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  1. Round the value in the font node

    here's mine, non-coder method...you can adjust decimals on the fly (which I think you can with your scripted method too) Example float 123.45678 01) int(123.45678) = 123 02) 123.45678%123 = 0.45678 03) 0.45678 * pow(10,n) gets n decimals to become 'integer' part (rint is to round the integer) 04) answer is part01.part03 fund_decimals.hipnc
  2. Procedural Oval curve

    even simpler version...don't even need sort/mirror/merge... vu_pill2.hipnc
  3. Procedural Oval curve

    here's mine...simple non-math way...you can even play with Arc and get a dumbbell... vu_pill.hipnc
  4. Hacked site

    latest activity: vsfsferwqr joined the community 11 minutes ago dtydfghtre56 joined the community 14 minutes ago dhkdlfemcnfwkdtiq joined the community 17 minutes ago dkdidkdi joined the community 52 minutes ago Blast these f***ers now...no way they're legit.
  5. How to avoid double walls created by convertVDB

    here's my go...but it needs the Normals to be established for Peak to work tho...if you were given just point cloud with no normals...dunno... PC_double_wall_vu.hipnc (but double walls are good for massage parlours tho)
  6. Extrude a seam after boolean / shatter

    what about try Fuse Dist 0.0001 (or even more zeroes) ?
  7. Get outline of polygon object

    that was basic....here's a much harder challenge...(ie. the internal holes are also 'borders'...but we do not want them selected) SelectOutsidePoints.hipnc
  8. Get outline of polygon object

    Group>Points, Untick Base Group, Enable Include by Edges, tick Unshared Edges
  9. Extrude a seam after boolean / shatter

    here's the non-solid version vu_RidgesFromBoolSeamsNonSolid.hipnc
  10. Extrude a seam after boolean / shatter

  11. Extrude a seam after boolean / shatter

    here's my way.... (itchy fingers...see below)
  12. when rendering doesn't work

  13. i tinkered a bit here...you can use attribrandomize to adjust the variance...but it's not answering your question directly tho... (i animated the camera) angle_mod.hipnc
  14. what if the pieces are more complexed...ie. the hole is not a nice quad ? Here's my workaround, I've added a subdiv to the box to force non-quad hole. Then use the 'default' Bool operation to detect self-intersection which is the problem when you cap/fill a somewhat planar/sheet object. Condition_problem_vu_mod.hipnc
  15. Train tracks in procedural

    here's my take...