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  1. Hi adrianr Thank you for the file. I'm sorry for late response but it took a little time to understand (I'm still new in Houdini, also) I haven't thought such way to use sort1 and switch. It is the good way to use Switching. I had open your file and set the same number of rows and columns. It wokrs Rows(and Columns) are 4,6,8.. but not works 3,5,7... . I'd like to make it works for any numbers of rows(and columns). (I should explain this at 1st.) thank you.
  2. Hi, I'm learning Houdini expression. Probably this is not the smarter way but for learning purpose. The network is simple, a grid and connected a delete sop after the grid sop. I want to delete every each other faces of the grid to make checker board pattern with an expression. Expression is: ($PR%(ch("../grid1/rows")-1) +$PR/(ch("../grid1/cols")-1))%2 The result is looks working for half of the grid but another half potion is disappeared. It was the same result on H15.5.56 and 16.0.55. Possibly expression is wrong or missed some setting but I have no idea how to fix it. Please give me an advice. Thank you
  3. I created particle from shelf "Location Particle Emitter" and added sprite from "Sprite Particle" in the shelf. The sprite Map is default smokepuff .rat I have been trying to rotate the displayed sprite around the view axis by using 'rotate' parameter. But it looks like scaling height/width every 90 degrees. ig: rotate 0(original Shape) >> rotate 30 (looks scaled down width) >>rotate 45(completely scaled down to 0 that disappear from screen) >> rotate 90(original shape). How can I make it works correctly? I had tried on H15.5.565 and H16.0.504.20 but same result.
  4. Popforce Behavior

    Thank you kishenpj. After open your file, created new scene and it works. Not sure why it has happen, but thanks!
  5. I'm doing a tutorial but had stuck. I made Sphere and click 'source particle emitter' from Particle tab and added 'POP force' right after pop source. I had set Fore-Y to '1' and killed Gravity. The particle is going up at H15 which is expected, but it does not react in H16. Do I miss something to setup to get the same result in H16 ? or a just bug? I appreciate any help. Thanks
  6. using @dist in color SOP

    Atom, acey195 Thanks! I will use Wrangles for production.
  7. using @dist in color SOP

    Thank you Atom! I could find what I missed by your answer. Yes it works if node Color placed after the AttributeWrangle node. I have been trying avoid use the wrangle node (sorry I have not written this) and your answer gave me a hint. I used attributeCreate node instead of color, and it works! Thank you !!
  8. Hi, everyone. I'm new to Houdini and studying ray sop, now. I'm trying to get Depth info as Color on a grid. It works , if I used point wrangle but it not working if I used @dist in color sop. Please teach me why it is not working and how I can make it works on color sop. thank you