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  1. Beer Simulation

  2. Beer Simulation

    Hello everyone, Here is what I did,Beer_RnD_v03.mp4 hip file: Beer_Rnd_v08_Test.hip I used two emitters, one to emit beer (with higher density) and another emitter from the base of the glass to emit foam (with much lower density). As the beer hits the base of the glass, it pushes the foam to go higher and stay on top. I have two issues. a) I use a thick collision proxy volume to avoid the leakage of flip particles.But, towards the end I want the beer to fill and spill along the surface outside.How to achieve this? If I reduce the thickness the flip particles tend to leak and there is volume loss as well. B)I have applied velocity to push the foam particles upwards,but It doesn't have any impact. As of now the foam particles move upwards because of the velocity created by the beer particles.I want the foam particles to move upwards by applying some external force so that more foam forms on top.How to achieve this? Any help?.... Thanks in advance..
  3. Beer Foam Simulation

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a beer pouring into a glass fx like this one Does anyone know how to get the bubbles/foam on top of the liquid and push them up as the glass gets filled? Thankyou ..
  4. Beer Simulation

    Thanks for your reply,Like in this video I also want the bubbles on top to disappear like in your video...Can you help me on that as well?
  5. Beer Simulation

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a beer pouring into a glass fx. Please have a look at the hip file Beer_Rnd_v03.hip and mov Beer_RnD_v01.mp4. Does anyone know how to get the bubbles/foam on top of the flip particles and push them up as the glass gets filled? I am using whitewater to create bubbles.any help is much appreciated. Thankyou ..
  6. Particle advection

    Thanks Alejandro and Mark for your ideas.
  7. Particle advection

    Hello everyone, How to set the dissipation of the pyro advected particles same as the smoke? I emit particles only at the start frame. adjusting life expectancy and life variance doesn't seem to work.... Any ideas?
  8. krakatoa style rendering

    Thanks dobin and jamesr for your ideas,will try implementing the same.
  9. krakatoa style rendering

    I am trying to create a nebula fx,some thing like this Does anyone know how to render houdini particles like krakatoa does? Tried a glow shader but doesnt work for me. Thanks in advance!
  10. Constant Particle point number

    Thanks for your suggestion. Need help on how to copy to particles with respect to particle ID instead of point numbers.
  11. Constant Particle point number

    Hi, I am trying to create a trail of smoke for an explosion. I am emitting smoke form a spray painted sphere which is copied on to the particles. The particles are emitted from a sphere along its normal.Its velocity is mapped to the varying normal length of the sphere. The issue is that the point number of the particles changes after a particle dies. Say there are two points emitted, A and B .There point numbers are 0 and 1 respectively. A(0) emitted first and then B(1). After A(0) dies the point number of A is shifted to B(0). I assume because of this Shift in point number the smoke sort of jumps from point 0 to 1 .The emission during this jump time creates a line of smoke. any help regarding this is much appreciated. pls refer to these images. Also I have attached the hip file. Explosion_Trail_v005.hip please check.Thank you.
  12. Sand Explosion

    Hi , I am trying to achieve an explosion similar to this one Explosion Ref.mp4 I managed to get this Explosion_wip.mp4 I would like to get the expanded smoke travelling up rather than thin streaks of smoke travelling up first and then expanding.Any idea to get this done? I am fairly new to houdini.Any help is much appreciated.Thanks I have attached the hip file Explosion_v001.hip