutoDopNetwork>pyro(Smoke Object)>Fields>Rest is checked on but AutoDopNetwork>pyro(Smoke Object)>Initial Data>Add Rest Field isn't checked neither AutoDopNetwork>pyrosolver1>Advanced>Rest Field>Enable Rest. So how can it produce Rest datas? You can see that if you middle click on import_pyro_build>import_pyrofields there are no rest.x rest .y and rest.z, they do appear if you check the Add Rest Field and Enable Rest as previously mentioned. So i don't really understand how the Alejandro file is interesting for the "Rest" purpose. Maybe i miss something. It's good for the explosion rendering. This next thread is a good answer: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/20659-fluid-simulation-what-is-rest-field-for/ it has a link to a project that Ian generously share with the odforce community: http://fx-td.com/?p=329 This next link also help to understand, even if the provided file may turn houdini down: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/31320/ The best answer i've found is in the Steven Knipping tutorials, at the end of Applied Houdini - Dynamics 2 he turns on the rest field and in Dynamics 3 (5b) he explains how to use it. The entire bundle is brilliant, you can watch the 1 out of 6 for free. It's here: https://www.cgcircuit.com/bundle-details.php?val=28
  8. I had an issue that looks different to yours, but of the same kind. When i was caching the simulation, the timeline was immediately orange, never blue, wich means that the image of the cache were outdated as soon as they were calculated. Also, i was able to scroll but the cache was disappearing if i move the cursor to frame 1, and i had to replay the sim entirely. I've simplified my setup, checked & re-checked everything... Until i've been in the render panel, it was on and was calculating each frame. It was refreshing at each step of the sim. I stopped the render and the Houdini dop cache worked perfectly well then, no more orange timeline just blue !