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  1. Hello ! I would grealty appreciate any tips on this issue How do i go about duplicating my rig here with IK and everything Intact. Basically I have a right hand, and I want to duplicate it so I get a left hand without having to redo to much hopefully Cheers Bjorn See attachment
  2. Thank you so much ! Kept hitting the will with this, but now it works. Made my day Cheers !
  3. Hey ! Would greatly appreciate any help with this. How do one go about rendering a FLIP flat tank with REDSHIFT. The sim seems to disappear in the render. I have applied the same material to the "ocean" as the torus, the torus renders fine. Any idea ? Pic and scene file attached. RedshiftTest.hiplc
  4. Thanks alot! Getting there now
  5. Thank You Anadeyo ! I am completely new to Houdini, would you mind posting a "image" of a network view, so I know where to do this ? It would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thank you sir ! Any Idea why the “…fluid_extended” grid is not displaced at Render-time ? Thank you again !
  7. Hi everyone! I am completely new to Houdini and have a few questions about Ocean and FLIP. In the attachment you can see a simple “boat” with a FLIP (Guided Ocean Layer) connected to it, combined with a “Small ocean surface” from the shelf. 1. How would I go about blending the FLIP and the Ocean ? 2. The default shader for the FLIP-sim does not seem to have any “foam” on the top of waves/crest like the “surface” does. Adding Whitewater does create “foam” spray around the “boat”, but how would I go about getting foam on the wave-tops/crest of the FLIP-sim ? Thank you in advance !