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  1. ahh silly me didn't even pay attention to this...if you didn't know about this and wanted to easily remove the inside of a voronoi frac..well, it's still damn easy...see this thread...where i posted the straightvoronoi file (near bottom)
  2. time in a wrangle [SOLVED]

    i guess you 'thought' @T in the old terms $T ? same as $F -> @Frame
  3. yeah so cuz you're trying to do it in 3D...that's the problem you're not doing the 2D triangulation like in the video...so your merge is a bit futile as your painted spheres are just primitives and not polygons... You could mimic it I guess by converting the spraypaint to polygons, then boolean that with the other geo...fill holes, then div compute dual...but it gets messy... My initial thought would be might as well abandon the 2D approach and use voronoi frac where you can target where the fractures should be...bit like spraypaint i guess...there should be plenty of threads on this technique..
  4. [SOLVED]PolyExtrude Captial H?

    here...if I enable resample, I get same artifacts as you..
  5. [SOLVED]PolyExtrude Captial H?

    it would be the resample, if you disable your resample (I'm betting you have one)...do the extrude....then maybe do resample at a later stage ?
  6. [SOLVED]PolyExtrude Captial H?

    well the 2nd extrude is outwards (the 1st is coz I can't be bothered to do a path)
  7. [SOLVED]PolyExtrude Captial H?

    must be your normals...(at the corners, I guess it's not at 45deg hence cross over) Here I'm using the 1st extrude to 'emulate' your path/skin, then the 2nd extrude works fine at the corners... (have you tried sticking a fuse in after skin ?)
  8. How to make a skinned sweep that can be subdivided ?

    well....look at things from the other side of the fence.....take a box have the divisions as 1x4x1 Subdiv that and hey....suddenly things are not so ideal anymore....
  9. it's nothing really...I know you said you're relatively new to Houdini...so it's simply coz you hadn't come across inside/outside of voronoi that comes for free...then taking advantage of it...that's all. But your experience in applying grasshopper to Houdini is great tho...like me trying to do stuff in houdini that I did with Max MCG...just cross polination...main principles still the same...keep up with the tutorials ps: I'm a non-coder so with me you'd see more nodes and less codes...
  10. here, i'm using 1 sphere...yes very simple...but it's just a proof of concept... straightvoronoi.hipnc
  11. yeah the part where you use neighbourcount is fine, just the part where you want to delete the 'inside' of the sphere...seems overly complicated when as said, just use logic above ?
  12. the voronoi frac gives you inside/outside groups so just stick in a delete, click dropdown list, pick inside ? can't be simpler than that...
  13. Convert Suffix HDA

    keep only every 3rd piece...
  14. Convert Suffix HDA

    If this has already been done....well......like Conor McGregor said....I won't apologise (politely translated ) (it started from this thread: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/53570/) This will convert group somegroup123 to attribute 123 so you can process the new attrib as a number ! 'Nuff said...on to the vid: vu_convert_suffix.hdanc
  15. Convert Suffix HDA

    now works on not just groups...but attributes: So attribute name with value piece123 will get new attrib value 123 vu_convert_suffix.hdanc
  16. Closest point to line

    haha...no worries...there's just a slight difference between something....and something infinite.....(small technical details )
  17. Closest point to line

    my feeble attempt at VEX...won't win any speed contest... ClosestPtLineWrangle.hipnc
  18. Closest point to line

    just testing...no idea how to VEXify...(pretty fast for ~3mil points pighead) ClosestPtLine.hipnc
  19. Closest point to line

    but isn't the catch here is point Q ?....how to get point Q out of the 'million' possible points...
  20. dunno for your exact situation...but i tested on 'lines' and it works even not needing any blocking mesh (coz it works on N forward or backfacing)...you must initialize N first tho...
  21. To make random geometry instancing in dopnet

    enable Add Text Attributes, then make use of @textindex ?
  22. isn't it simple as this ?
  23. Intersection with primitive along vector

    yeah sorry it wasn't a direct answer coz I'm not a VEX expert myself...but I was hoping that would provide you with a spark with the thought process, it did !!!
  24. Intersection with primitive along vector

    you should be able to repro this easily..I just whacked the nodes in no mods necessary....(except for the non-straight line)
  25. Bunch of thoughts on SubD modeling in Houdini

    surely a python guy can do this ? (grow....then subtract orig selection in python too)