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  1. it seems, now in .557, I have to toggle Texture OFF to regain viewport performance, while in .540...I had both Texture/Material ON and it was still fast.
  2. hmm..ok thanks...I'll try to record a video soon... I simply installed .557 this morning, with no 'customisation' whatsoever...(pretty sure I did that for .540 awhile ago too)
  3. (Apprentice) has anyone noticed 16.0.557 has very sluggish viewport ? compared to .540 ? also, in .557 the Display materials on objects button no longer does anything..(toggle)
  4. then in 3D ?
  5. It's my first Houdini share so it's noobism on show here...Materials..haven't touched it except just used the default 'concrete'...textures obviously are tiling...but I'm just starting out....there's still ALOT of rough edges in there... Suggestions are appreciated. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvgNse7E8aayglbTs035e1yeR7cK (don't even know if the Presets will work for you...no idea here)
  6. keyword is Material in D>Effects>Use Materials Tho, I don't quite understand it...in Atom's case...if I use UVquickshade...it shows immediately...if I sub in the Mandril.pic...I have to turn on Use Materials...when I haven't assigned any material yet...plot thickens....
  7. Hi, I have a simple Grid>Group By Range, Select 1 of 2 Points, I get all the points in the Even columns as seen in the first pic..easy enough (tho I understand it's nothing to do with columns, it's just selecting every 2nd point) So now, the logic of selecting every 2nd point does not work if my grid has an odd number of columns, as in the 2nd pic, so how do I select the Even columns in all cases ? TIA. (I supposed I could mod(x,columns) then mod 2 and if == 0 then it's in the Even group..but not very good with coding I'm afraid)
  8. I think so (sheepishly...) at first nothing happened....then I just did a 'dummy' render to see if my mat is reflecting in the Render View...after that everything worked back in the Scene View I did have to go into D>Effects and turn on HDR Reflections tho... OK now I'm reeeeeaaallly sheepish...what's GL Reflections ?
  9. cool, I prefer the RH version actually... Now I've since found you can simply RClick and do away with Tab or Backspace altogether...yet 99.9% of tutes tell you to use Tab...just don't get it...why not teach RClick and forget about being a Leftie or Rightie ? Why not go further and say you can RClick on the Output slot of the node that you want the new node to connect to and so when you add the new node...it's auto connected ? It's a no brainer...
  10. does this help ? here's a simple scene, you can see in my Material Inside/Outside, I 'select' whatever group simply by clicking on the dropdown list arrow (materials are nothing to write home about just simple pink for 'flesh' and brown for 'skin'). (Disclaimer: I'm a noob myself so if anyone spots errors, or any tips...please point out, would be much appreciated) Voronoi_InOut.hipnc EDIT: added Blast nodes...so if you're at the Blast level..you're at the Faces you want...? Voronoi_InOutFaces.hipnc
  11. I'm a leftie learning H16. It's annoying having to take the left hand off the mouse to hit the Tab key, just found out Backspace works too !!! Both L/R thumbs up to Houdini for thinking of Lefties !!! Houdini masters, just ignore me would you...
  12. I don't claim to know what I am doing, just poking around...but in sourcevolume1, Volume Operation: - Velocity: Blended Average Normalized - Target Speed 0.1 - Target Inf. 0.5 - Max Accel 0.1
  13. dive inside Principled Shader, tab>Specular No idea what to do next....
  14. big Q, little t....not Quicktime....just lookup Qt5