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  1. I somehow succeeded to make the deformation as I wanted (I mean it's close) with attribute transfer and attribute VOP but I think I need more study to make it work with VDB. I used color (as you did in your model) to blend the normal but how it works is still not quite clear for me although I just happened to make it work. Thank you so much again. Your help was enormously useful for me. sofaKwak.hipnc
  2. I looked into the network and understood vaguely how it works. But apply this to my model was another thing. Thanks again and I'll post the result if I succeed.
  3. Wow! It worked. Thank you very very much!!!
  4. I've got the following error message: "Error: Couldn't remove old operator type definition sesi_temporary::Sop/box oplib:/Sop/box?Sop/box Error(1): Expecting open brace" First, I ignored it because it didn't seem to have any effect on functionality. But, I realized that "box" object does not work with error message of " 'NonType' object has no attribut 'set' ". What can I do for this?
  5. Thank you very very much! I will check it out when I get back home (as I don't have houdini in my workplace).
  6. Wow! Thanks a lot! Actually, what I am trying to do is model a sofa with rigid metal frame which hold soft seating cushion. Can I make it with something easier than FEM, for example like "attribute transfer" node?
  7. I would like to model a sponge which is deformed by the contact with a rigid body. Let's say a sponge in form of box with a solid metal ball pressing it. What tools (SOPs) can I use?
  8. Thank you very much! It works!
  9. I made a stair model by creating steps and stingers separately and by merging them together. When I render one of each, there is no problem but when I render the merged one, steps turn black as if normals were not correctly arranged. Can anybody tell me why houdini do this to me? 2017-01-08 Procedural Stair-2.hipnc