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  1. Grid extrusion within another geo area

    try this... vu_ExtrudeWithinVol.hipnc
  2. dr strange time slices effect

    or was it: Once you go choppin'...there ain't no stoppin' ?
  3. dr strange time slices effect

    does this help in any way ?
  4. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    surely PathFinding should love 'parallel' processing (I'm doing poorman's PathFinder, not necessarily shortest, in Max MCG...sloooooow as hell but maybe someone could whip up a decent FindShortestPath test for H16, that'd be nice...)
  5. save each class seperately

    so isn't it simply @class=`$F-1` ?
  6. well if it's decimeter...then it's back to 0.1 since 1 m = 10 decimeter 'Decimation'....one in ten...ie. one in ten of you will be executed by the other nine....
  7. @numpt vs npoints (VEX vs Hscript)

    haha...very VEXing indeed...:) and here's an even shorter way to get 1st and last: @ptnum%(@numpt-1)<1 (but that might confuse the crap out of ppl)
  8. @numpt vs npoints (VEX vs Hscript)

    no i didn't forget...and yes I was 100% clear that I want the LAST point.... Pretty sure I said "if you want the last point, then:" blah blah...
  9. @numpt vs npoints (VEX vs Hscript)

    what I think the OP is driving at is this...in Group Expression, if you want the last point, then: @ptnum == @numpt-1 2nd last point would be @ptnum == @numpt-2...and so on.... yes, I did expect simply @numpt-1 would be the last point....but just reading stuff so far down to here...made me came up with the above answer... bonus: here's how to get 1st and last @ptnum%(@numpt-1)==0
  10. what am I missing here ? 1 m = 100 cm so why use factor of 0.1 ? shouldn't it be 0.01 ?
  11. Delete points close to surface edge

    I tried Acey195 wrangle in mine and it works straightaway...with my setup I have a referenced copy so that there's one with and one without 'holes'...naturally the one with holes you use for scatter as you don't want the points in there...the other one without holes, you use for Unrolling...this method you don't get points disappearing where the joints are... So the ref'ed one should be exactly the same as the other in all aspects except for the 'holiness'... DeleteNearBorder_Acey.hipnc
  12. i DID try that, I tried to examine the Geo Spreadsheet to see what it gives me...but couldn't quite make heads or tails of the data...have to have another look....
  13. Read point array attribute from detail wrangle

    apologies, I'm a noob..but should there be a dot there before the square bracket ? Take it out ?
  14. because of the Smooth Point = 1 in Polywire. If you have Smooth Point = 0, it works fine...geo not changing...coz it's not 'smoothing' but the segments are disjointed...ie. next to useless to you. So add a Resample after the Transform...Bob's your uncle....
  15. Delete points close to surface edge

    I'm sure there's lots of other ways...here's just one.. (adjust distance threshold in GroupTransfer) vu_DeleteNearBorder.hipnc