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  1. Nice timing of the different states
  2. Didnt see it, now I know it. Thanks
  3. You say Octane Redshift and Arnold, but Arnold is not mentioned on the page. Is that coming as well or just a mishap? But for sure looks cool
  4. Well I signed up for the course this term. You will get the critical feedback in June then.
  5. If you go to the actual vimeo page of the presentation video some students provided feedback for the course. https://vimeo.com/194219623
  6. Hey guys, I am following the Game Tutor - Procedural UV Mapping Tutorial, and I run into a problem. The first example with the street works as demonstrated, but the box uv mapping kinda fails. Looking at the uvquickshade I don't get a result. The box stays grey. I attached the file, maybe someone would be kind to check if I am doing something wrong? I am using H16 Edit: Just to clarify, I went over and over the settings, and either I am blind or ... so I put some milage into it. Thanks, Igor box_uv.hipnc
  7. To be honest you lost me... which is fine cause now I know what to look up. And I am no reference my any means Thanks for sharing!
  8. Hey, I am following the recommended sidefx learning path. From time to time I enjoy a quick video from sidefx. I am nearly finished with the beginner part of John's pluralsight path. Next stop Game Tutor. With the intention of creating something after every big chunk of the path. So far I enjoy Houdini in every step and I know there is a whole world waiting for me. So I will throw in Sabers course maybe or a fxphd course. The path itself is a good learning experience for people who never used Houdini. Although the test on the Pluralsight page is not good. I am already a Houdini expert according to the test, but some questions were answerable with a general knowledge of 3D packages. So if you are not a complete 3D beginner, the test is kinda off. Happy Houdini'ing
  9. These are just plain awesome! thanks for the share.
  10. Hey Saber, how often is this course running?