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  1. Thanks everyone. I got the tool working beautifully.
  2. FEM with alembic animation cache

    OP Please provide. I would love to learn how you and Erik Ferguson create these horribly realistic and disgusting fem simulations. The tests I make can't seem to get the flesh to seem "fleshy", always either overly rubbery or stiff.
  3. I want watertight geometry because these pipes will be in the players' faces quite often. Its a significant element in the setting we are trying to create. However, if I have a preference for watertight geometry even in the light of very useful properties in this circumstance, its more out of ignorance. I have been learning Houdini for just over a year and have focused primarily in procedural generation solely using nodes and referencing. I have yet to even dwelve into attributes, let alone scripting. But I did manage to take a lot from what you showed me so far, particularly "neighbourcount(0, @ptnum) > 2" Out of curiousity, do you know whats up with some parts of the uv refusing to scale equally with other parts of the mesh? In your photo, you can see it occur. That happens to me quite a bit, yet don't know whats up there.
  4. So I have been stuck on this issues for several days now, all the google links to similar issues have long since become purple. Two nice members of the Houdini discord tried helping me, yet i still can't seem to get this to work. I am working on a game that has quite a few pipes. So an optimized pipe building tool is simply a must for us. I can get the geometry generated perfectly fine, but am having an issue with optimizing it without severe uv stretching. This issue occurs from removing inline points with the facet node on the original path curve. I am trying to transfer the UV map from the hi poly: http://imgur.com/qMP3XGg onto the low poly. http://imgur.com/6zx2Nnx I would prefer to stay away from sweeping. I understand sweeping gives very nice uvs, but this is a branching curve and the branches wont connect like polywire. Using boolean on the intersecting geometry gives less desirable geometry and messes up swept uvs. http://imgur.com/CvbR631 It doesn't necessarily need to be uved like this to begin with. If I can find another way of uv mapping it from the "Path_Fused" node I would be just as pleased. File Included Branch Subnetwork_v1.hip