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  1. take out the back ticks ? works fine here...But I'm puzzled why it doesn't go pass 5 dec places.....??? roundDec.hipnc
  2. here's my go...I've used the orig end selection 1 of 5... missing_prims_pathfinder_vu.hipnc
  3. not sure if I understood the problem but just some observations: 01) you're using the old group ? dunno why. 02) in your end selection...it has 1 of 5...is this deliberate ? if you have 1 of 1 then it selects all points...and you'll get the 'missing' ones you're talking about ?
  4. Space Invaders

    just being a bit silly here... (someone can add 8 bit sound FX ?) vu_SpaceInvaders.hipnc
  5. Entire Grid is Black ?

    no idea why you do things in such convoluted ways... anyway..here... mod_everyPrim_fix.hipnc
  6. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    group works a treat...and also confirming if I negate group (!)...it works too.
  7. you seem to complicate things quite a bit... 01) the boolean should treat the cutting surfaces as.............SURFACES.....not solid 02) the boolean operation should simply be intersect...no need for any seams so if you keep it simple and logical as that...it 'just works' winding_polyextrude_simple.hipnc
  8. Delete geomtery inside geomtery.

    just add a Boolean, by default, it should remove self-intersection. Note your clip (and bullet inside) is NOT self intersecting....so they remain. EDIT: seems like the hammer's gone missing...not perfect...
  9. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    so if I release this for FREE would you accuse people 'using' it as lazy ? Why don't 'lazy' ppl learn to model this manually ?
  10. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    nothing wrong with asking for VEX tutorials to continue...but then you had to take potshots at other people along they way insinuating they are lazy ? So you use a 'procedural' software such as Houdini...what would you say to a traditional modeller who says: What ? Houdini does procedural modelling ? Pooo poo...you lazy modellers....real modellers do thing the hard way (coz they want to)....real modellers move each vert/edge/face around one at a time...not procedurally !!! Why you so lazy ?
  11. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    seems like the Group in MOPs_Transform_Modifier is not working ? Attached is illustration, the left branch is the desired result, while on the right, done in a different way...using Group in the MOPs_Transform_Modifier, it doesn't have any effect. So the idea is, even if ALL points have theirs @mops_falloff established, I thought if I restrict the effect to my Group selection in the Transform_Modifier...it should work ? (and yeah the gotcha with group is it has to be points since MOPs work on packed points principle) MOPs_Transform_Modifier_Group.hipnc
  12. Polyreduce losing fracture pieces

    another way that uses just ONE polyreduce is this: - delete the switch and the 2nd polyreduce - in the 1st reduce, enter in Keep %: if(npoints(0)>50,18,40) so if the frag has more than 50 points, it will keep only 18%....less than 50 points then keep 40%.
  13. Polyreduce losing fracture pieces

    01) you're using 'old' polyreduce...I trust you know what you are doing. 02) you blow away too much geo...imagine keeping only 17% of a box...you'd be lucky to have a 'sliver' left. 03) so I've provided a choice where too much has been eroded away that you have only 2 pts left...ie. it can't construct a face now (needs at least 3 pts for a face)...so if this is the case it uses the 'reduce' that is not soooooooooooo severe. polyreduce_losing_pieces_fix.hipnc
  14. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    so because of MOPs...now some technically minded people 'fear'...well hey, go ahead, live your life in fear.
  15. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    newsflash....Entagma looked at C4D splinesweep....and created a Houdini VEX tutorial for it. The sky is falling......the sky is falling !