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  1. Render viewport polygons only

    got it, this is the easiest and least effort by far... add a Delete (prims I assume) after the Vis, in the group simply enter: _3d_hidden_primitives No effort with existing Vis keys whatsoever...just ALT+drag out a new Delete and add it after each Vis...
  2. Render viewport polygons only

    here's a smarter solution, it takes your existing keyframes on the Vis and uses that directly just: 01) copy param (the Action on the vis) 02) paste Relative Ref into the Switch DeleteSwitch2.hipnc
  3. Render viewport polygons only

    here's a workaround, the Switch uses: if(10<$F && $F<20,1,0) meaning, if frame is between 10 and 20, use the delete (hide)...else use orig geo (I did try the Delete by expression but couldn't quite get it to work...ie. it deletes the whole thing instead of my group...anyway, the switch works) DeleteSwitch.hipnc
  4. Render viewport polygons only

    I think the OP meant everything is in full cam view...just that some portion of the geo is hidden by Vis...ie. half the torus is hidden but the whole geo is inside the frustum.
  5. Smooth Groups

    hey if you up the Blur Iterations in attribblur to 2 or 3, it gets very interesting...
  6. Smooth Groups

    this is not necessarily better than yours...but you can go into attribblur1, dial up/down Max Neighbours...can be satisfying... group_blur_smooth.hipnc
  7. Copy to points - how would you animate?

    animate End by your favourite means...then in copy, target points, refer to templates group
  8. How to scale linearly with Sop Solver?

    try this ? LinearRings.hipnc (note that it could have been easily done with just a polyextrude>inset>divisions....but I guess you have reason to use a solver SOP instead so I tried solver SOP)
  9. RBD - Glue constraints restick together

    I simply open, run up to about frame 50, you can see clearly a big chunk falling down instead of regluing itself back up like your gif Apprentice 16.5.378
  10. Measure Curvature

    so obviously my plain English understanding of the word 'curvature' is completely different to the scientific meaning of curvature. It's a bit like asking what's the angle of a square's corner ? 90 degs....doesn't matter what size/rez whatever that square is, the corners are always 90degs. If someone (Measure SOP) tells me the 'curvature' of a cube's corner is different to that same corner of a bigger cube...oh well, as suspected, I don't know what curvature means. Thanks for all input.
  11. an oddity, or could someone please explain why ? I have 3 boxes, take the 1st one which consists of just 8 points, all at the corners..we can see they all have curvature of 1.41421 (in spreadsheet) Next box has 1 more segment, so we have some different curvatures for the new points...but where are the 1.41421 points...they can't just suddenly have different curvatures now ? They are STILL at the corners. Then next box has more segments....curvatures change again....this is simply illogical, for points lying in the 'middle' (a simple one has 4 flat neighbours) I would expect it to have curvature 0...these seem to be the only consistent ones...the rest...they change with 'resolution' which makes no sense to me. EDIT: this takes the cake, if I increase the size of the 1st box, leaving same resolution, the curvature change !!!....I guess i have no idea what curvature means now... (seems inversely proportional to edgelength ?) Curvature_Riddle.hipnc
  12. Organic Collider

    so I have a 2 step process to create individual boxes...with 2 polyextrudes....just realised that the 1st extrude can simply be done with a Facet/Unique Points...much easier this way..
  13. Organic Collider

    Now to deforming/animated object...pure RBD here... Wiper.hipnc
  14. ahhh got it, so my little test works fine.....or so it seems, just chuck in a sort after the line, and randomize the point order you'll see it's scrambled. So I guess if you know you've got your points pretty much 'linear' you might as well sort them in a certain direction, that should fix it.
  15. this simple test proves it works fine...dial up the number of points in the line... (are you doing any clustering ?) LinearVoronoi.hipnc