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  1. Awesome thanks for the link. No more ferret faced squinty eyes for me. I did set it to Large UI. High DPI was just a touch too big.
  2. I've been looking for a way of enlarging the icons on the shelves and the like. On my 32" 4K screen they are all sooooo small. Thanks in advance Josh
  3. That avatar looks familiar... Modo forums perhaps???
  4. Cool buddy, thanks. A guy called Jesse may get in touch with you very soon to talk about it.
  5. Oh, blast... just got an email from the client and they want it to look like the attached... Sheesh... clients
  6. Wow, Konstantin. Very nice. We have a load of Excel data.
  7. Hi Troops A client just asked f we could create some graphs in cg, about 60 of them, and instead of modelling them by hand is, can Houdini do this kind of thing (see attached). Thanks in advance. Josh