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  1. no worries...modelling something radially symmetrical should be a cinch now...like propellers....I'll see if I can easily mock up one tomorrow...
  2. Radial Joiner...all you need to do is to align your geo to X axis first...then feed it in to the Joiner...a million times faster and cleaner than Boolean. No, I won't waste my time uploading to orbolt then wait for approval...rather watch grass grows... vu_radial_joiner.hdanc
  3. was afraid of that...orbolt just seems to be sooooooooo slow...(well it's been offline most of today so can't even say it's sloooow)
  4. quick question, so I share my Apprentice hda here...I read that Apprentice files cannot be used in pipelines/engines...but can Indie/Full License people use my HDA directly in Houdini ?
  5. wild stab...in setup_u_and_axis_stuff @u = float(@ptnum)/(@numpt-1); ?
  6. thanks for the illustration Matt, so with the 'removepoint' method, I guess the only downside is the discrete look if you have a lowrez spline ? (what about some sort of lerp as a standin instead of a whole discrete section being removed...)
  7. nice...i was heading in a similar direction..but what I realised during this exercise was...there's currently a lack of the 'conical roll' deformer. Like bend, it is a 'roll' but parallel...we need a bend that is conical like you roll up a piece of paper in real life to create a funnel...c'mon all you math wiz out there....
  8. well first I tried rand using @ptnum cuz it's obvious...but couldn't quite get it to work...probably by the time it gets down to the carve...ptnum is not what I think it is (the Users) anymore... So basically, I had to find a way to rand on 'count' ie. the iteration. So the detail is getting the loop counter info. Best if you watch the video by Jeff Wagner (roughly starting at 0:40:00) (I can't be stuffed writing long input names so I always create a spare input and use -1 in detail...just me) https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/geometry-workflows/ (yes I have watched the video over and over and over...and practice practice practice this new loop thing...and don't forget to change the iter to fetch metadata cuz now we're getting the count/iteration)
  9. here's one way...problem is your carve should be inside the loop so that it carves differently for each path... If it's too slow for you, just play with the constant 0.5 infront of the $T in the carve... The constant 0.123 is the seed, so if you don't like the result, change the seed. HexaMap_example_randcarve.hipnc
  10. here's another using creep. I modded bits here and there from the Creep Spiral example....it looks a bit better at the tip plus you can adjust number of copies in 'copy and transform' node easily.. vu_icecreamcone2.hipnc
  11. a quick and dirty one....the tip is not exactly the look you want...but it's a start... vu_icecreamcone.hipnc
  12. what about this school of thought....use surface area instead ? since you can clearly see them wings spreading out covering a lot of acreage...?
  13. I can't be stuffed uploading this to orbolt and wait for 10 years to be approved...so I'll up it here... This capsule will retain true height (midsection + caps) even if the radius and/or curvature is drastically changed. If you specify Height X, then the height WILL be X...not X plus some indeterminate height of curved surfaces. vu_capsule.hdanc
  14. no my question is why bother with the subnet ? after you've selected the edges...why not plug them straight into edgecusp ? why overcomplicate thing with the subnet ?
  15. yeah...me too, don't understand...I've even tried res 0.05 with steps 5/7...works fine...