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  1. hqueue client

    Hi, Im trying to add render node in hqueue server but there some missing in installation process may i get any help. Thanks Ayyappan g nayar
  2. hqueue server

    can u pls send me that pdf
  3. hqueue server

    if i make my own system as a hqueue server and then i have to add render nodes what will be the step does i have to install only hqueue client in render nodes pls anybody help it.
  4. hython

    thanks mandrake thanks for the help
  5. Hrender from different path [solved]

    is this is a plugin or software hython
  6. hython

    Error: Houdini 15 hython executable was not found in the semicolon separated list "C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 15\bin\Hython.exe;C:\Program Files (x86)\Side Effects Software\Houdini 15\bin\Hython.exe;/Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Resources/bin/hython;/usr/local/Houdini/bin/hython". The path to the render executable can be configured from the Plugin Configuration in the Deadline Monitor.