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  1. thanks for your help but there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view
  2. hi all, I have a question about point and orientiation const. point and orient. const. have in maya but i not found that similarly in houdini. If you watch reference video, you will understand me much better . Thanks in advance for all wheel rig.mp4 rotation ani problem.hip
  3. opss. glue constraints not connected to static geo. I don't understand your network but this basic setup can help you static .hipnc
  4. maybe impovered and make eaiser pyro shader, pyro rendering and volume rendering maybe a little more customizable chop network such eartquake, explosion, automobile suspansion etc.
  5. hi huge , may be this file help your work , Good Luck. TEST_PACKED_CONST_METAL_fix.hip
  6. hi qu, if you make something physical issues you may need to investigate physics .For instance, Mass and Velocity is very important for collision or mutual integrations etc. bullet-pop-mutualv2.hipnc