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  1. i ALREADY said this about the 2 hole 'morph'....go back and read my post...
  2. because it states that its job is to fill hole(s)....so looking at my flat grid with ONE hole in it...fill THAT hole...but what it's doing is filling BORDERS...not holes like it says... take it further, say my flat grid has 'many' holes...yes, fill all the holes inside it....but don't do the border outside...it's ludicrous.. (yes I know if you use Quad grid, and still depending on geo, it might match up nicely, but use Triangle fan and you'll see it's wrong)
  3. Need help with loops and Foreach

    here's my foolin' around...I put a bias in mine so it can break up the biggus first rather than an even chance for each prim..not sure if I've set up my logic right tho....one thing, tried the compiled block and Sort ain't compilable yet vu_generic_recursive_div.hipnc
  4. Disconnect from Edges

    no worries...yeah I did play around with the Cut boundary pts...but wasn't quite sure what it was doing....what did you find ?
  5. Disconnect from Edges

    could it be this simple ? I don't think it will ever work for a SINGLE edge...so I made a 2-edge selection below your single edge and that has been retained. disconnectEdges_03_vu.hipnc
  6. Cloth attach constraint jump

    in your Cloth Object, go to Visualization, enable Collision Radius...you've got ginormous blue balls !!! go to Collisions, dial down the radius...waaaaaaaaaay down...0.001 something like that....turn off Visualization. Also in your Constrained Points...why hardcode ? Why not put in there constr instead ?
  7. Detection of open and closed surfaces

    why don't you just cut out the middle man and select points (instead of edges) immediately ?
  8. Disconnect from Edges

    here's my redneck hillbilly way.... disconnectEdges_01_vu.hipnc
  9. Suggestion: Extend recent replies

    16's nice binary number and might have filled up my gap nicely !...15's still good tho...thanks.
  10. here you are...(I also changed your copy1 to copy2...is that right ?) Since now the line are all different 'noises'...I had to move it so each line is back at Origin stampingnoise_o_vu.hipnc
  11. I've just tested mine by disabling both Create Inside surface and Connect Inside Edges....still works fine...is it possible that you upload your scene for examination ?
  12. i'm not even sure if i fully understood your question...but just reading the last line...if you want to select the internal edges...then why not select all the borders (damn easy)...then 'invert'...voila....? Sample here...tho playing around with it...there are some cases it doesn't work ...still investigating... Ahh..found it...have to enable Fix Overlaps internalEdges.hipnc
  13. hindie.exe seems more logical to me...? (I'm on Apprentice tho)
  14. Two 1070 or One 1080ti?

    this one even says..it's the 'lower' one that counts..tho I dunno if the answer came from an official source or just a user... https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=87&t=49295 (ahh..it came from the dev !!)