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  1. here's a workaround using VDB (not volume)...you lose a bit of fidelity...I don't know enough about VDB 'reshaping' to regain its orig shape...others might... (no I'm not 'intelligently' solving this problem...just brute force) hmm..just noticed it has a 'shell' effect...interesting... VDB_SDF_boolean.hipnc
  2. I just bypassed attribwrangle3 and used attribwrangle2 directly with this (in your transform3) detail("op:../attribwrangle2","size",1) dunno if it's right tho, you'll have to check....
  3. here's a workaround (not convinced with this method tho)...btw, in your Boolean, the cutters should be treated as surface IMO, not solid VDB_boolean_workaround.hipnc
  4. it's same problem as this: basically, the Prim Normals aren't consistent and that confuses Boolean...haven't found a solution to your setup yet but I'm quite sure the Prim Normals have to be 'unified' first...(if you put Reverse after your convertVDB and quickly flip flop it, you'd see there's some potential clues around the ears)
  5. ver 1.01: add Fuse Dist. Also change subdiv to Mantra algo....just looks more pleasant to my eyes... vu_golfball.hdanc
  6. Got it !!! you little bugger !!! In your orig file, coupla steps: 01) the Boolean should treat B as solid...so that you don't get a missing side 02) step 1 would screw thing up as explain in prev post, now.....if you go back a bit, put display flag on Facet, turn on Display Prim Normals (below the display Point numbers button), you'll see the sides of the box correctly have magenta arrows pointing outwards...but the top/bottom are incorrectly pointing INSIDE the geometry. THIS is what screwing up the Boolean. So above the Facet, add a Reverse, now you'll see the top/bottom with arrows pointing outwards. 03) put Display flag back on the Explode...and voila !!! ps: your box really should have more res than just a simple 1x1x1 segment....so you don't get artifacts..
  7. because you are treating your B as a surface. Imagine a box, you treat it as a surface, cut it in half and you'll have 2 halves each with a missing side. Now if your box was treated as a solid, then after your cut, you'll have 2 little cubes.. Now if you change your Boolean setup to Solid...it screws up. A quick little test, if you put in a brand new box, treat it as solid, plug it in it works fine...so why does your original box not work...I suspect because it's been hollowed out but Boolean is trying to read it as a solid...and shat itself... Now another little test...you chuck in a torus...topologically, it 'looks' like a hollowed out box right ? Plug that in, works fine....now I'm confused !!!
  8. here you are...it's TINY coz I'm sticking to real world scale...also while you're in tweakfest mode...show only a few dimples as Boolean is dragging down responsiveness... vu_golfball.hdanc
  9. cool...I've sent an RFE...better be approved !!! I put it on low priority tho...
  10. I told you logically it should be in the Revolve...no point telling me to do it outside of Revolve... Copy Transform 'just works'....Revolve should do the same as far as I'm concerned, it's trivial...
  11. Tools>Show Grid...?
  12. before I submit an RFE, could someone tell me if I'm missing something really obvious so I don't make a tool of myself.... Attached is a sample scene, a semicircle is revolved, you can see the normals aren't updated by the Revolve....I can't find anything in the Revolve...yes, it can be done in other ways like simply Copy Transform then Skin....but 'modelling' logically, you'd want to apply a Revolve and have the normals correctly updated by the Revolve op, surely that's not too much to ask........so....am I missing something ? RFE_Revolve.hipnc
  13. hmm...no errors for me...
  14. so is substeps a bit higher than 1 now ? also do you HAVE to use parallel constraint solver ? my (pure) guess is you're using parallel constraint solver....with artificially high gravity + substeps 1....leads to artifacts/swimming
  15. I'd say Scale/Pivot issues....here's how I 'imitated' it...