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  1. Hey Marty, thanks for you answer. Would tell us more about what do you consider Houdini's principles and a way to understand them all? I've finished SideFX's Fisrt Steps | Intro with Ari Danesh and it was really helpful. Although sometimes its get tricky to do some of these old videos and articles from older versions of Houdini. _ Anyway thanks everyone for all the answers. I'll find time to answer all of you soon. In the meantime, I found very useful to learn things with a project-based approach, like tutorials from Rohan Dalvi, and for learning sake normally I would do the tutorial and then try to do something for my own using what I did for the tutorial. What do you guys think about this method? It can be dangerous for learning? Cheers, Shiz
  2. Hey guys, I'm a digital product designer who've always loved creative coding and generative/procedural art. I've heard about Houdini some years ago listening to Ash Thorp's podcast with Albert Omoss and now I'm finally getting to learn this awesome tool. I love to learning new things and everyday I'm amazed about how Houdini works. I'm following the PQ Houdini path (currently studying the SideFX's user guide videos) and I'm really loving it. Sometimes it gets confuse because of some old Houdini version related content but I'm feeling that I'm learning with baby but solid steps. So I want to ask what learning path you guys recommends to learn H, I know SideFX has one learning path too. And please feel free to share about your experience learning it if you like. Cheers, Shiz