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  1. Hey everyone I have an ordered menu in my HDA that gets populated by a python script based on an attribute. The name of the menu is data_source: if (geo.attribValue('nHDU') > 1): return ("0", "Primary", "1", "Extension") else: return ("0", "Primary") I'm trying to access this token value from an internal python node using this: value = hou.evalParm("../data_source") Now I know for sure that the nHDU value is >1 and the two menu items are being populated. Problem is, no matter what I select on the menu, I always get a value 0. It works if I add it directly to the ordered menu without using a script. But that defeats the purpose because it should depend on the attribute nHDU. Could someone tell me what's happening here? Thanks.
  2. He Alex..sorry I hit a wall again. My internal python node adds detail attributes so when I define the same code within the HDA python module, it says that the geometry is read-only. I read somewhere that you can't modify geometry from within an HDA's python module? My function examines a binary file and adds some attributes based on the parameters it finds in the file. Problem is, the file is HUGE and I don't want it to cook every time I change the file to be analysed.
  3. Oh wait does it mean I can call a function in an internal Python SOP from within the python module in the HDA?
  4. Right. I'll need to fix that. Could you explain that last part - '...even from within Python SOPs inside, if you wish so.'?
  5. Hey guys I have an HDA with 2 python SOPs inside. I need a button on the HDA that would trigger a function in one of the python SOPs. I looked at how callback scripts work but it was too confusing. Appreciate it if someone could help me out. Thanks! Cheers defc0n1
  6. Hi guys Here's my problem - I need to work with openVDB volumes and I need to code using a python node. The problem is, even after successfully installing openVDB, I am not able to import the pyopenvdb module in Houdini. I can access it from the shell in my Mac, and can create/manipulate volumes etc., but not from Houdini. When I try import pyopenvdb as vdb in the python node or shell, it just says that it cannot find the module. Please help. Thanks.
  7. Good idea. Now why didn't I think of that? I'll check it out. Thanks fsimerey.
  8. Yeah sorry about that. It really is a weird request. I can access the text field using ch("../font/text") but I was hoping I could do like a for loop to iterate through the characters and find the number of RETURNs in it. Basically the situation is that I need a progress bar sort of a thing (using a grid) for every line in the Font SOP. For example, if I have 4 lines, the duplicate SOP duplicates the grid 4 times.
  9. I think you didn't quite understand my question. Let me clear the confusion - I want to SET the number of copies AS the number of return characters in the text field of the Font SOP. Not the other way around.
  10. Hi guys I'm relatively new to Houdini, and I've been trying to make this little digital asset. Basically what I need is to set the 'Number Of Copies' integer field of a duplicate SOP to the number of RETURN characters in the text field of a Font SOP. Is this even possible? I can do this easily in C++ but I can't get the syntax right in Houdini and I don't know how to assign it to the current field for which I'm writing the expression. I tried using the foreach() loop on the text field, but I can't figure out how to do the string comparison. Please help. Thanks!
  11. Thank a ton, guys! You're awesome. Works like a charm. The sheer power of Houdini has me in awe, actually. Can I export a variable or set a parameter based on the input Cd that I can access from other nodes? For example a switch?
  12. Hey guys. I'm pretty new to the houdini world, and I've been experimenting a lot of things. Is there a way to get the RGB values of scattered points using attrib wrangle? Im not too familiar with the VEX syntax, so Im having a hard time figuring it out. I have random colours signed to a scatter node and some geometry copied on to the points using a copy node. I want to limit scatter the geometry based on the colour of the scattered point. Thanks!