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  1. Glue Constraint Gravity

    100,000 constraints and 30,000 pieces, but this is only because I made the building way bigger than it really needs to be so I can get a solid break in the middle. I upped the constraint iterations to 100 and saw no difference. Randomize Constraint Order also didn't help.
  2. Glue Constraint Gravity

    I'll try upping the constraint iterations and randomization next. I did try to disable the sleeping for the meteor already as I noticed I left it on, but got no results ;(
  3. Glue Constraint Gravity

    So I was finally able to go in and check, I have "enable sleeping" off for the packed building pieces.
  4. Glue Constraint Gravity

    I have been spending some time creating and destroying a building in Houdini but am currently hung up on a constraints problem. In my hip file I have my procedural building, I fracture it, and send the pieces to be constrained together. I haven't meticulously created the constraints yet, I just wanted to get everything in and working first. When I run the rbd sim a ball crashes through the building and blows the middle part of the building away but the top part of the building just sits there floating in the air. Not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong here, if anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it! The hip file has a top level control node to cache everything for you to quickly test skyscraper_destruction.hipnc