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  1. hi adrianr, thanks for taking the time to look into it. appreciate a lot - noob in houdini (no programming language knowledge either) but i am liking it nonetheless! thanks d.
  2. hi all, (noob alert) i am looking for an addition to above soutions. i am trying to create few random groups but exclusive to each other... (no member of one group should belong to any other group) in term of percentage = for example gr1 has 10% random points... gr2 will have 10% of whats left after gr1 and so on and so forth. in terms of number = G1 has 10 points and G2 will have 10 points but not any from G1 should be included... so on and so forth. thanks in advance d
  3. Hi, I got an animation from mixamo.com in fbx... used c4d to export out an abc - this file opens fine back in c4d. But doesn't show any geometry inside houdini. Is there something I am missing/ doing something wrong? If this won't work does anyone know a convenient way to get mixamo animation inside houdini? Thanks d.
  4. So, i tried something from scratch for the first time, albeit very simple... almost there! That being said i did got stuck up... 1. SOFT SELECTION GROUP: i am trying to apply some animation to a bunch of lines through a pointvop. i want the animation to be limited to all the points but the ones at the ends of the lines, i create a group of those points... it works,- but could be better if i could make the animation blend to the static points at the end. 2. FADING TRAILS: At the end i added a bunch of trails with some lag and or jiggle. i am coloring them with the width attribute through an 'attribute create' node. Is there a way to make each trails less opaque than the previous. (if this can't do the job, any other tips?) 3. NOOB VOP NETWORK CRITIQUE: I am pretty sure my vop network is far from efficient, i would appreciate if anyone has some tips to make it more logical/ efficient. I hope i was able to explain myself. (i have attached a screenshot for reference) d.
  5. thanks for explanation... much appreciated, you guys are great! d.
  6. thanks Atom... that was a cool tip. also it would be great of you can explain what does the v in the beginning stand for? m.
  7. thanks wodenduck!
  8. thanks a ton (he didn't use the @P in the video) also when i use this function with time: @scale = set(1, noise(@P*@Time)*2-1, 1); the animation speeds up with time, any tips how to keep it animate at same speed througout the timeline? d.
  9. thanks konstantin magnus d
  10. i am trying to follow this class by ari danesh at around 20:40 mark he uses the noise function in a point wrangle. i can not get it to work... it returns me with errors saying "noise" or the variable "P" is an ambiguous call to function/ undefined variable. i am using houdini 16.0. Anyone knows what i might be doing wrong. thanks in advance, d.
  11. hi acey195, thanks for the reply... i tried both ways (within my noobility). i did get random colors for each box using the connectivity node and used it's detail ( 'class') inside a point VOP. however the second method i can't seem to be able to colorize it anything other than random gray values. here is the snippet i used on the point wrangle (which works on each box rather than primitive or points): @Cd = set (random(@ptnum),random(@ptnum),random(@ptnum)); either that snippet is not proper or i didn't quite get and transfer the color in the "copytopoints1" node from your answer i would appreciate if anyone can point me to the right direction. d.
  12. hi everyone, how do i randomly colorize each object separately instead of each primitive? Thanks in advance, d
  13. dang! i was so close... thanks a ton @Sepu and @Martin47 - you guys here are amazing!
  14. hi Sepu, could you please elaborate that a bit. the point deform node has three inputs viz "mesh to deform" "rest point lattice" "deformed point lattice" i can't seem to figure out how to go about that node in this respect. m.
  15. thanks a ton for the "attribute interpolate" tip. it works perfectly on the surface! however i believe i didn't ask my question properly in the first place... I can't seem get it to work with the volume (if the isooffset node's "output" attribute is on iso surface/ tetramesh it draws the scatter points but it wiggles).